The baby and i

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I'm bad at giving descriptions but please read the first chapter and see if its worth your while

Romance / Drama
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1. The roommate

Madison's pov

"I cant believe we are finally here " said my subconscious.

"Shut up. I dont want people to think im talking to myself. " i said

"Yeah i think its too late for that girl, three 'o clock "

I saw a gilr looking at me weirdly. Damn it, i have done it again now im the schools weirdo

I went to the front desk to get my schedule for the semester and saw that girl again looking straight at me.

"Lord, i don't know if you can hear me but can the ground open up and swallow me?"

"Girl even the lord can't save you from yourself "

"Whatever" rolling my eyes

I took my schedule and went to my apartment. I saw someone else's bags on the floor.

"I guess I have a roommate. Lord I hope she ain't mean"

The door opened and revealed the same girl who saw talk to my self. We both looked at each other and said nothing

"Well, this is awkward "

"Hey ,my name is Madison and I'm your new roommate "

"Hi Madison, I'm Hannah. I'm detecting an accent, where are you from? "

"I'm from south africa "

"No way, like the comedian, Trevor Noah "

"Yeah, I guess. Well , you can pick any room and I'm going for a walk so later" I threw the peace sign and walked out.
"I made it weird, didnt I ?"

"I thought I would have to spell it out for you"

I ignored my subconscious and went to the park I passed on the way here. There are so many kids running around and having fun. When was the last I had fun?

"Your birthday before last "

"I didn't ask for the specifics"

I walked back to my apartment. As I walked through the door, I was met with a disgusting site.

"What the fuck"i shreaked

"Sh*t. Babe ,why didn't you tell me your roommate was here already" said an unfamiliar dude

"Gosh Madison, I am so sorry"

I turned my back to them so they can get dressed. Gosh seriously hannah on our couch that's so–

"Madison, you can turn back around" hannah said, breaking my train of thoughts

"Madison, this is my boyfriend Devante, Devante this is my roommate Madison"hannah introduced us
" please, call me maddy, both of you amd it's nice to meet you Devante even though the situation " I said

"Noce to meet you too" he said

"Well,we should get going ,I'll see you tomorrow maddy "

"Sure ,bye"

Its midnight a.d I can't sleep, well warm milk should do the trick.As I was warming my milk, i heard the door open

"Shit, we are about theget robbed" said my subconscious "I hope the lord heard my prayers from last year coz I haven't been praying and I am apologizing for al the stuff I said behind your back"

"Girl mxm, you are my subconscious, you can't talk to anyone without me bitch"

"So says you "

"Hey maddy. I hope I didn't wake you" hannah said

"Nah girl I was just getting some milk. Wait why aren't you with Devante"

" That fucker, I found out he was fucking my sister behind my back and she is pregnant with his kid"

"Damn girl ,sorry "

"That's not the messed up part, I told him I'm pregnant too and all he said was 'get rid of it' I mean I've been with him for how long for him to just break up with like that "said hannah crying

"It shows that he was not worth your time to begin with so come here and let's have some ice cream"

"We don't have groceries "

"The Walmart is open. Get dressed"

And that is how we became best friends

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