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Kiss from a rose

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Rose and her best friend misty are both beautiful college students with alot to look forward too. They think as 19 year old freshman life has just begun leaving their families behind they set out to embark on life. Until a towns dark secret and brutal past returns. Black heart and his beloved wife two tortured souls from a time long ago still wonders the earth returning every decade to destroy the descendants of the one's that wronged them. Follow rose and misty as they navigate through love lies pain and forgiveness in an epic supernatural tale

Romance / Adventure
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Kiss from a rose

Ba. Da. Da. Da. Da, da. Da,ba da. No not again screamed rose." This had been the third time in a row she's listened to this song on repeat. I love misty but I don't know if she does it to annoy me cause my name is rose or if she really likes the song that much. "Baby I compare you to a kiss from a rose on the grey.."ooh the more i get of you the stranger it feels, yeah. Now that your rose is in bloom. A light hits the gloom on the grey. Misty practically belted out like she was auditioning for American idol. Rose had to admit she had a killer voice all sweet and angelic like but when u least expect could hit you with prime Alicia keys notes. But this song is driving me nuts. Misty rose yelled."loud over the music throwing a pillow at her head in the process. Misty dunked at the last moment getting the hint. Ok, ok, geez Misty conceded giggling. To much. Yep laughed rose just a tad.

So before this story kicks off let me give you your customarily book tour. My name is Rosemary Warren and I'll be your official tour guide for this story. So yes my name's rosemary Warren but everybody calls me rose for short. I'm 5'4 i guess average height for a woman long blonde hair identical to Misty's which will get to her in a sec. Sparkly blue eyes as pure as the ocean. I have huge double ds for breast which I hate. They cause back pains and guys act like there all fucking virgins when they see me. Can't even put together an sentence to save there lives. Nice bubble butt cause I do alot of squats primarily to stay in shape for the swim team so yes im attractive but what's good about being attractive when you're shy and don't like being around people that much and oh I left out one small important detail. I'm a lesbian with a potty mouth you heard it hear first folks im gay. As for my mouth I don't run around cursing like a sailor but I do have particular choice words I drop if the setting calls for it. As for Misty she's a damn goddess shes about 5'7 we both have the same length long hair but thats about it. Her eyes are green and her breast though not ds like mine are C cups that stick out of her slim creamy waist like balloons. Her ass though medium size has alot of bounce and jiggle to it. I love to watch her dance so I can see it move. I have all this confidence inside but im so shy i could never tell Misty this. She's way more outgoing and outspoken then me. She'll tell you exactly whats on her mind. She definitely doesn't lack confidence she knows she's beautiful and she flaunts it.. We been friends our whole life though we got grouped together in the same house after our parents got killed a little over a decade ago. We was told by the woman that took us in it was a car wreck as it wasn't uncommon for Misty's parents and mine to hang out and leave us with my big brother Kelvin. But since Kelvin started rebelling shortly after our parents died. They put us all in foster care. Mrs. Petersons an elderly lady grabbed Misty to adopt but Misty refused to leave the home without me even after she was free to go. I of course wanted to stay i couldn't leave Kelvin no matter how much I wanted a new home and my best friend. But Kelvin told me to go told me to be happy and not to worry about him. So Mrs. Petersons adopted me as well as Misty and since we was 8 we grew up together. She's 79 years of age now she's not as mobile as she used to be often forgetting things. It was the perfect match she also just like us lost her love ones to a car accident after a while you would think this town would wear seat belts more often. But she lost her children and she said once that pain of loss wasn't as strong anymore she would adopt am I glad she did. she's been awesome she was the first one I told about my attraction to girls after she noticed i never raved about boys like Misty did. When I told her she was so supportive and happy for me. But now that she's getting older me and Misty both decided to go to a college close by so we could peep on her but she forbid it. The first time she yelled at us. Blaming it on not cheating ourselves of potential opportunities to check on an old woman. So we applied to saint fields college in baton rouge. As by as far away from Boston you can get.

It's almost time my love. A heavy but looming voice shouted over there newest prize. The voice of Iron blackheart an evil cursed entity that caused destruction everytime he decided to grace the towns people with his presence. The town of shay Massachusetts a quiet town it once was. Was home at one time to iron blackheart he was a family friend to mouser Warren great great grandfather to rose. Warren and mouser was brought up together in the spirit of competition they fought. Eventually sharpening there skills to get an invite to be in the elite samurai group that shay had to offer. Seeing no reason to say no the boys took off to become samurais they trained hard mastered every technique they was taught. But jealousy reared its ugly head one day as mouser grew tired of their master saying that he was a step behind of iron. There was an forbidden blade that was in there master's keepsake called 1000 curses. The rumored blade was a deadly sharp silver with an purple handle with an almost hideous picture of an open mouthed man who looks to be screaming trying to escape almost. The blade was originally made an old blacksmith to combat the Saints. That despite the name was a group of supernatural humans who possessed powers like they was witches. Eerie flexibility like an gymnast. Super strength like an whole jungle of gorillas. An the ability to track a scent like a bloodhound no matter how long and far its been. The only problem is they was relatively harmless but because of the fear of the saints the samurais organized an hit to take out as many saints as they could once the sword was made. With the saints defeated the sword had vanished that was until it was found by mouser and blackhearts master. He heard stories about the saints warning the people of shay to not use the sword moments before there demise. It was infected cursed with something they couldn't explain. It brought out all the evil and darkness in your heart just from a simple touch. With the swords glow to much to bear mouser practically heard the sword calling to be rescued from the clutches of their master. Mouser quickly released the sword from its prison. Darkness swooped over mouser almost like an mysterious entity took control of his being. All the dark feelings he had suppressed was now brought to light. With a new found darkness mouser struck down his master as an confused blackheart looked on. Blackheart quickly ran over to mouser knocked him down the sword falling from his hands seemly breaking the trance or so Blackheart thought. Mouser cried begged for forgiveness saying the sword tricked him turned him into a monster he didn't recognize. As he cried uncontrollably compassion swept over Blackheart he took pity on his friend. Feeling now wasn't the time to berate his friend over grabbing the dangerous sword. He agreed to help mouser burn the body and then they would never speak of this again. They returned to their wives who was so happy to see them they quickly prepared meals as the two men talked and laughed like old times. But at nightfall tragedy struck the darkness had returned. Ascending into the body of mouser as he once again grabbed the sword he snuck away from Blackheart. He one by one brutally murdered his own wife and blackhearts wife. As Blackheart awoken by the screams saw the two women bodies being drug into the living room. Blackheart quickly acted drawing his own sword but was inevitably struck down. He awaken in a make shift hospital set up outside an village where he was approached by an Saint. Who vowed to save his life and grant him powers beyond his wildest dreams if he promised to get revenge on the samurais who killed his Saint clan. Not only did Blackheart find this offer more then fair. He was more then knowledgeable in the saint's power and he wanted every last drop. He wanted immortality. Seeing his wife slain by his best friend had changed him. His master no longer here to guide him. He wanted no he craved revenge. Not just on mouser but everybody who comes after him if he couldn't have a family he would make sure nobody in the Warren's lineage would have one as well. He accepted the saints offer and gladly made the Saint his first head on his mantel of heads.

So my love whose the target for this generational conquest. Blackhearts loyal wife said." I'm so ready to get started. Patience my dear blackheart said as he entered by his lair of heads he's ripped from the bodies of humans who dared challenged him in anyway. It was quite an impressive display blackheart thought to himself. Heads dating back for over a hundred years. Old to the young infants to elders. Blackheart no longer cared about morals. He was invincible a God almost. He couldn't die as he held his latest victim a saint who tried ten years ago. Leaving a scar across his chest reminiscent of Sagat from street fighter. Blackheart body was the perfect weapon of destruction. He was 220 pounds 6'7 long black hair that never aged. His eyes at one time a dark blue had changed to coal black a signal of a soulless remoistless man he threw the head down as it landed with an sickening thud. Yes my love blackheart said." There's two girls I've been watching i need you to make sure you track them down bring them to me. Do whatever u must but I want them to kneel before me one is a saint whether she knows it or not and I won't make the mistake of underestimating them again. Now I'm going to give you the coordinates I have on there current location do not fail me. Blackheart said almost to calmy." I won't my love the sinister woman said with an evil grin.

You bout ready to go Misty. Rose screamed." We have to hit the road girl and you taking to long let's go. All of sudden the door swung open as rose's jaw dropped as she stared at her beautiful friend. Misty was decked out in a blue mini skirt that hugged every curve imaginable. With her blue sports bra substituting for an regular shirt. Her C cups looking more like D,s trying to break out of her bra. The blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail like she was preparing for a jog. Her green eyes almost glowing she couldn't help but stare. Misty was doing things to rose's body she couldn't put in words. Moisture started to build between her legs. She was being turned on by Misty. She had to walk away but it was like her body couldn't move. Determined to drink up this sight before it ended. Hey stop staring Misty jokingly said." Pulling rose out her trance. I'm coming i had to get all cute and comfortable for the ride to college plus you know perfection takes time. You can say that again. Rose replied quickly out loud. Girl what Misty laughed so hard she felt like her insides were about to burst. What's so funny rose asked half annoyed and half afraid of the response. Girl Misty said trying to catch her breath. If you want to eat my pussy ill definitely give you an open invitation you're hot enough. Misty couldnt help it her laughter getting the better of her. Unbeknownst to her it wasn't a joke rose truly wanted to take Misty up on her offer. But she couldn't let Misty know it'll change everything they grew up together practically raised as sisters. She also knew Misty liked boys so there's no way her feelings would be reciprocated. So she did her best acting job and looked disgusted at her friend. Ewww bitch in your dreams rose replied." Laughing pushing Misty for fun. Let me change and we can go i didn't know u was dressing for the runway just to get in a car and driving to college and u not gone make me look bad. Freshman impressions matter. Yeah they do Misty replied." But your friends a damn knockout ill make anything look good i don't have to try much. But that offer is still on table eat me till your hearts content Misty joked bending over giving rose a view of her ass. Rose fighting temptation continued walking towards her closet as she looked over at her Laughing best friend. One of these I just might. She muttered under her breath as she closed the closet door.

Boom boom boom. The loud knock startled the two girls. Misty jumping almost out her shoes as rose had just appeared from a closet fully dressed in a black sports bra that strained against her huge tits and black track pants more for comfort then sex appeal. Girls you better get a move on if you want to make it to school before your first day. Mrs, Peterson said." As she opened the door looking dead at her two beautiful girls with pride in her eyes.. U need to get set up and everything im so glad you're sharing a dorm down there it makes me feel so much better knowing you won't be split up. Ms. Peterson walked over to Misty she put her withered pale hands on the girls cheek caressing the soft pale skin of the young girl. Misty, misty, Misty. Ms Peterson repeated out loud hands still touching her face. You're so beautiful so outspoken and so easy going at the same time I want you to be safe out there there's alot of devils out there so you and rose stay together no matter what. Now rose Ms. Peterson spoke turning her attention to the other beauty. You're special so very special I want you to Remember that. You protect Misty out there. Yall go on now have fun and call me when you get there. Rose and Misty both approached the woman who had been like another mother to both of them. Gave her a big hug as they left the room and begin there journey to college. Are u sure u don't want us to stay and try to find something closer for next fall. Rose said."begrudgingly hoping she'll say no she was now ready to leave and spread her wings. No that's nonsense go on enjoy yourself ill be fine. Suddenly they was interrupted by an loud car horn. Come on get your little cute butt in this car let's get on the road. Misty shouted." Your ride awaits rose have fun. She said with a chuckle." I will rose said." As she ran into Misty's and hers 2016 black Ford focus. Waving back at Mrs. Peterson as the engine roared to life as they hit the road.

Wake up sleepy head screamed rose." Slightly annoyed she had done all the driving between the two of them. It was agreed they would share but the more then six hour drive to saints field was spent with Misty sleeping. Rose had to admit as hot as it was to watch Misty sleep she could've really used the help driving if it wasn't for redbull and Micheal Jackson they'll be dead right now. Did you say something an still groggy Misty said." wiping the sleep out her eyes. It must be my turn to drive hold on babe I got you let me just stretch right quick. No I don't need you to drive girl snapped rose." Were here don't you see the parking lot. As both rose and Misty looked into the parking lot they were overwhelmed by the sight of so many people. Coming from a small town this was almost unreal. People were laughing listening to music dancing like one big club. They even saw what looked like the jocks of the school doing beer kegs. So this is what college looks like on a Saturday morning count me in screamed Misty. " as rose slowly parked her Ford focus in the parking space provided to them by the school for freshman. Rose groaned as she noticed that suddenly all the talking and dancing had stopped all eyes was now on them. The two freshman girls suddenly rose regretted her choice of fashion looking at her black sports bra and Misty's blue sports bra. There breast were on full display and the boys could definitely see since her windows was a clean as a new born baby. You ready Misty she rose said." Aware of the countless eyes on them. Hell yeah let's do this screamed misty." But before she could get out the car the jocks crowded the car and opened the door for us bong starling us both. Fresh meat screamed the jocks as the parking lot erupted in cheers. Welp there go my thoughts of men doing good things out of the kindness of their heart. Rose thought." While Misty was already talking to one jock who kinda looked like a 50s jazz musician his hair was flat and pressed in curls hair black with brown eyes. Well we are in new Orleans i guess that's what they produce up here. So do you need any help a quiet boy asked me," his voice was so light like a mouse he had glasses a nice light skinned complexion that matched his brown eyes and wavy brown hair. If only I liked men I thought. Help ma'am repeated the boy." Here i am at the back of our car unloading all these suitcases and Misty leaves me by myself to flirt. I decided to take the cute boy up on his offer after noticing Misty had sat down on a lawn chair and was laughing like these jocks were the second coming of Kevin hart. Yes I could use a hand actually im new here. Yes I can most definitely see that you are plus your friend seems to be quite popular already hmmmm I wonder why the boy laughed". You can say it see has big ass breast i don't mind. Hmmmm see does i don't think I've noticed the boy laughed." So i guess you just talking to me just to talk rose questioned the boy." I really want to help you find your dorm and put your things up but your breast are a very nice bonus. The boy laughed. " look at you said rose." You look like a church boy but talk like a player I see you're the dangerous type. I'm as only as dangerous as you make me plus let's not blame me for your clothing choice. You're practically screaming I'm a virgin deflower me. Rose couldnt help it she was consumed with laughter as she tossed a bag at the boy. By the way my name's rosemary she told the boy. Mines Byron but everybody here calls me retro I'm a junior. Byron said." As he grabbed the two suitcases and began rolling them up to the dormitories. Hey do you know where your room is. Yeah the paper is in my pocket I'll get it once we get inside the building. Rose replied. " you know your friend she owes me for this these bags aren't light. Byron said jokingly. " what do you want cash or credit rose laughed." No she's fucking hot ill take my payments in blow jobs. Said bryon." Oh fuck off laughed rose." As the two made their way towards the dormitories.

Hours past as both Misty and rose enjoyed themselves separately misty only being at this school for an half a day. Was having fun she was currently at a party getting as drunk as can be. Dancing like she was alone it her room. Hungry eyed men salivating at this beautiful goddess as she swayed her body to an reggae song she didn't recognize but she loved the beat. For a brief moment see wondered where rose had ended up. She saw her laughing her way to the dorm with the nerd earlier in the day. Suddenly thoughts of what they could be doing infuriated her as she balled her fist in a drunken fit of rage she swung wildly as she punched one of the biggest dudes she'd had ever seen in life. Damn who did that an loud deep voice echoed out." I swear somebody." The boys voice trailed off as he seen the beautiful girl in her blue sports bra and mini shirt Cleary he'd seen her eyes once what was once green was now hinting at a reddish wasted glow. Jackpot." Screamed the man with the deep voice. Drunk pretty and freshman just how I like it. Hey misty approached the tall man. Looking at this red and black matching tracksuit. That matched his long black hair and dark eyes. His frame although lean was riddled with muscles and she loved what she saw. Sorry for the punch misty said." I'm just a fucking clutz." Now why would u say such a thing. The boy grabbed Misty's hand and smelled her breath. Aww I see you had a little to much to drink tonight. You must be a newbie a freshman. The boy said with the smoothness of an Chicago pimp. Yeah like I said I'm sorry ima get to my dorm I don't feel good. Misty said practically stumbling over bodies almost falling in the arms of the boy. Fucking freshman the boy groaned annoyingly to himself." I came here to get laid tonight and if this dumb slut wanna fall on me and ruin my night looks like me and my boys are be unpacking fresh meat tonight. Look the boy said." As he grabbed Misty by the arm. My name's Owen ok ima take you to your room just let me grab some of my boys we'll make sure you get there safely. You need to rest. Thank you the blonde beauty said." My room number is in my pocket on a piece of paper. I got you said owen."

Everything was hazy to Misty the liquor had really taken its toll. She must be dreaming, she wasn't walking she was floating like on air. What at first seemed like a beautiful dream turned into a nightmare when Misty opened her eyes. Immediately no longer drunk she realized she was being carried and groped on by numerous of hands. Hands that she couldn't even make out until she remembered the tall man she hit in anger as she remembered her friend with a boy. Owen Misty gasped". Now in total recollection of one of the men who was carrying her through the dormitories. She heard chants like you would hear at an football or soccer game. Chants of fresh meat rang out through the dormitories echoing of the walls like a ping pong game. She could feel hands in her skirt as they was copping a feel as they carried her. Owen this isn't funny you and your friends please put me down. I'm tired I wanna go to sleep. Oh you can go to sleep freshman after we get done with you. What you mean get done with me Misty asked." Extremely nervous. You see my guys thats holding u up were going to have a little fun. Owen said sadistic like. You ruined my night bitch. I'm a senior on a football team the captain to be specific. I was looking to get laid tonight probably go to one of my last parties at this school. But you and your stupid immature freshman ass wanna come in here with your big ass tits hanging out. Fucking skirt hugging your ass just flaunting all this shit. You think me and my boy's didn't see you dancing freshman. You're gonna get this shit you're gonna get in every way imaginable. Tonight we make you famous. With all the commotion of the talking and chanting. Misty wasn't aware that they had reached their destination. As she saw Owen struggling to unlock the door to his room. Misty was panicking inside near hyperventilation. But didn't want to freak out with six men huddled around her. Come on Owen get that door open my cocks hard as shit looking at this slot. One of the guys said groping themselves. Ewww Misty thought practically seeing the hard on shift in the boys pants she felt sick. Thinking she had nothing else to lose she let out a blood curling scream. Help me!!! Help me!!!! Help me!!!! Somebody shut that bitch up Owen said as he popped his room door open. Got it captain yelled." One of the other football players. As he punched Misty in her stomach making her already bad guts feel worse as she punked all over the floor. Yeah that's what I like to see get that bitch insides filtered out. I want her empty enough to take our cocks. Tonight boys we feast on fresh meat. Get her boys owens shouted." As the football players grabbed Misty off the floor. Crying and begging for them to let her go. Please help me." Misty shouted once again as they dragged her into the room shutting it behind them.

Did you hear that. Rose asked." Hear what Byron replied." as they was on the upper level of the dormitories getting ice from the ice machine. They had spent the whole day unpacking both her and Misty's things and playing cards to pass time. Byron had ordered pizza and coke but it came so late that the cokes were warm so they needed ice. Their time together was going well until Byron had put his arms around her. Which in fact she felt that was the time to tell him she was a lesbian. Not one of them experimental lesbians or the im a lesbian when the mood was right. Rose was strictly into women. She had to tell Byron so she could set boundaries early on either he was cool with just being my friend or he wasn't. No sweat off my brow rose thought." Surprisingly he didn't seem to be mad but the remainder of the night had gotten awkward. Weird silence and bad timed laughs to try and lighten the mood was failing once they went to get the ice thats when rose heard that familiar voice screaming. Byron you have had to hear that just now rose said." Worry in her voice. No i don't hear anything Byron said." Holding the ice let me get you to bed and we can chill tomorrow. Sometimes you hear things at night in the hallways its natural. Rose was half listening to Byron as she was trying to place a face with the voice it sounded so far-away but so close at the same time. Suddenly after some time thinking about it. She knew that voice belonged to her best friend Misty. Misty rose screamed." As she flew past Byron knocking the ice out of his hand. Not caring if she had long changed out of her black sports bra and sweats. But now in a super mario shirt 2 sizes bigger then her and matching mario sweatpants. Rose raced down the stairs with fury and worry as she trailed the direction she last heard the voice. Eventually landing at the bottom floor in front of a door that said keep out only ballers allowed. She studied the door as she continued to walk down the path in the halls. But before she could fully walk away rose heard a thumping sound coming from the ballers allowed door. She hurried back to the door as she banged on it repeatedly. Misty rose screamed." Are u in there. Suddenly the door opened as rose saw what looked like a Rockstar. Listen hun I already had one bitch mess up my night so unless u wanna end up like her I suggest you stop all that noise and turn around. Oh by the way where's my manners my names Owen. Almost like x ray vision rose saw past the man at the door to see five other men with there pants down stroking themselves to a naked girl being tied up. Misty rose screamed as she noticed the situation Misty was in. Rose kicked the door open cracking Owen with the door. Rose a tied Misty screamed happily." Stay there ima get you out of here. Not a chance bitch Owen said." Recovering from the shot by the door. The team all six of them rushed on rose and jumped her like prey. Managing to feel on her in the process. Get off of her Misty screamed." As the ropes around her hands tightened the more she struggled. Rose could feel her air being taken away from her as she struggled with then men all holding her has Owen was preparing his cock for penetration. Take the pants off her boys Owen said to the boys," no rose screamed." Misty screaming with her friend tears in her eyes. Rose felt her sweatpants coming undone. I said no rose screamed.' Hoping they would let her go and only trying to scare her. But reality set in as she felt her pants go as low as her butt being out feeling the breeze of the day. Rose knew it wasn't going to be easy. As she flipped over catching the jocks off guard. As an erray of light flickered throughout the room. Taking its turn burning the jocks slowly like a barbecue. Until they was all gone vanished without a trace like they never existed. Misty was scared and turned on at the same time. Watching her friend glow a mysterious golden light that ripped through the very existence of her potential rapist made her feel safe and scared all at once. As she watched her friend come down out of her golden light and return to normal misty could feel her hands start to lose circulation. Hey babe a little help here."after some hard tugs with a knife Owen's room she ripped the rope of the hands of Misty as the two embraced in a long hug. What was." The glow, the football players, the dean." Shhhh rose kissed an already flustered Misty. Their lips entangling between each other creating a beautiful dance as they both open there mouths to accept each others tongues. Rose could taste the party that Misty went to which answered some of her questions. As they broke away both gasping for air. Misty pulling herself up to her feet. Asked her friend what was that for. Something I been wanting to for a while. It finally felt like the right time. Did I make you uncomfortable if so im sorry rose replied." Misty responded by grabbing rose and planting a big kiss on roses lips. Rose was about to return the favor when she saw Byron out the corner of her eye watching with a smile on his face. Look creep I don't know who you are but this isn't a free porno so go away Misty yelled." Relax Misty rose sighed." This is Byron he's the one I left with he offered to put up our stuff he's cool. Suddenly feeling stupid thinking Byron was a creep Misty offered an apology to Byron. Were going through alot so much has happened in this little room that it's hard to put all this together . No need to apologize Byron said." Allow me to explain you rose are a saint. A saint no no hell no screamed rose." You just desegregated a whole team plus i know a saint when I see one. Though mine is not gold since I'm more advanced look at this. Suddenly a light lit up the room but this light was different the light was bigger more intense as his aura was red. Wow Fucking awesome Misty screamed." Glad you like it Byron said with a smirk." Listen I know a place we could crash for a while kinda lay low. We can't stay here. Once they realize the captain is gone there going to wonder and we can't be around that. Byron said." I agree Misty and rose screamed together holding each other hands subconsciously." Hey enough of that laughed byron." Let's go to my car destination Byron's pad.

So are you going to tell me what just happened back there rose said." This is serious Byron I just fucking glowed like an anime character and made a group of guys disappear. I know pretty bad ass right Byron quickly replied." As he sat down in his small bedroom apartment sitting in the outskirts of baton rouge. It wasn't a pretty big place but he didn't have much anyway. He was kinda a drifter never stayed in one place to long. His kind scared people once people found out he was a saint they was terrified on legend alone. Not off of something they had done they was normally pretty harmless despite being hunted down generation after generation by blackheart. A heartless man that Byron himself encountered once when he was boy passing by a local gas station as a child. He remembered a grungy looking man with long unkept black hair and a women who looked like a zombie. They approached his parents while he waited in the car. What started out as an decent conversation quickly turned hostile as he seen the zombie woman strike his mother from behind with a quick chop along the back of her neck. Completely crushing her collarbone as he listened to his mother scream in pain it wasn't long before the zombie woman finished the job and snapped her neck putting her cold zombie like fingers wrapping it around his mother's neck and snapping her head making her look like an owl the brutal image burned in Byron's mind. He remembered getting out the running towards his mother not knowing he was falling into the trap of blackheart. His dad he remembered let out a light he'd never seen before as he zapped the light towards him Byron remembered himself being overcome by the light seeing an angry blackheart running after him. He woke up in a village in Mississippi and he'd never seen his dad again. That was ten years ago now nineteen. He looked for revenge and answers he learned on his travels about the powers his dad emulated that day. Learned about saints in various libraries across the world. Learned about blackheart and his orgins the ties he shared to shay Massachusetts. A town he wasn't from they had stopped to get gas in that place and blackheart punished them for it. He knew that they was saints and for some reason that scared him. He didn't fully know why as of yet but he knew rose was a saint from shay he could sense it. He knew that saints was harmless but Byron felt like it was time to change that he needed to be as ruthless as blackheart if he wanted to exact revenge but he needed help and he knew a saint from shay is perfect for his revenge. He had honed his mind body and skills and now Byron was finally ready to take down the blackhearts.

Rose sat the floor beside Misty sharing an ice cream container they found in the freezer. After an intense conversation with Byron rose was feeling fatigued. He hadn't said much or given her much information other then her being a saint and to learn how to control my power's. She had spent her whole life listening to crazy rumors about them only to be one herself. She looked at Misty who didn't seem scared she seemed at peace. For one night she could let this saint stuff go all that mattered to her was this moment with her friend. They both was naked under a small blanket on the floor eating ice cream. Realizing its to hot to have clothes on besides they lived together for a long time they had seen each other naked numerous times. Though that was before the kiss things had changed she wanted Misty and she hoped Misty felt the same. Rose looked over at Misty who was staring at her giggling as she licked her spoon clean of the ice cream. Whats so funny rose asked."nervously. Everything Misty replied." Here we are naked and alone eating ice cream under a blanket which by the way is really doing numbers on my breast. Look at my nipples Misty said." As she turned to rose showing off her hard pointing pink nipples rose groaned." Wetness grew between her legs she wanted Misty so bad was Misty playing like she normally did or was she serious rose had to know she couldnt take it anymore. Listen rose Misty said." Cupping rose's beautiful face moving her blonde hair back so she can she more of her face. As the two locked eyes rose's blue eyes mixing with Misty's green Misty only about a couple inches from her lips. You know what you did back there putting your own self in harm's way to save me. I appreciate it. To think I was jealous of you running around with that nerd Byron. I thought some boy was going to take your virginity. I know she said you're a lesbian but college is tricky its a place where people experiment and I wanted you to have your first time with... Misty's voice trailed off as she turned her head away from rose's not knowing rose needed Misty to finish her sentence. She had been hanging on to her every word finally saying the words she'd been dreaming she'd say since she was old enough to realize she liked girls. My first time with who Misty rose said hunger in her eyes." The heat between her legs was now raging like a fire. With you Misty replied softly. I need you rose. Rose not wasting time put her lips agreesively onto Misty's as the two blonde bombshells rolled around on the floor passionately kissing as there hands explored each others butts. Position after position they tried moans echoed throughout the small apartment as Misty rode rose's face hard grabbing her beautiful blonde hair making sure she swallowed all her juices when she climaxed. Their hymens long gone from the double penetration of both there fingers ramming into each other with love and passion finally they decided to end their night with a classic 69 lapping up each other's juices as they both climaxed in each other mouths. After some time to catch there breath. Rose climbed off Misty as the two exhausted beauty's broke out in a fit of laughter. As they felt themselves coming down from their feelings of pleasure they both cuddled between each other as they pulled the sheet over there now fatigued bodies. No regrets rose asked holding onto Misty's waist from behind. Absolutely none at all Misty turned her body around and placed some quick kisses on rose's lips. If I'd known you would have been that good in bed i would have fucked you a long time ago. Rose laughed returning the favor of the quick kisses delivering some of her own. You kept inviting me to eat it and I finally did. That you did babe Misty laughed. " Suddenly the mood got serious Misty noticed the change in rose's demeanor as she looked more alert. She felt rose's hands grab her wrist from underneath the blankets as she stared directly into Misty's eyes. You know ill never let anybody hurt you right rose said." Misty let out a sigh of relief as she returned the hold on rose's hands. Yes I know you kinda proved that earlier. And I'll prove it again Misty I love you. Misty was overcome with emotion to have dealt with her life losing her parents early. The foster system the constant changes. There was always bone constant. One person that been there through it all. It was her best friend. Now Misty could finally say she discovered the feeling her mom and dad must of had before the car wreck took it away from them. Misty was so happy as she looked up at her friend and kissed her hard on the lips not before saying I love you too. As she snuggled back up into rose's warm embrace she didn't know what tomorrow or the future held but she was surevas long as she was with rose she didn't care. Misty closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep.

Where are you blackheart had called out to his wife. It has been two weeks since he had heard back from her regarding finding the Saint. He invested to much into her resurrection for failure. He needed divine blood from three generations of saints to make this happen with a little bit of his own. The tainted blood that he laid on her skeleton corspe had turned her into a submissive vengeful woman who lived only to please and serve blackheart. Where are you he asked again telepathically anger started to swell inside him. Could something have happened to his wife. I'm here Sir his wife called back. " I've been scoping out my targets trying to learn there whereabouts and how they move sir." Yes now what did you find is rose going to groveling at my feet soon." Well sir I haven't seem a girl here at all. Nonsense my coordinates are never wrong blackheart snapped." Causing chills to run down his wife's spine. Sir I didn't say you was wrong but I've only seen an older woman here." Well see now that's our ticker blackheart laughed." It all makes sense I killed her parents while they was young that must be the bitch that took her in. Get the information out of her and then bring me her head I want to make an example out of her. Yes sir his wife quickly replied. " Knowing blackheart meant business she swooped out from the shadows and begun to make her journey inside the house.

It had been almost two weeks since the girls had left for college. As hard as it was for her to let them leave she knew it was for the best. After countless of begging from the girls to stay in the city and attend a college nearby. Ms Peterson had put her foot down she wanted them out the city.
She knew of the dangers that lurked in shay. She knew of the town's deep rooted history. That history had taken her family away from her still remembering the screams they made that day haunted her. Of course local media outlets wanted to cover it up call it an car crash not to scare the town people the same as rose's parents. But Ms Peterson knew rose was different she had told her she was special because she knew she was a saint. Having discovered her strange light she emulated off of her while she was sleeping she knew then that rose would never be safe. That's why she arranged for rose to leave shay and take Misty with her. Just as Ms Peterson was about to rest she seen an dark shadow bouncing of her wall. Now knowing she's not alone she took a deep breath. Come on out Ms Peterson said." I'm getting to old to run I would rather face my killer eye to eye least give me that luxury. Suddenly the room around her grew smaller her living room no longer felt safe. Ms Peterson felt a cold chill sweep over the room. As she could now she pale mummified fingers grab her throat out of nowhere Ms Peterson didn't even see anyone walk up to her. Listen... the voice said in a deadly whisper sending chills down Mrs petersons spine. Barely able to breathe as the zombie like fingers grew tighter around her neck. Listen the creature repeated intensifying her grip." You will die today but before you meet your end my Master would like to know is Rosemary Warren here. Ms. Peterson spoke as loud as she could pulling the zombie fingers away from her throat. Do what you came to do creature I will never give you my daughter's location. For what so you and your master can slaughter her like you did her birth parents or my family no I suggest you handle your business cause I will not be telling anything today. Very well whispered the zombie woman as she begin to open her hands. Her fingers quickly was back around the neck of the older woman she could sense fear in the eyes of Ms Peterson. But to Ms Peterson dismay she didn't have to feel fear long as her windpipe was crushed by the force of the woman's hands feeling like she was packing two bricks in her hands. Ms Peterson dropped to the ground lifeless as the woman began to use her supernatural strength to rip the head off of Ms Peterson body. As Ms Peterson bloody corspe jumped violently on the floor spewing blood all over the carpet of her usually neat living room. My love a deep voice echoed from behind. You did a fine job Bethany I've couldn't have done it better. Blackheart said with pride," I only look to serve and make you happy my love after all you have done for me bringing me back letting me live again this head I'm holding is only a small consolation prize don't you think. Blackheart took the older woman's head from Bethany holding it in his hand still spewing blood. He licked the bottom of the head sucking the blood like a popsicle then turning to kiss his wife so they could share their latest victory. Did you find out where the girl was hiding before you killed this woman. No master she wouldn't tell me she was protecting them to her last breath. Don't you just love a mother blackheart said with an sickening laugh." Its alright babe this her head is bait they'll come to us. Blackheart dipping the head in the pool of blood begin to write his name on the wall with the blood of Ms Peterson. Blackheart all bold in bright letters. Blackheart heard movement from outside as he began to pace around the house. That's our cue time to go blackheart grabbed Bethany hand an in a flash vanished into thin air leaving Ms Peterson body and his blood spelled name as a message to rose that she was next.

What in the hell Byron screamed." As he opened the door to Ms. Peterson home he sensed she was in trouble but he was to late. Byron couldn't believe the horror he saw when he looked in the house. An bloody headless body sprawled out on the floor along with name blackheart written on the wall in blood presumably hers. He was back and he wanted us to know it Byron said to himself." He wondered how he could tell rose or Misty what he had discovered here. Let alone he wondered if rose had been keeping up with the saints learning about what she was. Byron still had learning to do of his own. He needed rose but she was so inexperienced. Blackheart had pushed to quickly but he could not let it sway his resolve he would continue his training in the art of the saints until he was physically and mentally strong enough to win. This was a trap Byron felt a trap that would cause rose to do something irrational and could cause deadly consequences for himself and Misty. He knew he had to show rose and Misty what happened here all he could hope was this would make her ramp up her training with him and together they could become stronger and then they would challenge blackheart and hopefully they could be the one to find a way to put him down for good no more returns. Byron owed that to his parents he must succeed. One of the perks of being a higher level saint was portal transportation Byron had the ability to use his light to create a portal that'll take him anywhere he desired. The only problem was it drained alot of his light making him very weak and vulnerable he had not yet mastered the ability to use portal transportation without being Zapped after knowing he had no choice he begun to channel the light of the saints building a red portal that'll take him back to his baton rouge apartment.

So it's been a week since we been official babe rose told misty." Yeah besides that where running out of food and money totally best week ever. Misty replied." No offense but I can't survive off of eating that pretty twat of yours all day. Oh shut up you would definitely try rose laughed." Stroking Misty's blonde hair as they laid on the couch in just basketball shorts and a sports bra. This week had been amazing to rose non stop sex and confessions of long suppressed love that had been built up over the years. Dodging the calls from their respective schools and watching the news on the unexpected and sudden disappearance of six football players including the captain Owen. They had to lay low especially since Byron ghosted them for a week. Rose had heard Byron tell her to learn about saints but rose figured the less she knew the better. She knew that whatever she inherited saved Misty and that's all that mattered to her. She didn't even know her role in all this what was the purpose of her being a saint and why couldn't Misty be one with her. As far as rose could tell she couldn't even control when her powers emerged in fact she hadn't seen her light since Misty was attacked by Owen. Was her power's only fueled by the need to protect the ones she loved. All of this was confusing to rose so she tossed it to the back of her mind and focused on her lover misty and spending time with her. You're rubbing my head like a cat Misty purred." Oh my God did you just fucking purr like a cat so damn sexy rose laughed. " oh you think that's sexy wait to you see this Misty replied. " as she raised up to kiss rose the two blonde beauties kissing each other passionately hadn't noticed the portal opening up behind them as Byron appeared out of nowhere and out of breath. Byron didn't know what had happened between the girls while he been away but Byron knew he liked what he was seeing and he had to stop it despite how good it look. Against his better judgment Byron cleared his throat breaking up the kissing and scaring the girls in return.

Byron you perve what are you doing Misty shouted." Raising herself off of rose who looked utterly embarrassed. She was caught making out with her female best friend turned lover by a guy she thought was trying to put the moves on her just a week ago. She turned him down the seem OK but kissing someone else in his home may have been to much rose thought." Where have you been Byron you left us without a heads up or anything. Misty screamed. " how did you come in here without coming through the door. Byron shifted his feet from one side to the other. He looked like morphus from the matrix decked out in a black trench coat that's tied down with his black shirts and black cargo pants. I need the both of you to follow me through the portal I am about to create. What Misty snapped. " Are you going to answer any questions we have. You can't just come out of nowhere and want us to jump in a mystical portal and take us to God knows where. And how the fuck can you create portals anyway. It's a saint ability isn't it rose chimed in." Nervously twisting her long blonde hair between her fingers something she did when she was nervous. Yes it is Byron replied. " But I haven't perfected it when I do it it drains me it has me feeling like I have the flu so I'm not looking forward to doing again after I just did It but there's something you need to see both of you. Whats wrong Byron rose asked." In a nervous whisper. As rose reached for Misty's hand as they watched Byron create another portal. Listen once we go through here I won't have enough energy to bring us back at least not for awhile. Fine rose said." Let's just go they all stepped in the portal feeling nausea and the feeling of disorientation washing over them. They felt like they was on a roller coaster but only seeing bright red lights zipping past them at electric speeds. Babe I think I'm going to be sick Misty shouted." Gripping rose's hand you'll be fine alright just hold on to me don't you dare let go. I won't Misty looked into her lovers beautiful eyes as more nausea swept over her and just lick that it was over after a loud pop they all fell down into some familiar bushes holding there ribs. Damn you couldn't land us any smoother Byron misted yelled." Sorry Byron quickly apologized." I never portal jumped three people before he said weary." Rose looked around no no this can't be right we was just in baton rouge why are we here. Back in shay rose and Misty said." In unison. Why are we at our mom's house rose asked." Byron faced went as pale as a ghost as he put his head down not being able to look at the girls. Suddenly as it was all becoming clear now rose and Misty took off running towards the house leaving a drained Byron behind. He had hoped he could give them an heads up before they saw the body but he had been to afraid to do so. Mom the girls screamed." Together as rose entered the house first finding an headless Ms. Peterson laying on their living room floor. Misty was right behind her as she was already feeling sick from the portal but after seeing their mother like that Misty ran to the bathroom to throw up it was to much. As Byron slowly crept in the house finding the strength to not pass out he realized he was to late. Misty he could hear her throwing up in the back but rose he looked at rose who was now staring at the name blackheart written in cold blood on the wall. Byron saw a gold light shining bright and powerful off of rose body. Her fist balled up as she traced the name blackheart with her nail. Byron couldn't believe it without training nor knowledge about what she is this light she was emulating was stronger then his has ever been. Suddenly Misty reappeared from the bathroom visibly with tears streaming down her face and fear looking at her friend and this golden light she saw glowing around her skin. Byron rose shouted." Who is blackheart." Thats not important right now what's important is that we train and we grow stronger in our abilities we can put Misty somewhere safe and we can do this together. Rose without knowing or feeling sped over to Byron picking him up over her head with anger in her eyes. Anger for another parent she's lost. Anger that she couldn't protect her, anger that she had wanted to stay in shay known of these would have happened in just the brief time they've been away from shay nothing good had happened. But Byron the audacity he has to want her to ditch Misty the only person she had left. She didn't need Byron and she could careless about learning about the saints. She knew whoever blackheart was wanted to be seen and known and she was about to find him. If you ever tell me to leave Misty again what I did to Owen would seem like chicken feed compared to what I'll do to you. Byron couldn't believe this being manhandled by a rookie saint. He liked it weirdly but he was scared to death. He could sense despite being in a weaken state she didn't have the power to kill a higher level saint she hurt him yeah he was sure of that but she was out of control blinded by impulsive rage but at the same time she was special the gold lights was for a unique few the chosen saints and she was one of them he was sure of it.

OK if you let me go ill tell you what I know I'm sorry I implied that about misty. Bryon said."As rose slammed him hard against the wall the light burning the skin of the weakened saint. Baby Misty screamed." As she grabbed rose hand penetrating the light as she wrapped her arms around rose's waist baby stop that's enough we need him and this little saint thing is scaring me a little so please let him go. And just like that rose dropped Byron as he coughed and choked. I'll admit Byron said you're definitely strong but next time try attacking me when I haven't been through two portals I might surprise you. Oh yeah Mr. Macho pipe down Misty laughed. " You was about to be erased from existence like Owen and his crew. If I hadn't saved you just tell us who's blackheart before she attacks again. Fine Byron said." Adjusting his trench coat. Blackheart is the man who killed my parents and yours. This town you live in has very dark history and your bloodline rose is rumored to be apart of it. One of your early grandfather's turned his back on blackheart killed his whole family while blackheart slept. He got himself infused with one of the original saints and here we are now suffering from it. This town covers it up they act like blackheart don't exist once he gets the family member from your bloodline he's gone only killing different people if they get in his way. But you rose you're different you're new to this saint thing but you're already gold burning lights that Make people go disappear. But rose mark my words you're going to need more then just elementary skills to stop blackheart who has a wife that is quite a deadly couple. Rose sat there shocked after hearing the truth about everything she looked at Byron who was walking towards the door. Her light dimmed as she was turning back into pre rage rose again. Listen when the time comes love will become a liability but lucky for you while you slouching being in love ill be training to get revenge for my family least somebody will." Byron quickly ran off out the house before he could face any ramifications for his words.

What are we going to do Misty asked." Am I really a liability don't you ever say that. I'll get stronger I'll understand the ways of the saints but at the same time I'll find blackheart I need answers I don't want to fight him yet but I'll definitely want to see him. But I won't do this without you baby. Rose said." Hugging Misty I need you to be strong my rock please misty I need you you see how you stood up to Byron I need that you're my teammate so don't ever think of yourself as a liability. I'm sorry Misty replied." Kissing rose gently on the lips. Don't be sorry I know you feel weak because you don't have these powers hell I don't want them but I'll damn sure protect you with everything I have with them. You still a badass before these powers you was the beautiful badass kicking everybody ass for fucking with me. You have an martial arts background you're a fucking jujitsu black belt use that shit next time im going to need you. We need to get revenge for our parents and Ms Peterson and now since I know it's my lineage that holds this curse I've got to end this blackheart before we have kids. Kids Misty whispered." Still face to face with her lover. Yeah I want this to be a long term thing we can figure out our future after we dispose of blackheart only thing I'm certain of right now is I want you in my future. I want that to baby Misty said." As she stroked rose's hair. Come on you think you'll up for burying this body in the back I kinda wanna relax but I want to give her a proper burial. Please don't be mad Misty said." But I don't think I can do that I need a shower and ima just lay down in my bed. Its alright baby I'll handle it gonahead an get some rest. Hey rose if you do that you're not going to go all scary light God on me are you cause it's cool and I'm not saying Byron didn't deserve a little of it but it's scary. No boo rose replied." Byron was right I have to learn how to control this thing before I hurt someone I wasn't trying to hurt but like I said earlier as long as you're here with me I'll be fine. Now get that sweet ass in the tub and get you some rest if you feel better later I'll get us some food if you can eat. Sounds good babe Misty said." As she kissed her lover before running up the stairs for her shower hoping she still had old clothes here. Last thing Misty wanted was to run around here naked. Hey misty yelled from upstairs im sorry again for not being any help with the body. Its alright babe I understand this isn't baking a cake trust me I perfectly get it. Rose yelled back." Rose heard the bedroom door shut as she begin to drag the body out the house. I swear mom both of you I'll get that bastard and I'll make him pay rose said to herself now more then ready to meet blackheart.

Rose lost count on how long she'd been out in the backyard burying Ms. Peterson. It wasn't fun she was hurt knowing that she didn't deserve this cruel end to life. She could only promise vengeance as she patted the last clunk of dirt on the ground. Rose was tired covered in dirt from head to toe. She needed a shower and a nap but not necessarily in that order. Mentally and physically she was beat. Losing Mrs. Peterson then this saint business and blackheart. It was all to much for rose. Here this man was wallowing around generation after generation haunting and killing people for something an ancestor of hers did. Rose didn't know or care. She didn't want to fight anybody but the universe had deemed her their savior so it seems. The only thing she was sure of is that she had to protect Misty. That was one of the deals she made with Ms Peterson and she intended to honor it with her life.

Sorry I wasn't much help you know all of this has been really to much to take in Misty said." Its fine rose said coming into the room exhausted. I'm just tired and I was...rose suddenly stopped talking almost speechless as she saw Misty naked laying in her bed. The sight was so mouth watering to rose she had to soak it in. Misty's body was an work of art slender and curvy her stomach chisled with wash board abs. Her breast also perky so creamy her nipples already hard and inviting. Her butt was so perfect not the biggest but certainly an handful and the biggest prize of them all was Misty's pussy it was so pink and puffy like an tunnel of cotton candy it was so wet the memories of their first time together at Byron's flooded her memories as she chewed on her bottom lip seemingly forgetting about her exhaustion she was previously experiencing. So you gone stand their and drool or are you gone come and get what u drooling over Misty laughed."
The next few moments were a blur for rose and Misty as they attacked each others bodies. An much needed release was haunting them both. As rose straddled Misty's face relishing in the feel of Misty tongue exploring her sex. It was as if Misty was doing gymnastics in rose's pussy. She was applying just the right pressure to her hole while evenly paying close attention to rose's throbbing clit she sucked on like a piece of candy. Fuckkkk! Rose screamed keep going don't you dare fucking stop baby ughhh! Rose groaned as her orgasm was going stronger within her. Unbeknownst to rose Misty had no thoughts of stopping at all.mshe was in a trance a slave to rose's pretty pussy from the smell to how small it was but how incredibly wet it got she felt like her tongue had found heaven rose tasted as refreshing as ice cold water on a hot summer day. That's it rose screamed." As she jumped up and down on Misty's face as if she was bull riding letting all her orgasm was through her. After what seemed like an eternity she fell over onto the bed watching Misty lick her own juices off her face with her finger. That's so damn hot rose said almost out of breath. Are you OK babe." Misty asked as she got up to so that she was face to face with her lover. Yeah never been better rose laughed. " that was an huge fucking orgasm and I'd be lying if I said I didn't need it but damn I'm spent. Please don't be mad I can't return the favor least not right now. Rose put on her cutest mock pouting face as she grabbed Misty's hands. Are you serious me being mad at you is the last thing I'll be Misty exclaimed." Rubbing her fingers over the hands of rose. I got off knowing I was giving you the ultimate pleasure. After everything this day has thrown at us if anybody deserves relief its you. I'm so thankful for you you have no idea rose." Rose with tears streaming down her face started to place kisses all over Misty's face her forehead cheeks lips nothing was off limits to rose. I'm so happy I took that chance to tell you how I felt being with you is everything to me you're the only thing I got left off a family now and I won't let him take you too. He's taken everything from me from the both of us. Ms. Peterson said I was special she demanded for me to watch over you. I think she knew what i was this whole time. Yeah it makes sense Misty replied. " it sucks she's gone we have nobody to talk to about this especially sense Byron split. Will be fine on our own just stick to me rose said." Oh will be doing alot of sticking Misty said while laughing. But really what's our plan. Its simple were gonna get some rest and in the morning I'm gonna call out blackheart and hope he has the balls to show his face. One way or another this ends. I hear you boo Misty yawned." Cuddling beside a now curled up rose under their blankets. Let's get some sleep I wanna enjoy this moment with you before we get all serious and shit. Goodnight babe rose." Said finding her last bit of energy turn lay a quick kiss on Misty's lips. Goodnight babe Misty replied." Intensifying the kiss until they both fell asleep in each other's arms.

You ready to do this Misty asked rose." Both girls had woken up hardly able to sleep if you're having second thoughts of any kind we can postpone this. No I'm alright im ready rose reassured her girlfriend." Look at us we're dressed to impressed perfect outfits to kick ass in. Really we're wearing matching tight as black jeans a while shirt and a black leather jacket we look like lesbian biker chick's Misty said." Well we are close enough to that plus if you're going to kick ass you might as well look hot doing it. Yeah I guess you're right Misty sighed." Not really as confident as rose I mean how could she be rose had the powers. Rose was the gifted saint she was just a sitting duck she would offer to stay behind but the thought of not being directly beside rose would drive her crazy. Hey rose said as she reached out for Misty's hand. I won't let nothing happen to you u know that. Yeah Misty sighed," squeezing her lovers hand tightly. Remember the badass you are you're a black belt you can hold your own don't forget that if you're in a situation where I can't get to you in time you better Bruce Lee somebody ass. Misty bust out laughing allowing rose to breath a sigh of relief. Just hearing that beautiful laugh made her heart so warm. She felt like she could take on the world. Babe you ready rose asked." Yeah let's do this Misty shouted." Squeezing down tighter on rose's hand. Rose quickly kissed the hand of Misty as she took a deep breath knowing the time had come. Blackheart! Blackheart! Rose screamed out loud. You're a damn coward you know you killed an old woman now you're supposed to be tough ill show you tough. Show yourself. Wait easy there Misty screamed." Don't piss him off martial arts can only do so much against super natural shit. Oops my bad maybe I got a little carried away babe rose said." Its alright I'm just nervous you know just last week we was normal teenagers heading to college now we're about to start a war. No we're going to finish a war rose quickly chimed in." Come blackheart so yourself rose screamed. " Just when rose was about to give up a bright purple portal with lighting striking in the background blew a strong wind current that was sucking the girls into the unknown. Misty don't let go of my hand no matter what you here me. I got you babe Misty said." Wondering when they was going to make it to their destination. Finally they landed and crashed hard ontop of skulls some old and some with decaying flesh still rotting off their face. Misty and rose both screamed as they got up from what looked like to be an skull graveyard. Where are we Misty asked out loud." I'll say where in the lair of blackheart rose replied. " and you'll be right said a very deep voice that appeared behind them. The girls was both stunned in the size of this man he was as tall as a basketball player and had muscles everywhere like a bodybuilder. The long scar on his stomach made him look even more intimidating with his rugged beard. Wasn't he like one million years Misty whispered he doesn't look dead at all or old. Yeah he didn't look anything like I though he would rose replied back." Ladies blackheart cut in." I believe you was calling me you know how rude of you to disturb me and my sweet wife like that. What could I have possibly done blackheart laughed." Are you fucking serious Misty shouted."you know what you did.

Really killed an old lady and you're mad that is like a drop in the bucket to the anger I have for your family rose. Blackheart screamed. " you have no idea what mouser did to me but you will feel my pain. Who the fuck is mouser rose screamed irritated. " he's an grandfather of yours actually blackheart said." As he removed his favorite pendant from his many skulls on the ground beneath them. He picked a skull up and tossed it at directly at rose who accidentally caught it. Say hello to your grandfather from generations ago mouser Warren a samurai turn rogue killed my Master my wife and his wife. I've corrected that tragedy though. Rose quickly dropped the skull beginning to get irritated by the man. I don't fucking care about your damn backstory. Yeah what my grandfather did was wrong and I'm sorry but that's no excuse blackheart you killed my parents her parents robbed me of a childhood then killed the woman who adopted us I vowed revenge and I promise you I will get it rose screamed. " Suddenly blackheart rose his arm as a gust of wind knocked rose crashing into a pillar making a loud bang like a gunshot. I will not tolerate disrespect young saint. Blackheart said sternly." Rose Misty shouted as she ran into the rubble to remove the pillar off of her rose. Please be ok please be please be OK. Misty chanted to herself." Listen carefully you are not strong enough to beat me yet with enough skill you will be that's why I initially wanted you dead. You are a special saint you have unbelievable power but I cannot kill you yet I need something from you. There's something even I can't retrieve its called the saints crown only saints can get It. Guarded and protect by the elite saints in the world. I don't know where the area is located at but I'm sure your buddy Byron knows so ask him for me if you don't mind. Suddenly the golden bright light that had become the trademark of rose's bolted from the rubble in a full be line for blackheart. Catching blackheart by surprise she punched him through a pillar knocking him down hard. Rose are you a alright screamed misty." Stay back babe it's not over yet ok stay back rose replied." Looking in the wrong direction I might say so myself blackheart laughed. " Rose heard his voice but didn't see him anywhere. How could I lose him she thought he was right there I didn't see him move. Take my offer rose my patience is beginning to wear thin and trust me that's not good for anybody. Blackheart warned." I'll admit you have a strong punch it makes me more secure in my recruitment of you. I will never help you u hear me rose screamed. " didn't you hear me earlier im here to end you. Rose shouted oh I heard you I heard you loud and clear but you need to realize you're not in control here. This is my kingdom I can't be touched here but u know who can be touched rose." Rose looked around blackheart you better not. Misty rose shouted as she saw an zombie figure approach Misty from behind. Misty behind you rose shouted as she ran as fast as she could to get to her. But it was to late Misty did have a chance to run as the fingers enclosed around Misty mouth sucking her lifeless almost as if the shadow figure had turned Misty into a zombie. Misty body dropped to the floor with a loud thud as the agonizing screams of laughter of blackheart echoed throughout the skull graveyard. For rose it was like everything was moving in slow motion. She couldn't believe it how could she let this happen. Rose ran over to Misty body as she begin to lay kisses over her slowly decaying face. Wake up Misty please wake up baby please. Rose shouted tears streaming down her face falling on Misty he only moisture her skin was now receiving. Please misty please rose screamed again. As she reigned more kisses down on Misty's lifeless body. Oh she's not dead so stop crying she's in what I like to call a zombie coma think of it as a regular coma she can hear every word you say she just can't respond the minor difference is she has two weeks before she turns full zombie and by then it's game over. You fucking bastard rose screamed. " I'm going to fucking kill you and your bitch you hear me. Show yourself. There's no need I believe your stay here is done. I'm sure you will kill me and honestly I look forward to it. But not before I get my crown. How do I reverse this shit blackheart. I'm not leaving until you tell me. Rose having a hard time controlling her saint powers they was taking over her body. She knew she had to leave before her anger did something that could further harm Misty. She already felt she let her down. Rose aura was flickering uncontrollably her gold light shining with such intensity the grounds was beginning to crumble beneath her she could hear the roof cracking. Tell me now how do I fix her. Rose yelled." My dear you didn't want to help me fulfill my needs now my needs have become your needs. I need the saint's crown now you do too. You wanna save your bitch go get the crown bring it to me . You have two weeks I suggest you make haste. Blackheart immediately opened the purple thundering portal as rose grabbed Misty's body and wrapped it around hers. Preparing for the wind gust. You remember whenever you're ready for the first step talk to me no pressure blackheart laughed. " Rose made sure to lock eyes with the zombie woman before she left giving her a look that could kill if she wasn't already dead. You make sure you remember when all this over I'm killing you and your dead whore. Blackheart laughed as he amplified his wind gust and when rose finally hit the room of her house she felt like she broke her back as the zombied Misty fell ontop of her. Rose looked at Misty and immediately burst into tears. Regret hitting her like a ton of bricks I'm sorry she kept saying as she held Misty in her arms.


It had been a week since everything went down with blackheart. His zombie wife had turned Misty into a decaying zombie in training. Still as lifeless as she was a week ago. She had tried everything from bathing her to cold water to heating pads nothing seemed to work. Rose wanted desperately not to have to get in touch with blackheart and follow his demands but now what Choice did she have she'd already wasted a week being in denial and defiant. But the idea of getting an sacred artifact from a remote location guarded by power saints seemed like suicide. Good thing she got in touch with back up. Suddenly just like clock work she heard a knock at the door. When she opened it. The smiling face of Byron greeted her. They had buried the hacet they both realized they wanted the same thing for blackheart to go down. Have you watched TV at all today a concerned Byron told rose." No why rose replied. " cut it on and see said Byron. Rose picked up the remote and cut the TV on. New at 9 baton rouge police said they believe that two girls was now responsible for the disappearance of 6 football players the two girls rosemary Warren and Misty g was enrolled in the college and was just about to start classes this week as you can see their pictures have been brought up to screen if you have any information on the whereabouts of these two girl please call u as or baton rouge police these girls are considered dangerous so proceed with caution. You got to be kidding me rose screamed." Rose ran into her room knowing what she had to do. Blackheart please I'll accept your offer. Suddenly a a shadow emerged from the lighting infused tunnel. Very well I let's go we have a ton to discuss.
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