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Artificial Wolf

By Zovelia All Rights Reserved ©

Action / Romance


She could feel the floor as her bare body shivered from the merciless, freezing wind that came in from her tiny cell. The bars would rattle ominously. The moon would shine upon her, telling her that soon, soon she’ll escape and earn her freedom. As scientists drag her limp body from out of her cell, she plans meticulously as they throw her on a stretcher and connect cords to her body. She was created by them. She was modified by THEM! She was considered a success out of many creations yet the woman didn’t know why she was still being locked in a cage, shocked till her mind goes blank. Will the woman escape of will she forever be their guinea pig for the rest of her life? Only time will tell…

Chapter One

The woman screamed as the electricity charged her body with violent force. She yanked against her confinements. She spat at the ones giving her the shock while fury coursed through her veins. The shock gave her power, enraged her, brought about the Wrath that lurked within this woman. She yanked once more and tore free from her confinements. The scientists, their eyes were wide as they scrambled for the alarm. The woman acted quickly, grabbing the two by their heads and smashing them together until their skulls were one. She let their bodies flop to the ground as she could feel a shift coming about.

She let it happen. She let her bones crack, bend, and morph into that of a wolf’s body. Her wolf was not normal. A white slash went between her eyes as those crimson orbs swirled with so much rage. Her paws were white while her fur resembled charcoal as she could feel something sinister snicker inside her mind.

Her wolf turned into small, rather petite normal sized wolf and she ran. She didn't know where she was going, she just ran. Her paws tapped against the cold steel while air pulsed through her lungs. The woman just wanted to escape, nothing more, nothing less.

She could see light. She could smell the outdoors as she maneuvered past the guards who were trying to obstruct her goal, she launched towards the outside world. Her wolf returned to its normal massive size while everything felt so new, so invigorating to her.

Her paws dug into the soil as she charged forward. She howled as she ran, loving her new found freedom. She had lost track of time, lost track of where she was going. Now, now she was tired and thirsty. Her stomach growled. Her muscles ached. She shifted back into her human form when she found a river to rest by.

Her body was covered with scars inflicted by silver. The skin on her back meshed together as veins were visible and pulsing with life. Her skin intertwined with each other, creating random tracks all around her back and as she stared at the river, she didn't know of the outside world.

Her toe dipped into the river and she immediately drew it back. It was cold to her. She had never seen this much water in one place, never felt so intrigued by the ripples like she was right now. She jumped into the river, splashed around like a carefree child as her disgruntled laughs echoed throughout the woods.

The night sky held many sparkling stars as the moon was at its fullest. The woman spun around in the water, droplets of water spinning with her as she danced and glided across the water to an unknown beat. She stopped to stare at the moon, to take in its beauty for she didn't know what it was, it was just beautiful to her.

Growls caught her attention. Her head jerked towards the wolves that were slowly approaching her. She shrieked at the unknown. She quickly tried to run but one of the wolves snapped at her, telling her that if she ran then she’d be dead. She didn't know what to do as the rage bubbled within her stomach. Were they here to take her back? Were they just like her? She tried to open her mouth but the words wouldn't come out. Did she even have a voice of her own?

One of the wolves, she noted, was larger than the rest. His black fur nearly matched hers as he stepped forward, growling at her. The woman bore into his eyes, her crimson orbs radiating confusion. The wolf shifted into his human form and the woman began to scream. She splashed water at him, threw tiny rocks at his massive chest while something inside her stirred with something she couldn't explain.

The man chuckled at first until a pebble hit his forehead. He held his hand up, signaling for the other wolves to not interfere. The woman bent down and held her knees close to her chest, trembling in fear. He would beat her like THEY did. He would choke her like THEY did to her. He, no they, are just like THEM!

She swatted at his attempts to touch her. Her body jolted when his hands grazed against her cheek. She scooted away from him yet she was drawn to him. The way his black eyes held the unknown in them pulled her towards him yet she fought the feeling with every fiber in her body.

Soon the unknown flickered to what seemed like anger. “Are you rejecting your mate,” he spoke for the first time and again she was baffled. What was a mate? Who are these people? She had so many questions yet not enough answers.

She looked around, noting that the wolves had shifted back to their human forms. One was female, beautiful like a goddess but held the scowl of a troll. The other were men but she was more fascinated by the man bending down in front of her.

He tried to touch her again and this time she let him. She tested him to see if he was like them. His hand was on her shoulder, his thumb rubbing the ragged scar that wrapped around her arm. His hand trailed down her arm and he took her hand in his. He brought her hand to his cheek and the woman observed carefully. She watched as he snuggled her hand then kissed it gently.

Her hand now rested at her side and this time both of his hands reached for her. She was startled at first as one of his hands rested on her back and the other underneath her legs. She grunted, signaling her protest. “I will not hurt you,” he whispered into her ear but she still fought him. Her grunts were matched with her small fists as she beat against his chest.

She was hoisted into his arms as he began walking towards the opposite direction she came. Her protests became weaker as time went on. She didn't want to go with them but the feeling, the unknown secure feeling that she gets when she's in his arms calms her nerves causing her to drift into the abyss of sleep.

When she awoke, she was in a bed. A white piece of material covered her body and it didn't come off. She struggled with it, bit at it, and even clawed at the material. When it was apparent that the material meant her no harm she got out of the soft, bouncy bed but not before having a little fun herself.

She stood up, stumbled a little as she bounced slightly. It was amusing to her so she tried it again. This time she began bouncing. She jumped and she jumped. Her smile went from ear to ear as the weightless feeling felt exhilarating to her.

Someone came into the room and her eyes grew wide. It was not the man she met before. She stopped bouncing, horror twisting her innocent features. She let out a disgruntled scream. The unknown man didn't know what to do. He was ordered to watch her, to make sure no harm came to this woman but what could he possibly do to the huddled form on the bed.

It drew others attention as a crowd began to form at the door. Her hand felt something plush and she grabbed it, using it for protection as she clung to the plush object. She hid her face in the soft object and a booming voice caused her ears to perk.

She jolted when she felt someone's touch. She clung to the soft object tighter. “It's me,” she heard the familiar voice say to her. She felt his hand reach for the pillow and at first she was reluctant to let it go but in the end she did. Her eyes met his dark orbs. She was entranced by how much of the unknown they held that she wanted to unravel them.

He took her hand into his then kissed it. She observed him, watched as she called for the one who frightened her. “This is Alex,” he introduced the stranger to her. She scooted away from both men and hugged her knees. She didn't want to be here. She wanted to be free. She just wanted to be normal.

“You are safe, my mate,” he assured her but she shook her head frantically. When he tried to reach out for her, she flinched. Wounded by her fear, his hand receded back to his side. As another man came in, one dressed in a lab coat, her eyes grew wide and she began to scream once more. Her screams shattered the windows, rattled the vases, and shook the room they were in, shocking them a great deal.

She covered her ears when he tried to speak to her and began thrashing her feet on the bed. She didn't want to be tested on anymore. She didn't want to see their white ominous coats anymore! The man in the lab coat approached her and her screams stopped as fear took hold of her. “He won't hurt you,” the familiar one reassured her “Turn around, we need to look at your back.”

She shook her head and the familiar man came close to her. He kissed her forehead, surprising her greatly. When he lips left her forehead, her hand touched it. It calmed her, eased her nerves and put her fear at bay.

She turned around and her the white material was lifted upwards. The familiar one held the material up while the other stranger looked at her back. “They poured wolfsbane and liquid silver as well on her back,” he said as she felt fingers trail all over her back. She grunted from his cold fingers but she felt no malicious desires coming from him. Again she was confused.

The material was dropped and she was allowed to turn back around. Her small bony form seemed like a mouse to a lion. “She will need intensive care,” he said lowly while examining the healed stitch wounds that were all over her arms and legs. He even looked at the scar that wrapped around her arm and down to her wrist. “May I ask as to who did this to you,” he addressed her and she didn't know how to tell him.

She pointed to his coat. “Doctors,” he asked causing her to shake her head. “Scientists,” he tried again and this time she nodded. “I see and what did these scientists do to you,” he asked and she was hesitant at first. She tried opening her mouth but grunts only came from her throat.

She looked around and saw a box beside the stranger. She pointed to it. “Testing,” he guessed and she nodded. “I see... I am Carl Rogers. I'll be your doctor from now on so I hope we can get along,” she cocked her to the side slightly, confused once more. “It means I'll help you get back to a healthy state,” he answered and instinctively she moved towards the familiar man. Carl smiled at her before leaving the room. The crowd was still there, still curious as to what their alpha had brought home.

“Get some rest,” the familiar one told her as he got off the bed, leaving a dark hole inside of her chest. She eyed the plush object and grabbed it. Alex had taken his post outside the door as she laid down on the other plush objects.

For some reason, this room soothed the storm swirling inside her. Her eyes felt heavy. Her body felt worn as she slowly willed herself to rest. Tomorrow she would go out and be free once more.

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