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"Alana...be strong. You are not alone" to "I never knew I was lonely until I met you" THE JOURNEY BEGINS

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1: First day on The road


"Bye mom."

I ran out of my room. I am running late for the first day of my highschool.

"Eat before you go.."

"Later dad...I'm running late.."

"Okay then at least take this sandwich..."

I looked back at him, grabbed the sandwich, hugged him and ran out of my house.

It's been a while since I ran this much. Normally I am not late for my school but yesterday I had a movie night with my sister to celebrate my first day of highschool the next day which I am so much regreting now.

" Waaiiit..."

Just made it in the nick of time as I hopped on to the bus. Now that I am looking at the time more calmly, the more calmness is leaving me. The traffic won't let us pass. I was now wishing if I could've just ran. Yes...wishing cause that won't be possible since The school is a little bit too far from my home.

Then suddenly I looked outside and saw a student wearing the same uniform leaving a car. He started running towards the way to school. For just a moment I thought our eyes met..

"He isn't thinking the same as me is he?..."

Suddenly he came back, came inside the bus, grabbed my hand. I was startled.

"We will be late if we don't run you know? Let's go."

And I don't know what came over me I got off the bus and started running with him.

He left the road and entered a small street.

"But the school is that way..."

"Shortcut, idiot." He laughed as he ran.

I was getting tired.

"You can't stop now or we will both be late"

"Whose fault do you think would it be?"

"Yours of course. We are going through shortcut even."

The nerve...he drags me with him, makes me run then gets bossy. I'm so gonna punch him after we get there. But right now I gotta concentrate on running.

After running for almost 15 minutes we got to school. Miraculously we weren't late.

"Hey..isn't it the back gate? We aren't late so why are we taking this one."

"Just keep it a secret and everything will be alright."

I couldn't understand what he was talking about but assumed it was about the gate.

"All right then. Which class do you go to?"

He looked at me. Paused for a while and smirked.

"Well I guess you are new here today. Starting highschool?"

" Yeah, but you didn't.."

"Okay then, see you around at class. Bye byee.."

And there he goes, doing whatever he wants.

I started walking toward the front of the school. I went to the locker changed shoes and started to look for my classroom. It was 1-c. After searching for a while I got there and found an empty seat behind, close to the window.


I looked at the direction the greeting came from. A girl with a ponytail and glasses was looking at me wirh a smile. I repeated the gesture.

"Hello. Nice to meet you."

"Yeah. same here. You are not from this school are you?"

"No. It's my first day here."

"Thought so..Ueda, Ueda Mayu. Call me Mayu, you?"

"Hosokawa Arana. Arana is fine."

I didn't think I'd be making a friend this soon. Maybe my school life here won't be so bad after all. But I was still unaware of what was to come next.

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