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Accidentally in love

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Memory a young spontaneous 18 year old who has had a crush on her boss since she was a kid, moves in with him in his house. But will the sparks from memory make him like her or will it just end without the mystery being solved.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1:Can it be true


Hey, My name is Melissa Dumali I live with my mum and my young brother Drake in New York City.
I'm 20 years old and Drake is 18, I was born on February 13 and Drake on 13 June.
My life was a normal life until my Daddy and my two older siblings got into a car accident and they all lost their lives. I was 11 years the time that event occurred, and after we buried them our "merciless relatives " got all our properties and it shared it amongst themselves.

We had no choice but to move to my grandparents old house, mum had to work double so that she could provide us with everything our little lives needed. When I 17 I started a part time job so that I could pay for my college fee and our clothings.

I always wanted to be a doctor but I can't because of the you Know how issue so I took the Home Economics class when I was still at college and I graduated, as for Drake he took gardening and car washing classes and well he is a professional at that. He always wanted to be a personal assistant and took some classes online when he had time from work.

I work for a restaurant called Berry tasty food and it's been 1 year and 2 months now, as for Drake he works for this billionaire. He does then gardening and washes and wax the cars, I sell my coffee to the employees over there and to be honest they love it just as Drake does.

As my usual routine during my lunch break I pack coffee for 6 people including me in a flask and pancakes for Drake.
The gate man knows me because I deliver his coffee so he always allows me in without question.

Hi Liam, how are you doing today?

I am good thanks and you Melissa, I see you brought coffee for me ah !

Yes I did Liam, I'll bring it for you after I putting it in a cup ok.

Ok, and please hurry up I miss it very much already.
We both laughed as I went towards Drake who was waxing the car.

Hey Drake, Should I go get a cup for you or maybe I should wait ? I asked dramatically so that I can annoy him

Nope, I need it now before I died of coffee Cancer.He said with a cute giggle like a baby.
And FYI sis my boss is around so be careful, I don't want to see you crying for help. He said with an annoying laughing.

Yah yah very funny, I said as I went through the door so that I could go to the kitchen in the mansion.

It wasn't my first time so I knew where the kitchen was exactly, I left the flask on the coffee table which was in the kitchen and I went towards the drawers to get 6 coffee mugs for everyone, I pour the coffee into the mugs and went towards the sink to wash the flask.

When I turned around there he was Drake's boss, At first I was freaked out but than I felt calm after seeing him.
"His black hair slanting to the left side of his face, his bright blue eyes and medium size lips with a natural pink color which made me wanna kiss them. His muscles shaped his arms really well ."

He pointed at something and when I turn to see it, it was a CC TV camera.

"Get the fucking hell out of my house" He said With his deep good sounding voice.

I got the tray where the mugs were and as I was about to leave the room with fear inside every corner of my body, he stopped me, he got the mug I was going to use and headed for the upstairs.
I walked back outside gave everyone their coffee, I was about to leave when I remembered that I left my flask in the kitchen, I walked back inside towards the kitchen thinking he had went back upstairs, but no he was still in the kitchen.

At first I thought I would faint and the ground would eat me but he handed me my flask while sipping on the coffee.

"If I see your little ass back in my house, I'll call the police on you. Now get out" He said with a frown on his face.

I didn't need anyone to repeat that to me course I was running for my life back to where Drake was.
Hey sis , why are you running like you just poured coffee over my boss and he was going to kill you? He asked me with a laugh as he sipped his coffee.

I got my bag and flask walking towards the gate as fast as my legs could. I never took a look at the mansion after I left the place.
I went back to the restaurant did my work and after all my work was done I cleaned up and closed the restaurant around 6 pm.

The ride home wasn't long, I didn't have to wait for the public bus.
When I got to my apartment I found mum and Drake sitting on the couch watching TV, I headed straight for my room took a bath and then put on something more comfortable. I went to the kitchen to grab a bite and I had seen from the dirty dishes in the sink that mum and Drake had already eaten, Mum has this saying that" the last person to eat does the dishes".

After cleaning up the kitchen I went to watch a movie with Drake since mum had already gone to bed, we watched two movies and both went to bed. I had a nightmare because of what Mr rude boss said to me at the mansion, mum came to my aid like she always does when something is wrong with me or Drake.

Early that morning I wrote a note for Drake telling him everything about yesterday at the mansion event, I got ready for work and left the note for him on his favorite mug.

Work went well today than the usual days, a new customer tipped me because he really liked my coffee.
Lunch break was boring because I spent it washing the cups and plates for a 200 dollars.

I was heading home when I receive a text from Drake

Hey sis, when you get home don't freak out just relax

— What the hell are you talking about and please don't give me a hell dramatic headache when I get there.

I felt puzzled and I was already freaking out.
When I got home I opened the door and I saw it, I felt like my life was going to end there.

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