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Her killer mate

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Emily is just a normal girl about to graduate high school . Well if you consider a werewolf normal or that she goes to an all wolf school normal. She has a dream that she will find a perfect mate. Maybe a couple tattoos but never would she have expected to have a mate that everyone calls a killer. Will she reject him or will she find out that there is more to him than meets the eye. Follow Emily as she sets off on a journey of lies,love,and mystery to find out if love really conquer all!

Romance / Action
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Birthday girl

I fling my hand out to silence the stupid little demon clock on my nightstand. Oh goddess why would they even create such a horrible device.

I was having the best dream too!! It’s just not fair!

"EMILY!!!!" I hear my mom yell from downstairs.

Oh God how could I have forgotten it’s my birthday?!
I fling myself out of bed which was a bad idea since I was still wrapped like a burrito in my blanket. Now I’m laying in the floor trying to get myself out of this death trap .

I finally free myself and run to my dresser grabbing my super cute Lacey bra and underwear and jump in the shower.
When I get out I pick up the sundress my mom bought me for today. Something about”You have to look nice Emily.You can’t always look like a boy” blah blah blah but I put it on anyway. I slap on some mascara,eyeliner and some chapstick. Pull a brush though my long hair the went to my butt and ran down the stairs to greet my parents.
“ Morning mom, Morning dad!" I say and I hop up on the stool and kiss my dads cheek.
“Emily you should have been down thirty minutes ago. You’ll be late ." Mom scolds me
I just quietly start scarfing my food down and chug my juice.I wish I could say I tasted my special breakfast but i didn’t. I just inhaled it like air.
I hear my dads chuckle and look up to see what’s so funny. Apparently it’s me…
Then I feel something fall in my lap. I look down to see a box wrapped up in red paper.
“ Happy birthday baby sis” my brother Jake says as he plops on the seat on the other side of me.
“I wouldn’t open that in front of anyone if I were you” he grinned “just something incase you meet your mate today.
I know I am probably as red as a fire truck right now. I don’t even want to know what’s in there.Then in dawned on me what he said… OH GODDESS I MIGHT MEET MY MATE TODAY!!!! I had completely forgotten. I had been waiting my whole life for this day and now I might meet him. I hope he is a good one. Sweet,funny,a few tattoos,handsome.. “EM” I jump out of my daydreams to see what was wrong .
“ Mia is here to get you.” Jake says while stuffing his face like I did moments before .I grab the box stuffing it into my bag and run out to see Mia jamming in the car to Bohemian rhapsody. Oh yes..today will be a good day.

“Come on birthday girl” she screams “time to get to school to see if your hunky mate will be there"
I was honestly surprised she was even talking about mates.That was normally a sore subject for her . Her mate had rejected her the minute he saw her because she was “to high strung” .let’s just say when I was done with him his balls were high strung too.

I hopped in quickly buckling up.we jammed the fifteen minutes it took us to get to school.
We got out and ran in to our lockers to get our books for first period. As I closed my locker I suddenly was lifted off my feet. Sparks shot all over my body and I dropped my book bag completely forgotten on the floor.before I knew it I was being whisked away outside the the side of the building.I had no clue who had me but I knew it was my mate from the sparks lighting me on fire. Finally I was set down and my eyes met with the most beautiful brown eyes I had ever seen. Dark hair fell slightly over them.plump pink lips were under his perfect nose.
“Hello mate” He growled out before he smashed his lips on mine .
I was shocked so I didn’t respond immediately. My wolf screamed at me to stop being an idiot and kiss him back I did. Oh my Sweet MOON GODDESS . The kiss was rough demanding and I couldn’t help but to fall into him as my knees went weak. When our lungs couldn’t take anymore he finally broke the kiss and I tried to get myself under control. He sniffed deeply and grinned. Oh no… “ you smell so good “ I know he was taking about the wetland between my legs . My face burned with embarrassment.

I tried to change the subject quickly but the only thing that came to mind was to as his name.
So I did.
His answer though.
That shook me to the core
“I am Raphael Jacobs. Alpha of cutthroat pack."

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