Grandma’s missing typewriter

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Amber's grandmother passed away and the only thing to keep her company is the last gift her grandmother ever gave her........the typewriter.....the only thing left of her. Cold and distant memories flood her mind as she begins using it, reoccurring memories she just can't flake off. Once she's finally at peace, the typewriter suddenly disappears. She starts searching for it everywhere, along with her close friend Beatrice. Learning of it's horrific past in the process together. Not knowing what lies in store for them and their "friendship"....

Romance / Mystery
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A Universal Update

I have the full version of this story on Tapas, Novel toon and Webnovel. If you want to read the rest of the story, you may go ahead and do so since it's the same name and story. I want clarify a few things about it, since it looks like I'm no longer continuing the story. I hated how it turned out on different platforms, and I've lost the passion I once had for it, but it's not over. Furthermore, I plan on revamping it and submitting an even better story now that I have more time on my hands. I hope the rest of you can wait for that. It won't take long before I put it up, and I'm working really hard to make it happen. I will post updates on the new story and others I'm working on, so please follow my media, @monsieur_froggy via insta for said updates. I hope you guys have a nice day and are just as excited as I am about the future to come. Summer is approaching, and I can't wait to relax and get ton writing. I will start having schedules on my content due to a summer job I have at the end of June, I am still going to make time for you guys and my content. Again, I hope you enjoy what's to come.

Here is a premise of the new story:
Avery June is not your average teen, you see, she has a secret she'd rather keep to herself for the sake of her family, then spill it to the entire world and put them back in harm's way. Her family consists of very powerful witches and warlocks that are in too deep with the dealings of the devil. Due to this, her family has gone into hiding ever since. She finally gets a chance at being normal when her grandmother and mother boot her off to Great Red Oaks (a prestigious summer camp). The problem, however, is not only the fact that she'd rather be at home concocting new protection spells with her grandmother, but also the fact that the prestigious camp across the lake plans on having a huge merge and remodeling project with Great Red Oakes before camp starts. This means she will have to deal with normal teen drama from both the privileged kids not only at her camp, but also the crazy campers from Greenville until summer's over. Red Oakes and Greenville both have dark secrets and tons of mysteries that await, and Avery, being the curious witch in training(W.I.T) that she is, knows of them and can't wait to discover them all. Follow her journey as she unveils the secrets of both camps and follows her dream of becoming a full witch. But how can she balance secretly being a said witch in hiding and at least attempt to be a normal teen at a now merged camp with just as many secrets/problems as her?

This is a work in progress, but it is the theme I'm going for at the moment. I can't wait for you to see the finish product, until then guys, see you later alligators! ;)

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