Grandma’s missing typewriter

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Amber's grandmother passed away and the only thing to keep her company is the last gift her grandmother ever gave her........the typewriter.....the only thing left of her. Cold and distant memories flood her mind as she begins using it, reoccurring memories she just can't flake off. Once she's finally at peace, the typewriter suddenly disappears. She starts searching for it everywhere, along with her close friend Beatrice. Learning of it's horrific past in the process together. Not knowing what lies in store for them and their "friendship"....

Romance / Mystery
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That Mourning

Usually in the morning I wake up and brush my teeth to start up the day. Wash my face and brush my long, straight, dark brown hair from tangles I made all through the night. Maybe even shower if I hadn't from the night before because who wouldn't want to go that extra mile. Tidy my bed and spacious, hat messy room. Maybe dress in my favorite spongebob shirt with the shorts from Burlington that's long enough to my knees. Wear my favorite Skechers as I spin in twirl in my tiny bedroom, ecstatic to see what the today has in store for me. But as I open my bedroom door, my mom was waiting for me on the other side. Her face said it all, she was clearly upset about something, but I didn't know what.

"Amber, we need to talk," she sniffed as she wiped a tear rolling down her eye. She walked into my room and sat on my bed. It was a pretty small bed, just enough for two people to sit on it really. She ushered me over as her face stared at my bedroom floor. Not wanting to make direct eye contact with me.

"What's wrong mom, why are you crying?" I asked, walking over to sit beside her. I scooted over to get closer, too embrace her, but we were already . Getting enough courage, she spoke again, this time with stutters and long pauses.

" I dddon't... to tell yyyou ttthis....but, yyour....gggrandmother," I wrapped my arms around her as she sobbed. I began to speak, cradling her with my voice. Hoping to calm her down, well just a little...

"Mom! Take your time.....just use your words tell me anything," She stopped and looked up at me, her nose and eyes redder than ever. I felt my heart skipped a beat as she told me something next.

"She's gone....your grandmother is gone!" She hollered, she began to shake in my arms. I felt my own set of tears roll down my face. My heart felt like being ripped from my chest. The grandmother I know and love is gone, just like that! I was only as if it were yesterday I was at her house, we were telling each other stories we wouldn't want mom knowing about...secrets even.

How could she have died with no illness or sickness? She was perfectly fine yesterday! I can't bare all this at once. I got up and off the bed. Running out my room and into the bathroom, locking the door behind me. My back slid down from against the door, my eyes burned as my heart ached. Sweet memories flood my mind while I daze out. My eyes study the tiled walls of the shower as I bowed my head, hearing the door bang behind me...

"Amber!, are you in there honey... I know how upset you are, I feel the same way too. I just didn't know how to break it to you, please open the door...please...," my mother slouched down as well on the other side, attempting to communicate with me.

" She's dead, and I'll never see her again!" I waled, my mother put her hand on the door. I felt as though I could feel her touch, her hand on my back, consoling me better than I could to her and myself. I slowly lower my head and looked at my shoes, these shoes were what grandma gave me before moving to the city. I kicked them off, opened the bathroom door, and cried into my mother's arms.....we each shared the same pain....but I didn't think this would ever happen, not in a million years. I miss her so much and mom does too as she gazes at my sketchers lying apart from each other behind me.....resting upright on near the tub, still remembering the day she bought them.....
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