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The Bet

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Before you start, you probably overlooked the fact that this is an EXCERPT. That means this is five chapters of a complete book, only available on my Patreon, which is a paid platform. You can subscribe and read this full length novel by clicking support me in my bio. Claire has been Carson's girlfriend for a year, fiancee for three months. But that's not what he sees her as; she's property, his to do with as he pleases. Even bet in a card game. One night, desperate for a front in a Texas Hold Em game, he bets Claire to his cousin Tommy for twenty-four hours. And loses. But what happens after those twenty-four hours are up and neither Tommy nor Claire is ready to say goodbye? Carson's wrath and their well known Mafia family name lead to chaos. And love. For Claire at least because Tommy told her from the begining he doesn't do love. Book cover by @qwertyness1

Romance / Erotica
Violet Bloom
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Chapter 1

“You almost ready, babe?” Carson called from the living room. The tone of his voice let me know that although it was phrased as a question, there was only one right answer.

“Five minutes,” I called back. I was anything but excited about tonight. Carson was taking me to yet another underground gambling game. Blackjack, Texas hold ’em, roulette. God only knew what his poison would be tonight. His trust fund would be taking a hit, that was the only thing that was positive. I knew he only brought me to these games as arm candy. A pretty face with big boobs to distract the other players. I was not to speak unless spoken to and even then polite smiling and nodding of my head were more than sufficient.

I tousled my hair one more time in the mirror before reluctantly making my way downstairs. “Finally,” he said angrily. I held in my eye roll. The last thing I needed was or him to get angrier.

“Am I not worth the wait, babe?” I cooed, rubbing myself against him. He grunted out a response, squeezing my ass when I got close enough. Moods like this weren’t always easy to handle, placating him with my body didn’t always work. I let out a sigh of relief when he led me outside to the waiting town car, instead of laying into me about making him wait. He must want to make a good impression on whoever was hosting the game tonight. Otherwise I would have shown up with the beginnings of a nasty bruise.

The drive took less than ten minutes.

Stepping out of the car he leaned down, holding out his hand for me to take. Once he’d helped me out he planted a sweet, chaste kiss to my lips, pulling away with a smile on his face. Looks like I got gentleman Carson tonight. The Carson I fell in love with before our relationship turned into a nightmare. Hopefully the vodka would be slow flowing tonight and gentleman Carson would stay around for the duration. I let him take my hand and lead me towards the discreet entrance. There was no bouncer, just a well placed door. If you didn’t look closely it blended in with the building. Knocking three times he paused, counted to 6 and then knocked twice more. “Password,” a gruff voice asked out of nowhere.

“Antelope.” I fought the urge to roll my eyes once again. Any type of attitude was guaranteed to make asshole Carson come out to play. But what was with all these places he took me? The passwords were always stupid like antelope or tiger or crocodile. The door opened and Carson guided me inside. The gigantic, intimidating bouncer stood at the opposite end of the hallway, the real entrance to the game. His head was shaved completely, the dark skin the same colour as the rest of his body. Strong, muscular arms bulged out of his black t-shirt, the rest of his uniform consisted of black combat pants and boots. Carson greeted him with a handshake before opening his arms, inviting the usual pat down.

“May I?” The unfamiliar bouncer asked. His question was directed at Carson, not me. My consent meant nothing to him. Walking through those doors with Carson meant that he held the power to make those choices for me. My stomach did a familiar act of revulsion, rolling at the thought.

The sinister grin that crossed his face didn’t help my uneasiness. “Be my guest,” Carson said through his smirk. “She likes it rough,” he added with a wink. Swallowing the bile threatening to rise, I made my face as neutral as I could manage. Protesting would just get me backhanded. Playing nice would keep the sweet version of Carson around, even when his words and actions proved the lesser version of himself was just beneath the surface. Bald bouncer man stepped closer to me, his large frame imposing over me. My sapphire blue dress left little to the imagination. There was literally no place that was loose enough or covered enough for me to be hiding any type of weapon. Although I think this establishment was more worried about bringing in loaded dice or extra cards or whatever people use to cheat the house. His hands dipped into the neckline of my dress, his rough fingers grazing my flesh. Once he’d gone all the way around the top of my dress he moved his hands lower, cupping and squeezing my boobs. Travelling further down his hands squeezed my waist harshly, before going lower still to my ass. He squeezed my cheeks and pulled them apart roughly. He knelt before me, his hands travelling down my right leg; his touch was feather light and revolting. Once he reached my right ankle, he repeated his actions, letting his roaming hands glide up my left. Still kneeling his right hand traveled up between my thighs. He went higher until he met my panties. “Is she wet?” Carson’s voice echoed sickly through the space.

“Yes,” bouncer man chuckled. Lies. Always aware that I’m supposed to play along, I let out a low moan when he grazed over my panties. Don’t puke. Don’t puke. It was what they both wanted. I was a prop. A toy to be shared and passed. Satisfied with the show I’d put on Carson cleared his throat, indicating that it was time for the game to end. On his feet swiftly, he opened the door, waving us inside.

“Tommy,” Carson said enthusiastically as he approached the man seated in the center of the table. Tommy, whoever he was, glanced up from his drink, no emotion in his expression has he looked at Carson. Standing he walked towards us, extending a hand.

“Welcome Carson,” he said simply. “And who’s this beauty?”

“This is Claire, my fiancee,” he introduced me.

“Charmed,” Tommy said, his eyes raking over my body. I could see the lust in them and to my surprise I wasn’t repulsed by the attention. He was shorter than Carson by an inch or two, standing at right around six feet. They looked eerily similar. Both blondes with crystal blue eyes strong jaws that could cut glass and Roman noses. “She’s a catch, cousin,” Tommy said casually. That made sense.

We mingled for a short time. I was given some stereotypically girly beverage. It was even pink. What did a girl have to do to get a dirty martini around here? Carson was on his second vodka twist. The door opened again allowing an older woman to walk in. She was dressed in a standard dealer’s uniform. Bouncer man, walked in behind her, pulled the door closed and took to blocking it. The game was about to begin. Men took appointed seats while their women stood dutifully behind them. I, along with an unlucky other few, were pulled into the laps of our counterparts, on display as any pretty, shiny toy should be.

The dealer started laying down the house rules, but she lost me as soon as she said Texas hold ’em. I watched dutifully, kissing and rubbing against Carson when he won and whispering softly to him when he lost. Just like a good little doll. The vodka flowed freely which didn’t help Carson’s luck. “All-in,” he said, pushing his chips forward. He’d already lost 50,000. The house, also known as Tommy, had fronted him 50,000, and that was the last of those chips he put it into the pile. If he lost, he’d bring his losings to 100,000 dollars. In just under two hours. A new record, even for him. I watched as the last card was flipped. Carson cursed out loud while I cursed internally. A loss didn’t bode well for my treatment when we got back home.

Tommy laughed at Carson’s expense before collecting the chips that had been in the middle. Now that Tommy was out it was down to just Tommy and one other player. “Come on man, you gotta front me, 50 more,” Carson nearly whined.

“No way. You’re tapped out. I don’t even know if you’re actually good for the 50 you already owe. What are you going to put up as collateral? Your car? Your watch?”

Carson thought for a moment before responding. His answer made me choke on my drink. “Her,” he replied, wrapping his hand around the back of my neck.

“Excuse you?” I said harshly, before I could even hold it in. Yes, he thought of me as property, his actions over the course our relationship proved that. I was young and naive and too stupid to get out when I had the chance, but he didn’t actually think he could bet me.

“Interesting,” Tommy said, not trying to hide the amusement in his voice. “You’re down 50 and you want her for 50 so you’re saying in total she’s worth 100?”

“Yup,” Carson said, taking a long sip of his drink.

“How long?”

“A full night.”

“Twenty-four hours,” Tommy countered while I gulped. Carson nodded his assent. “Give him 50, Bertha,” Tommy said to the dealer. She counted the chips and slid them across the table. I went to stand, needing some sort of physical distance between myself and Carson, but his grip on my waist only tightened. I watched for another hour on bated breath. The third player left had lost quickly. Carson was playing with more caution since I was literally on the table. Maybe I really did mean something to him. As soon as the thought left me I chastised myself. I meant nothing to him and tonight’s action was just the icing on the cake.

“All-in,” Carson called for the third time that night. I held my breath. I looked at Tommy. He made not a single attempt at poker face as he too went all in, a Cheshire cat grin on his face the entire time. I’m definitely screwed. “Fuck!” Carson yelled in my ear as the cards were turned over. He stood abruptly, pushing me off his lap as he did so. “Bull shit,” he continued yelling while he paced back and forth.

“I’ll take those twenty-four hours starting immediately,” Tommy said, voice full of self-righteousness.

“No way. Did you really think I would give her to you? I’ll just pay you 100.”

“Not the terms cousin. I’m a man of principles.” Tommy nodded his head towards bouncer man who then started walking towards Carson. “Don’t worry. I’ll have her returned to you tomorrow at promptly,” he paused, glancing at the ridiculously expensive watch on his wrist, “11:27pm. Come,” his final word was directed at me. Reserving myself to my fate I stood tall, squaring my shoulders and walked towards Tommy.

“Fucking bitch,” Carson called behind me. “Bet you can’t wait to open your legs for him. Stupid slut!” His tirade continued as Tommy pulled me out a different entrance than we’d come through. How was this my fault?Tommy didn’t address me as we walked through the back exit of the building and into the awaiting SUV.

“Boss,” the driver acknowledged.

“Home,” was the only thing Tommy said as he busied himself on his phone. I didn’t dare speak as we drove quickly through the city streets. Pulling up to a large high-rise Tommy waited for his driver to step out and open the door before he exited the vehicle. He stood patiently, waiting for me, but didn’t actually acknowledge me in any way. Once we were inside the elevator he punched a code into the number panel, closing the doors. When the doors opened again we stepped out into a beautiful, modernly decorated living room, high ceilings, class windows surrounding the entire space. “Would you like a drink?” His voice was friendly, pleasant, a complete contrast to what I was expecting from the man who won me in a bet.

“Scotch on the rocks with a twist,” I said softly, keeping my voice low as not to irritate him. He was being polite now, but if he was anything like his cousin, my “fiancee”, that could change at the drop of a hat.

“Don’t be so shy,” he said while grabbing two glasses, a bottle of scotch and a lemon. “I’m not going to bite,” he said. “Unless you want me to,” he winked. Usually a comment like that would have me rolling my eyes, but coming from his lips it had me crossing my legs. I may, in fact, want him to bite. Noticing my reaction he wiggled his eyebrows at me while sipping his scotch. I downed my glass in one gulp. “Tell me about your relationship with my cousin,” his tone was casual but the meaning wasn’t.

“There’s nothing to tell. We’ve been together a year, engaged for 3 months.”

“And him betting you? How do you feel about that?”

“Skipping the pleasantries, huh?” I asked while refilling my glass. He didn’t answer, just waited for me to respond. “He’s never done anything like that before,” I said softly, refusing to meet his inquisitive eyes.

“If you were mine, I’d never do that to you,” he said it so casually I couldn’t be sure of the meaning.

“How well do you know Carson?”

“We aren’t close,” he answered honestly. “Used to be. Don’t misunderstand me Claire. I’m not a good man, but my cousin’s treatment of women crosses even my boundaries.” He paused, taking another sip of his drink. I watched the way his tongue licked across his bottom lip, tasting the remnants of the expensive liquor.

“You won me for twenty-four hours. What are you planning on doing with me?”

“We’ve already wasted one, but I’d like to spend the next twenty-three in bed.”

“And if that’s not what I want?” I challenged.

“I’m not Carson. I won’t force you, but I am not above the use of strong persuasive tactics.” My questioning gaze encouraged him to continue. “I’d start by tying you to the bed,” he said, moving closer to me so that his thigh was touching my own. After that I’d strip completely naked, standing on front of you while my cock comes to life at the image of you tied and bound to my bed.” I had qeustions about why he would tie me up before he stripped me, but images of him literally tearing the flimsy fabric of my dress filled my mind. He seemed the type. I whimpered at his words. “Then I’d tell you about all the things I want to do to you. Bury my head between those creamy thighs. Tug on those nipples. I’m having to imagine the colour since I’m not sure. Are they a light dusty rose or a dark tan? Big or small? Tell me, Claire. Does Carson bring you pleasure? Does he take you rough and hard like I know you want, but still manage to make you feel safe and loved? Does he make you come over and over until you pass out from exhaustion?”

“No,” my voice came out small. Sure, Carson took me hard and rough. It was all he was capable of. But the piece that was missing was making me feel safe and loved while he did it. I always felt used when he was done. My pleasure never mattered. My orgasms. It was only ever him. I was a hole he could fill. I was nearly panting with need from his words alone. He painted an intriguing picture.

Setting my drink down I closed the space between us, pushing my lips against his. He went rigid. He didn’t kiss me back so I tried again, kissing him softer the second time, inviting him to kiss me back. He still didn’t move. Pulling away he looked me square in the eyes, “don’t do this because I won you,” he said as if he was disgusted by the thought.

“I’m not,” I reassured him. And I wasn’t. The inexplicable urge to have him came out of nowhere. If he was involved in the same type of business as Carson he definitely wasn’t a good man. Weapons, drugs and women all hidden behind a pretty last name and a generations old construction company. But he made me feel safe. Safer than I’d ever felt with Carson.

Tommy took my lips this time, capturing them in his as he kissed me better than I’d ever been kissed before. His hands went around my waist, pulling me into his lap. Our tongues connected in a dance of give and take. There was no fight for dominance. I moaned into the kiss, giving him more access to explore my mouth. Standing he slid his hands under my ass, holding me to him while I wrapped my legs around him. I could only assume he was taking us to his bedroom. He tossed me on the bed, standing at the edge while he stripped to his boxers. I watched him, mirroring his actions as I slid my dress down over my chest and hips, revealing the strapless bra and thong I was wearing. I mentally cursed myself for not wearing a nicer set. I didn’t think anybody other than Carson would be getting a look at the goods tonight.

Once we were both left in nothing but our underwear, he climbed on the bed, crawling towards me as I laid myself down on the plush pillows. He didn’t kiss my mouth this time; instead he went for my throat, biting at the flesh. The bites weren’t gentle nips; they were rough. There would be bruises on my neck; I was positive. Carson wouldn’t like that, another man’s mark on me. Only he was allowed to put his stamp on me, but I couldn’t think about that now. His open mouth trailed lower, pushing my bra down while licking into the dip of my clavicle, before going lower circling around both of my full breasts. Ending on my nipple I moaned and then yelped when he bite down on the taught bud. “Pretty pink,” he mused answering his earlier question. My witty retort died on my lips when he bit down again.

Writhing underneath him I couldn’t make an intelligible word come out of my mouth. It was all gibberish. Begging him to stop. Begging him to do anything except stop. One flick of his finger or tongue against my clit and I would explode, and he’d only touched my nipples and kissed me. His touch inflamed me, igniting me from the inside. Sweat broke out across my chest and stomach as I whimpered. Deciding to end my suffering he slid down my body, kissing the entire way. His eyes stared up at me whenever I had enough control to actually keep mine open. His hands tugged at my panties, pulling them all the way down before tossing them over his shoulder onto the floor. I was right. One lick. That’s all it took. I combusted, screaming as I came, bucking wildly beneath him as he continued to lick me.

I held him to me, “Tommy,” I cried. “More. God. Please.” He didn’t disappoint. He slid a finger into me tentatively, testing the waters. I clamped down onto it, contracting around him and dragging him further into me.

His free hand found its way back up my body, pinching my nipple. The stimulation was too much. Too much pleasure. Sliding another finger into me he bit down on my clit. I’d known pain during sex. And pleasure but never the combination of the two. Before I could even attempt to stop it a second orgasm consumed me. Tommy released me, standing to pull his boxers down. When his cock sprung free, I must have had a cartoon big eyed reaction because he laughed at me. He was huge, nearly twice as thick as Carson and two inches longer.

Climbing back onto the bed and between my legs he positioned himself at my entrance. Before I could protest and tell him to put a condom on he had pushed himself all the way into me. His hands went to my thighs, holding me open so he could get deeper. “Aaaggggg,” I screamed has he thrust roughly into me. Sitting on his knees he held me open while he pulled back to the tip before sliding all the way home again. “Harder,” I begged. He chuckled. I couldn’t tell if it was I was being predictable or if my reaction had surprised him. Either way he gave me what I wanted. He released one of my thighs and his right arm came up to my throat squeezing. Carson choked me during sex regularly, hard enough to make me pass out. I hated it because it terrified me. I could never be sure he wouldn’t squeeze tight enough to kill me, but when Tommy squeezed around my throat hard enough to cut off blood flow but not air flow, I let out a rasping moan. Two hours alone with him and I trusted him implicitly.

He grunted and moaned above me. The pleasure written on his face was enough to send me to my third orgasm. He released my throat, dropping on top of me and burying his face in the crook of my neck while he continued to pound into me. His hand went to my ass, lifting me every time he pushed in so he could go deeper and harder. “Come for me,” he moaned in my ear when I squeezed around him. I couldn’t come from penetration alone, but he couldn’t know that. I slid my hand between us, searching for my clit. Before I could reach my core he grabbed my hand and pinned it above my head. “Did I tell you to touch what’s mine?” He growled at me.

“N-no,” I shook my head.

“Come,” he commanded again.

“I can’t,” I whined. The pleasure was too much. I could feel the orgasm, but I couldn’t get there.

“You can,” he barked while slowing down slightly and releasing my hands. His strokes were long and precise, sliding against my g-spot with every push in. I squeezed myself around him, digging my nails down his back; he’d definitely be bleeding.

“Tommy. Yes! There! Fuck. Tommyyyyyyyyy,” I wailed while coming around his cock.

He pulled out, stroking himself until he came on my stomach. I was gasping for breath as he collapsed next to me.

Moments passed before he spoke. “I can’t wait to tell Carson he was wrong.” I looked hat him quizzically. “He bet you’d put up a fight. I’ll show him the tape to prove you didn’t.”

My eyes flooded with tears at his words. “This was a setup? The whole time?” I screeched through my tears.

“I told you I wasn’t a good guy. You played right into my speech.”

The second thing he’d said finally clicked. “What do you mean show him?”

“The tape,” he deadpanned, pointing to the camera discreetly setup on the other side of the bedroom. He caught me off guard for what felt like the 100th time in two minutes when he gently used a baby wipe to clean my stomach.

“Don’t touch me,” I bit out.

“It’s a little late for that doll,” he cooed. I went to stand.

“Stay. I still have you for 21 hours. Sleep.”

“You expect me to stay here?” I laughed at his gall.

“I won you. You will stay the rest of your 21 hours. You will stay here in this bed because if I wakeup with a hard-on in the middle of the night I’ll want to bury myself inside you again. Like I can do any time I want for the next 21 hours. Sleep.”

Exhaustion began to settle in. I didn’t know if it was physical from the orgasms, or mental from the revelation that I’d easily walked into his trap, but I gave myself over to it, clinging to a pillow as silent tears fell from my face.

I don’t know how long I slept for, but I woke to Tommy’s head between my thighs. I should have tried to stop him, but not a single protest fell from my mouth as he brought me to two more orgasms before sliding into me from behind this time. All I could do was hold on while he fucked me even harder than the first time. I couldn’t even fathom that being possible. When he came on my lower back and ass I collapsed onto the bed, asleep again before he even wiped me up.

The next time I woke it was to the smell of coffee. Light poured in to the room, cascading the room in an angelic hue. There was nothing angelic about what had happened in this room. Six orgasms. Orgasms I couldn’t regret even though they were given by a monster. A beast who’d tricked me into his bed, lured me with the promise of gentle with the rough. Safeness with the hardness. His seduction had been a lie, but why then had his promise been true. I wanted to hate him for the lie, hate him for making me feel what I did, but I was compelled to submit to it.

I climbed out of bed, delicious soreness filling me. Grabbing his discarded t-shirt I pulled it over my head while still walking towards the smell of coffee. “Morning,” he said casually when I walked into the room. I smiled weakly at him before walking further. “Coffee?” He asked, sweetly.

“Please. Milk and sugar,” I requested. I sat at the breakfast bar while he prepared my coffee. After he set it down he opened the warming drawer from the stove and pulled out a high pile of pancakes with bacon. He set it down and slid me a bowl of fruit and yogurt. “Eat. You’ll need it after last night.”

“Thank you,” I said before digging in. I was starving. I ate in silence while he stared at me the entire time.

“I’ve still got you for fourteen hours,” he said nonchalantly. As if winning me in a bet was the most normal thing he’d ever done. “When you’re done, shower and head back into the bedroom. Naked.” He left before I could protest. Who am I kidding. I wouldn’t have protested even if he’d stuck around. I’d give myself to him over and over again if it meant orgasms as intense as the ones I’d had last night. I ate slowly, savouring the taste of the delicious food wondering silently if he’d cooked it himself.

Rinsing my plate, bowl and coffee cup, I loaded them into the dishwasher before finding my way to the large ensuite bathroom. I showered quickly, using Tommy’s soap and shampoo to clean myself. I was sticky from sweat and cum. Once I was finished I walked back into the suite, not bothering to dry my hair. It was just going to get messed up again anyway.

When I walked into the bedroom the sheets had been changed and Tommy was standing there, naked. I keep my head held high as I walked towards him. His cock was already hard and waiting for me. When I was close enough to reach he grabbed me and dragged me against him. His hardness pressed into my lower stomach while he captured my mouth in another toe curling kiss. His tongue plundered my mouth, exploring every inch as if he hadn’t been doing the same thing just hours ago. I had to break away, the need for oxygen outweighing my need for him to keep kissing me. His tongue swept across the shell of my ear, diving in before he whispered, “on your knees.” His command had my pussy dripping with need.

I dropped to my knees before him and wrapped both hands around him, barely getting my fingers to touch at the base. Stroking up and down I moved my wrists in different directions as I wrapped my mouth around the head. Getting the tip wet, I moved the top hand down to his balls, fondling them as I began bobbing up and down on his length. “Fuck, doll. Just like that,” he encouraged me. When I had him in my throat and I was gagging there was still at least two inches to take. “All if it,” his rough voice barked at me. Opening my throat and relaxing my jaw I slid further down, ignoring my gag reflex as I swallowed around him. One hand went to the back of my head, while the other went around my throat. “Relax,” he cooed, his sweet voice dripping with fake honey. Despite the tone, I did as he asked, breathing deeply through my nose. The hand on the back of my head held me steady while he pushed the rest of the way down my throat. I looked up at him, eyes hooded with desire I couldn’t control. “Good girl,” he cooed. The way his appraisal made me drip was embarrassing. He squeezed my throat before moving both hands to the back of my head, pulling half way out before embedding himself in my throat again. My hands went to his thighs, digging into the muscles of his legs while he fucked my face. I moaned around him, loving the feeling of having him in my mouth and the smile that played on his pleasure filled face when I looked up at him. It filled me with pride.

He pulled away, leaving a string of saliva from his tip to my mouth; I licked my lips getting rid of it, loving the taste of him on my lips. Grabbing me under the arms he pulled me to my feet before pushing me towards the glass windows. The view was amazing. I could see the whole city. “I’m going to fuck you against this window. What do you think about that?” He asked pinning me between him and the glass, rubbing his erection between my ass cheeks. I could only moan in response. “Tell me something Claire. Has Carson ever taken you here?” His question was punctuated by pushing the head of his cock against my virgin ass.

“N-n-no,” I stuttered out.

“Not for lack of trying I’m assuming. With an ass like this,” he groaned cupping one of my cheeks. “He didn’t take it by force?” He asked.

“He tried, but I could always stop him. He’s easy to manipulate when he’s drunk,” I answered truthfully. Hopefully this session wasn’t being recorded because that’d definitely get me slapped around.

“And me? Can I take you here,” he said, sliding his fingers between my cheeks, poking gently at the entrance.

No! No! No! My mind screamed while my body and my mouth betrayed me. “Yes.”

“Hmm. Not yet. I’ll save that for a special occasion.” What special occasion? This was a one time thing. In 12 hours I’d be back with Carson. I didn’t get a chance to ask because he pushed into me. “Keep your eyes open,” he said as soon as I closed my eyes. The view was too spectacular to miss. “After the way you suck cöck, I’m not going to last,” he murmured before finding the bundle of nerves between my legs. He made quick strokes against me while fücking me roughly. I moaned against the glass. I came on a silent cry, my mouth forming an O as my breath fogged the glass window. He still wasn’t done. He picked me up, hands under my thighs as he held me open in front of the window. My hands went around his neck, my chest pushing up and out. I was wide open and on display. Anyone in the building across the way would see me. “Do you think anyone’s watching?” He asked. “I hope so. Let them see me taking what belongs to me.” His words made me cum again, crying out as I came. He set me gently on my feet before forcing me to my knees again. He thrust into my mouth only once before burying himself to the hilt, coming straight down my throat while I swallowed all of him.

I didn’t remember falling asleep, let alone Tommy putting me on the bed, but when I woke it was already nearly five pm. About six and a half hours left with him. How many more orgasms could he give me in six and a half hours?

Groaning I sat up, my body hurt all over, even in places I didn’t even know could be sore. “Afternoon,” he said strolling into the bedroom as if I wasn’t his captive. His very willing captive, but still. He handed me a plate full of Chinese food. I mumbled out a thanks before clearing the entire plate in under five minutes. He stood the entire time I was eating, taking the plate when I was finished before coming back and sitting on the bed. He didn’t waste any time before pushing me down and situating himself between my legs, rocking against me without entering me. I wiggled myself against him, trying to get him to slip inside like he so easily could. Rolling over, took me with him, situating me on top of him. “Ride me,” he said. Grabbing his cock I moved him to my entrance before sinking down on him. I braced myself on his chest while bouncing on him. His hands went to my chest, squeezing my tits as I rode him for all he was worth. For all I was worth. Sex shouldn’t be this good. Not without love. Not with a stranger who coerced me into sleeping with him after winning me in a bet. Winning me from a man who in over a year never touched me the way he had. I didn’t even try to stop myself from releasing moan after moan, each one louder than the last as I neared my orgasm. “Fuck you’re good at that,” he groaned. “I can’t believe he was actually stupid enough to bet you. With a pussy like this. So fucking tight. So wet.” The more he talked the faster I rode him. “If you were mine I’d never let another man touch you.”

“W-wh-what?” I stuttered out in between moans.

“Stay with me,” his gravelly voice begged. I couldn’t have kept moving even if I’d wanted to. He sat up, wrapping his arms around me. I wrapped my legs around him, sitting in his lap while he rocked slowly into me. Too slow. Too gentle. “I can’t promise you love, Claire. I’m not capable of it. I can’t promise you a future. But now that I’ve gotten a taste I can’t let you go. This is what I can promise you,” he said, hands gripping my ass as he pushed himself impossibly deeper. “I’ll never lay hands on you. I’ll never let another man touch what’s mine. I’ll worship your body like you deserve. You’ll be mine and only mine. And I’ll only be yours. No other women.”

I came on his cock when he finished his speech. What he was offering was better than what I had with Carson. The sex was better. He’d promised not to hit me. Not to share me, or bet me. I found myself on my back, legs wrapped around him as he took me slowly. He kissed all over my face and neck and it felt strangely like making love and not fucking.

But you had to be in love in order to make love.

“I’ll stay,” I whispered as he filled me, claiming me as his and marking his territory. He kissed my left ring finger. The finger that last night held a very large diamond from Carson. I decided I didn’t care that he’d taken it off, or what he’d done with it. I wasn’t Carson’s anymore. I was Tommy’s.

I should have said no. I should have gone back to Carson. I shouldn’t have gotten swept up in his words. I knew this wasn’t love, but the naive part of me wondered if it could be. A connection like we had. Sex like this. It was too good to give up. I was naive to think I hadn’t already fallen in love with him. Because I had. Another man who wasn’t capable of loving me back.

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