Jealous & Overprotective Alpha

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"I have waited patiently for the one, for my mate, the one I will spend the rest of my life with. As time goes by, I haven't found her. I have looked for her at different parts of the world and nothing. Am I destined to not have a mate? Now I will go to Los Angeles and I still cling on to the hope that I will find my mate." -Isaiah, 38

Romance / Erotica
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In the middle of the night in the middle of a city, in a luxurious hotel, was a man. The man had light skin, a very muscular build that was hidden in loose clothing. Within his body, he had some scars from fights and injuries. His pitch-black hair was slicked back; his eyes were dark brown. He also had a dark beard and mustache that made him more masculine and mature. The man also stood more than six feet and was trapped in his thoughts.

Isaiah POV

I was standing on the balcony looking at the night sky, where the full moon was in full sight. What a beauty to behold.

Yet, it is more tragic when you have no one to share the sight of it. A sigh escaped my lips, and I then looked at the ground. I am staying at a hotel within Downtown Los Angeles. I am here for business. You see, I am CEO of Boeing as well as other corporations known to man. I have more money than god could have.

Besides being wealthy, I have always been told that I am handsome even for my age, thirty-eight. I don’t age as fast, and there is a reason why. I am a werewolf. However, I am not the only one, there are many werewolves worldwide, but we keep our identities a secret. If all of the human race found out about our existence, it would be catastrophic, even the governments around the world could be involved, and there are few of us around the world.

That is why we hide in the dark, but we still live our lives beside the humans.

Besides being a werewolf, among my kind, I am an alpha, a leader of a pack. My pack is the Crimson Blood pack. Even though I am an Alpha and a CEO who can have what I want, I am not entirely happy. There is one thing, one person that I genuinely wish to.

A mate.

Within the werewolf world, a mate is a werewolf’s everything. It is a part of them that they need to love. Usually, werewolves have their first transformations when they are eighteen and can find their mates that age, but for alphas, we transform when we turn sixteen and find our mates earlier.

I still haven’t found my mate.

When I was a lot younger, I wanted my freedom and did not want a mate. I have slept with many women, werewolves, and humans alike. I had the life, but as I got older, my mentality began to change. I have seen many of my friends and pack members having their mates by their side, either humans or werewolves and have families of their own. I began to feel envy. Even now, I still feel it in my heart.

I wish that I wasn’t such an ass back then. I wish I could have found my mate, but karma bit me in the ass. I have always prayed to the moon goddess to help me find my mate, but it was no avail. I even traveled to different parts of the world to see my mate.

Still nothing.

I am almost in my forties, and a part of me feels that no one will want me as I am older with age. Perhaps it is still too late for me.

I felt a pain beat in my heart.

I looked at the full moon, closing my eyes. “Please, moon goddess, ever so powerful, please let me find my mate. That is all I want. I promise to cherish her, love her and protect her with my life. Please...”

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