Under The Sun

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After moving to the main City and working in an abusive environment for the last 5 years, Sunny Carter finally decides to quit her job and open her own restaurant. However, during the day of her resignation, she experiences a series of unfortunate events with a mysterious man who, together with his charming dog, ends up trying to help her make peace with her terrible past and make way for a future under the sun. --- E. Cyprus is a simple and reasonable man. For him, making money is something very easy to do, but when it’s related to love, it doesn't matter how much he tries, there's always something missing. None of the women he had ever dated before ignited the spark that he had longed for, so eventually he began rejecting all the women that approached him. Or that’s what he thought he was doing before Fire introduced him to this irreverent and rebellious woman, whose personality inevitably attracts him like a moth to a lamp.

Romance / Erotica
Kellia Primera
Age Rating:

Chapter 1: The Sun is made of Fire

“Fuck!” Sunny Carter realized she trod on shit again. Seriously, if she’d stepped on more crap, she would quit her life rather than her job.

She leaned into her car and started to push her shoes against the pavement, choosing to arrive late to her business meeting rather than putting shit on the carpeting of her car. She was going to quit today anyway.

After she landed the lattes on the bonnet of her Camry, she opened the front seat door, took out a few Kleenex and threw them on the ground in order to step on them and clean her shoes.

Oh, and no matter how much time this would take her, she was going to make sure to do it slowly. Very. Arriving late to her boss’ meeting was part of her little revenge.

Sunny knew she behaved like the perfect teammate during the whole 5 years she worked on that company, never complained and never reacted to any of the insults she received and the abuses she experienced. Yet it took her five years to stand against that hateful young lady that always interrupted her, sabotaged her, and constantly blamed her for the mistakes of others.

That’s why nobody could tell her that resigning was a thoughtless decision, because every humiliation she received from her boss had already tarnished her name in the banking sector, where she got wrongfully portrayed by her colleagues as a silly agent with no abilities at all.

There was no point in staying in that job anymore. And after what her teammates did, it was better to forget about building a career in that sector now. That idea didn’t sound depressing at all though, she was only working in that field because of her family, who always thought it was the best industry of all. But she knew that wasn’t what she imagined to do for a living.

Today, for the first time in her life she got the courage to shut out her friends and family’s opinion. She was going to willingly provoke her boss, so that young lady wouldn’t have any other choice than to fire her. It was that or her resignation letter.

She saw that the dog’s shit was sticking hard on the napkins, but still, she was going to take her time to wash it off from her shoes. And the hot lattes her “boss” demanded her to buy on her way to the meeting? She planned to deliver them cold as fuck. Although being late and delivering cold lattes on her last day looked like a silly revenge, she refused to let go of the idea of leaving that corporation without a payback.

She was so fiercely stepping on the Kleenex, so focused on her own thoughts that she didn’t notice the catastrophe that came in a blink. A giant dog jumped into her, and made her fall on the same place the full-of-shit Kleenex’s were.

She gasped and went stiff, frozen beneath that beast. She was freaking afraid of dogs so it took her like two seconds to comprehend the fact that she was laying flat on her back with a really big canine over her.

“¡NO!” She screamed, when the dog started to friendly lick her neck. With his jumbo paws, he dragged her along the ground, probably with the intention of playing with her. “Please! Somebody!” she cried.

“Fire! Stop!” a male voice commanded a few steps away. Dear Lord, this beast had an owner.

Holding his breath, the dog stopped licking her neck for a moment, probably scared of the human who was getting close. As soon as the dog saw the man was still far away from the scene, it resumed his smelling, and licking.

“CAN. YOU. HURRY UP?” She cried out. “This blouse is an Anamika’s limited edition,” Sunny managed to say when the guy came and grabbed the dog. “This was really expensive! There is no way it could be saved. Look!”

The dog desperately tried to release, “Fire! Enough! Sit.”

Incredible as it seemed, the dog followed the command and sat next to him. How could he carry such a large dog in the first place?

Anyway, she was still on the floor, almost crying due to her miserable state so she couldn’t see him straight.

“Want a hand?” He offered.

“No if I can help it! Move!” She snapped and rose to her feet by herself. “Seven hundred fifty six dollars. Here!” She showed her phone to him, “My QR data. Send the money in fifteen.”

The guy looked at her amused, “Money? What money?” He was staring at her the whole time, but the sunlight coming from his side was so intense, she could only catch a glimpse of him.

“I told you. The blouse. It’s a limited edition of Anamika, there are only seven of the same colour. Take responsibility for it! It was… “ She stopped a bit nervously. The sun was lighting up his face too much so she had to slightly move to the right in order to talk to him better, “What’s his name? Fire?… Well, He’s yours, and he did this to me, so that makes you responsible.”

“Okay, Miss…?” She ignored his question. He took his phone out and began scanning her QR code with her contact information. “I’ll send you a text so you can hand over your bank account.”

She stiffly nodded. A second after he finished scanning the code, a message came.

I’ll pay you double in ten (not fifteen), give you a ride and wait for you to get the blouse, bring you back to your car: if you take care of Fire for the next weekend. :) He likes you.

“WHAT?!” She wanted to punch him but her days for violent aggression’s imprisonment were over. Her eyes shut briefly, trying to calm down. “You know what? Piece of sh---”

“Actually. You’re the one full of shit”

“Shut up! Don’t interrupt me again.” her breathing turned heavy “You are going to do everything you wrote in that message -Except the ‘paying double’ trick- because THAT’S THE RIGHT THING TO DO! And it’s holding accountability. Understand?”

“How old are you?”

She rolled her eyes. “None of your business. Where’s your car?”

He didn’t answer, Fire was the one who started walking toward his owner’s car. Perhaps that dog wasn’t a beast, but her savior.

“Hold on!” He stambled but she totally ignored him and started to animate her pace behind the dog instead. “How tall are you?”

She giggled, “I have enough height to chew you and spit you out!”

Now he was laughing so hard that every person that was passing through stared at him. At least, he was taking people’s attention away from her shit-soiled blouse.

“Okay, Spider! Let’s do that then. My car is this way.”

“First of all, I would’ve known where your car was without your help” She pointed at his dog. “He’s the hero here. And second, I’m not a spider. Move!”

He stopped in front of the driver’s door, “You should try to be nicer, you know? ” He jumped into his seat and the passenger door opened. “Nevermind. I don’t understand why Fire likes you anyway.”

Neither did she. The dog wasn’t following him nor helping him, but her. He opened the back seat door for Fire and the canine entered and seat, like following a daily habit. Her eyes narrowed as she glanced at the dog suspiciously, but far from what she expected, Fire’s eyes stared back at her with excitement.

Well, maybe she was too rude back there. He really seemed nice and different from other dogs. She secretly winked at him.

Sunny immediately halted on the spot. Her brain must be having some sort of problem. Was her life so lonely that she needed to socialize with such an extra large dog?

“If you’re going to get in the car, you need to change your blouse” The guy started searching something in the back seat, in a bag next to Fire.

He didn’t need to explain to her. Her blouse was full of shit and dirt. “Here! It’s not much but it would be better than shit.”

“You’re right.” She hissed, turning around to unbutton her blouse. “Can you… Not look?”

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