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The Billionaire's Love

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" Don't worry I would never touch you" he poured himself a glass of whiskey and sat by the bar with a look of disappointment. Adeline's father was on the verge of being bankrupt and the family only had one option. An arranged marriage She didn't want her sisters to be forced into love so she took the blow for the family and ended up marrying Damon Berlusconi, the world's youngest billionaire and sexiest bachelor. There was only one reason why he agreed with this idea it was to make his family get off his back about dating. Situations will come at hand where they will both need each or can't stand to be in the same environment .

Romance / Action
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Chapter One

Adeline's POV

" You look so beautiful Adeline" the white ball gown dress covered the room which had pearls and diamonds scattered all over, making it one of the most valuable wedding dresses ever made in the world.

My hair was french braided in the front pulling the back into a neat bun with fake flowers sticking out , my mother gave me the traditional tiara of the Gerwald's family and I placed it on top of my head.

It should be a shame to wear such a sacred ornament of the family on a day that had no meaning to me and for a man I don't know.

The makeup artist did a natural look so it could go well with my olive skin and my hazel eyes which shimmered in the sunlight. My lips had on a lot of gloss that kept glistening until I could see my own reflection even though I felt beautiful the occasion wasn't.

" Thank you mama" tears were in her eyes but it held no happiness , she was depressed that her older daughter had to be in such a situation because my father made mistakes.

My sisters walked in and gave the final hug because after this I would now belong to Mr.Berlusconi a man who have been rumored to be heartless and unforgiving.

" I'll miss you Ale" my sister's were only eighteen and nineteen it would be only selfish of me to bring them in a life like this. A life without love and affection , a place where the only thing that mattered was money.

The Berlusconi family lives in Venice , Italy my only option was to go there an live with him even though loneliness may become my companion.

" It's not fair" Rema hugged me tightly and I only live in this moment not knowing whenever this may happen again . Italy was in another continent and it would be difficult to travel back and forth.

A knock was on the door and my father came in dressed in a white tuxedo with his grey hair gelled back to fit the occasion.

" Let's go Adeline" he didn't spare me a glance and my hatred for this man grew even stronger. The reason why we're in this situation was because of him and if it wasn't for the rest of my family he could rotten in prison for all I care.

Placing my arm in his I mentally and physically prepare myself for the flashing lights, judging stares and the fake smile that will be plastered on my face for the next three hours.

Walking inside the church everyone was staring , camera lights were shining and a feeling of anxiety came over my body. Looking towards the alter there was the pastor , bridesmaid, best man and the highlight of the evening my soon to be husband.

I saw his best man nudge him then he turned around and acted enthusiastic to see his bride.
The man face was more serious than a soldier standing on the battlefield with his cold green eyes not giving a fuck in this world.

Finally reaching the alter everyone took their seats and I stared at the man who was about to give me a panic attack with only a glance.

" We have come today to unify the souls of Damon Berlusconi and Adeline Gerwald , two young people who have found love and decided to make it last until eternity " I fought the urge to roll my eyes and Mr. Berlusconi only stood their with a cold stare.

" Mr. Berlusconi do you take Ms. Gerwald to be your wife that will be there for you through sick and in health until death do you part?"

" I do" his voice was in a monotone, didn't show any signs of emotion which made me wonder if he was even human.

" Ms. Gerwald do you take Mr. Berlusconi to be your beloved husband for rich and for poor until death do you part?" No but I didn't have a choice

" I do" staring at with him a cold gaze which seemed to irritate him hence why his eyebrows furrowed .

" You have committed yourselves into a life of love and eternal happiness, I now may pronounce you as husband and wife" I thanked God mentally that he didn't say.....

" You may now kiss the bride" he swooped down quickly and captured my lips for a few seconds before letting them go and then started moving his along mine once again. His hands were wrapped tightly around my waist while I placed mine around his neck . Sliding his tongue to part my lips ever so slightly before mine was tangled with his.

" Save it for the honeymoon " I quickly pulled away and everyone in the audience laughed .
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