Tainted Memories

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Raegan Walker. A small bakery owner who moved away from a life she would never wish on her worst enemy, and is still living with the haunted memories of her family, her past lover who ran away from her and the mysterious stranger who left her hot and needy for three years. Dominick Alverado. A 36 year old father of three year old twins, Dalia and Dalton, and the owner of DEK Designs, who is fighting his children’s mother for trying to take his babies away and his father for planning an arranged marriage for him without his consent. With Dominick’s father trying to control his life, and his children’s mother treating him like one of her sex toys; and Raegan finding out why the love of her life ran away and disappeared, is suddenly requesting her at his wedding and the never ending memory of the family that she is running from and this mysterious stranger.... Will Raegan find out who this stranger is? Will Raegan ever find out the reason why the love of her life ran away? Will Dominick allow another woman in his life to be a mother for his kids? Would Raegan and Dominick both have it in them to resolve their personal issues to turn their ‘non-existent relationship' into one?

Romance / Drama
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Hiya guys, Aria here welcome to my new book Tainted Memories.

I have been writing this story for a while and I decided it was time to share it with you all!

This story will contain

Mentions of: drug addiction, rape, child abuse, child neglection and depression

Lots of drama

Mature language

Explicit sex scenes

1) If you are uncomfortable with any of the content mentioned above, please don’t report my book, just leave.

2) This book is kind of fast pace.

3) This is my first story that I am publishing and keeping up, so please just remember that whatever comments you are leaving are not offending me or any of the other readers.

4) This book may have some errors, so constructive criticism is allowed. I am only human and I am allowed to make mistakes.

5) If I see my book posted anywhere by anyone, you will be reported and blocked immediately.

This is a work of fiction. Names, places, characters or familiarities that may be similar to real life events or any other story, are completely coincidental. This work is completely of the author’s imagination. Any actions or events to real life persons or incidents are not meant to offend anyone.

© 2021 A. Lucio, All Rights Reserved.

With that said, please enjoy this story!

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