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THE Flirter Boy

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This story tells about a realtionship where its look real but in fact that is fake

Romance / Erotica
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The story starts from a guy who is only 19 years old name jack who had recently completed his higher education and who is always likes flirting with a girl.
As one day the work he used to doo in her everyday life like using social media and all the day was sunday the guy used to use instagram as usual like to send direct messege to a random girls....!!! As on that day he suddenly had a request of a girl name courtney I accept her request suddenly after then i direct dm to her i had sent her with hi...iam just waiting for reply when the girl will reply as soon as possible but the day was end the reply didnt came from her side ....
Then the day was passed today is wednesday as usual iam using instagram as the reply came of that girl he replied with hello who are you ? I replied to her hy iam jack ... how are you ? she then reoly mehh iam fine and what about you? i said iam fine so what you doo ? she reply mehh that she belongs to melborne city from austrilia .... I SUDDENLY SAID its just woe i belongs to new zealand.. then our introduction completed then iask her r uhh single she said mehh yehh just had a breakup few month ago!!!
I said ohh sorry for that !! she said no problem THEN i had a chance to make a chance on her Then i said to her that yeahh now a days every boys doo like this only she said what!!
I said yes nowadays people used to talk and doo breakup whenever they wants to She said to mehh yeahh thats true ....
Then i said to her tell mehh what is your hobbies then she said to mehh writing short stories and dance Then i replied to her ohh reallly i said to her mehh also writes thriller and romantic stories ...then she said amazing that is.. then i asked her doo you like to listen romantic stories she said to mehh yes i ask her that a random romantic sory will you like or not she said yes i will listen .....Then the day was spent as on that day evening her messege came hello how are you I said iam fine ....
Then she said to mehh tell that story which you are telling mehh in morning ... I take a small breathe then I started the story starting with a guy whose name is jack that was random boy as they had distance relationship that guy always had a messege to her then after few month the girls birthday was coming in next few days the guy had a sudden surprise that was shocking for her... as they both usually talking on instagram the guy booked a ticket to a melbourne city to give him surprise..
Then after having 21 hours journey he arrived at melbourne city then he had a call to courtney that iam in melbourne plz come and pick mehh from airport she suddenly said what ! Are you joking seriously He said no i had make a surprise for you as today is your birthday so i planned a surprise for you Then she said yess iam comimg baby... AFTER waiting she came then when thet first see to each other they cried courtney comes closer to him and touched him and pinched and said this is really you jack he said yes this is meh..then she hugged her tighly she wear a top and jeans wheere she looks pretty sexy then she kisse me on my head then i said baby iam so hungry plz we can have a breakfast then we both go to a reastarent wheere she ordered some food and cold stuffs like icecream then in last on her face the icecream was not cleaned up then i take a tissuepaper then i clean her with a warm hand slowly ....she laughed and said thanks
Then we just go to next where io book a villa near iaslnd for time spent then we take a cab and gone to a next destination ....
Then we had reached to that spot i take all of my luggage then she came with me then we had open the door of the villa rooms she said woe this is amazing i said yeahh baby this is all for you...
Then we freshed up and go for walking to romantic place where the iasland is full of water and trees then i said to her baby i wants to give you something she said what that i fall on her knees and give her a red rose and said i love you... she smiled and said really ..i said yes baby then i ask her hand to keep straight then a ring i put in her fingers then i said her will you merry mehh she said what ! i said yes will you merry mehh.. she said yes then she hugged me and said baby i love you then i slowly kissed on her head thnen her heartbeat i can hear then i slowly kissed on her lips that was amazing experience...
Then i suck her lips for a 1 min then she feels sexy that time then we go for a beech walking and share valuable moment with each other then after some time time we go to a room thyen she feel hot then she go to take showers then she said to me bring a towel as he annoyed not to give her as he feel ashame then after sometimes he go and give her towel then she hold him and pulled inside the bathroom suddenly she hug her then he kissed her on her foreahead then after sometime she feell sexy and both started feeling hot then she satrted open buttons of her then she sucked on her arms feeels sexy they wants to go in heaven as the felings comes from inside she loves that....

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