An Affair

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You've spent years trapped in a loveless and abuseful marriage.But what happens when you move to another country?Your sister calls your husband.Jennifer will do anything to protect her kids.But can a handsome neighbor living below her change a few things?You get into a affair with him.But somewhere along the line your kids are forced into this.What's gonna happen now?

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1


We pulled up to the society.
Our soon to be home.
We moved to India but it still doesn't feel real.I keep finding Ashley crying in the middle of the night.
I don't know what to do.
And Olivia.
She's just cut off.
And now,my sister,Mia called the man who made and makes my life a living hell here.
There goes a fresh start.
The kids run out.
Our stuff is moved in.
And now so is my terrible husband,Lucas.
I didn't listen to him before so he slapped me and hit me for hours.
I can never be free of him.
The kids and Mia go up to the house in the B lobby.
"Are you coming?" asks Mia.
"You guys go ahead" I say.
After they leave I look around the lobby.
Suddenly the lift opens.
Out steps a handsome man.
He has big brown eyes,dark hair and a nice jaw.
I immediately look away.
He doesn't notice and goes out the lobby.
I had an affair a long time ago.
Things didn't end well.
Olivia's scarred because of her father.
I go to the floor our house is supposed to be on.
This isn't Dubai anymore.
And I need to stay away from that mystery man,I can't have a repeat of last time.

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