The Splintered Hearts

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We've all heard about the devil and the angel. But she's no angel. Bella Valentino, the daughter of the American mafia leader, known as one of the best assassins, is a strong and confident girl that has had a traumatic experience that not many know about. Ace Romanno, known as the devil, is an attractive, ruthless, cold-hearted Italian mafia leader with a mysterious and puzzling past who is determined to find out more about Bella's past. Their fathers are arranging a marriage between the two, but Bella and Ace's hatred outweighs the affection they have towards each other. Can they fall in love despite all the danger that their love can cause? -- in a fight, they're lethal and cold hearted. around each other, they melt. *started on May 29 and still unfinished*

Romance / Action
Age Rating:

main characters

Ace Romanno; The Italian mafia boss, cold hearted, known as the devil. (20 years old)

Marco Romanno; Ace's father, the old Italian heir.

Rosa Romanno; Ace's younger sister. (18 years old)

Bella Valentino; daughter of the American mafia boss, best assassin, knife thrower and boxer, cold hearted, bad ass. (19 years old)

Maria Valentino; Bella's mother, wife of the American mafia boss.

Stefano Valentino; The American mafia boss.

Andrea Valentino; Bella's twin brother. (19 years old)

Leonardo Valentino; future heir of the American mafia, Bella's older brother. (21 years old)

song - somebody, by luvokx

a lil bonus song - if you love her, by forest blakk
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