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The Splintered Hearts

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chapter one

Bella's POV

The sound of metal clinging, shouts asking for help, laughter, gunshots, filled my ears as I went in the building.

The second I step in - after I scan my hands to go in - everyone rushes to me, asking me something.

"we found the mole that's been within us this entire time" Alexander informs me.

"everyone go back and do your job, I'll answer your questions another day, if its anything urgent come to my office or the basement" I shout, to make sure everyone hears me.

We were all like family here, but the group in our other warehouses in Italy are more of a family than they are.

"where is he?" I ask him.

"in the basement, and so far he isn't willing to talk at all"

"hm okay" I say as I go downstairs with him.

"hello, hello, who do we have here?" I say, but he doesn't answer.

"you know, this is similar to omertà, in fact its worse, this is betrayal, and the people that break omertà get killed, the ones that betray, gets tortured until they talk, and I remember that you talk and ask a lot, so this should be easy"

"who are you working for?"

"okay, warning number one" I shoot his left shoulder as he screams.

"wrap his shoulder so he doesn't lose too much blood , I don't want him dead yet" I tell the guards.

I'm usually pretty chill in these situations since they always give in, but he seemed like he wasn't willing to do so.

As they finish up wrapping his shoulder, which didn't make a big difference, I ask the second question.

"why did you betray your family?"

"family is merely blood" he says.

"your so wrong, so warning number two" I shoot his left foot, knowing that his entire left side of his body would be so painful by now.

"why aren't you answering my questions?" I ask as he shrugs.

"Okay then, warning number three" I shoot his right foot.

At this point I don't even know how he was alive.

"Alexander, bring some information about him right now, and find his wife" I say as I start getting impatient.

"Oh and on your way out, give me the blow torch" I smirk.

Everyone knows when the blow torch is given to me, i'm unstoppable.

"No no please no, I'm not working for anyone, you and I are friends I'm not a mole or anything, a-and p-please don't bring my family into this" he stutters.

"If we were friends, you would've known better, and you should know stuttering makes me even more angry"

"Alexander are you going to give me the blow torch or shall I come and get it myself" I say, clearly getting more annoyed every second.

"Yes ma'am" he replies as he gives me the torch then leaves to get information about this guy that claims to be my friend.

"What's your name, 'friend'?"

"I-i'm James"

"So are you going to keep on stuttering or you-" I was cut off by Alex coming down to the basement.

"His wife is the daughter of the Russian mafia" he tells me.

"How did you just find that out now?"

"She's here, she said It herself, the security is bringing her"

"no no please don't bring her in here" he cries.

"guards, tape his mouth"

If she said it herself, then there must be a plan her or her father is planning.

"Okay bring her in"

Suddenly I hear screams coming closer, so I see she's a great actress.

"Please leave me alone, I just came to get my husband, even though I'm the Russian mafia's daughter, i'm not going to do anything"

Well, never mind her acting sucks.

"Well then-" Alexander was cut off by the girl getting out of the guards grip and punching them.

I punch her on her stomach before she can do anything else then turn around, knowing James is going to untie himself and fight us too.

As he was trying to untie himself, I took advantage and held his neck as the gun was on his temple.

"Move an inch and he's dead" I smirk.

"Tie her up then tie him tighter" I make sure to not leave James so she can't run away.

They tied them both so i went and leaned on the table where the items for torturing were on.

"what's your name?" I ask her.


"okay Sara, answer the questions then you and James are free to go" I smirk, knowing there is no way in hell I'm letting them go.

"and If you don't, I'll use the love between the two of you against you"

"o-okay" she replies.

I'm pretty sure that she thought i would be weak and she would be able to win over our mafia.

"what does your father want from us?" I ask.

"he wants to be the highest in the rank, and he wants to use you against them" she explains.

"why me?"

"your pretty and your strong, to a point where stronger than your father too, and also because if it wasn't you, the American mafia wouldn't be where it is now, and of course with the help of the Italian mafia because you both are first in the rank since you guys are partners, can you please let James go? kill me but not him" she cries.

I was going to kill both of them either ways.

"mhm, just a few more questions, the more impatient you are the more questions I ask"

"what do you guys want from the Italian mafia?" I've never met them, but I do know my dad and the old heir of their mafia, Marco, are good friends, and his son is the boss now, since his father is aging, as my father will probably give his place to Leonardo soon.

"their heir, Ace, at the moment has the power to ruin any mafia, so he can ruin us any moment since we are rivals"

"what exactly do you mean by the fact that they have power?"

"he's known as the devil, and he has always won over all his rivals"

"okay well we got enough answers, I'm sorry"

"sorry for what?" she asks, as she's puzzled.

"for this" I shoot her head then James'.

"a bit too harsh bel, now we created a bigger rivalry between the Russians and us" Alex rolls his eyes.

Alex and I have been best friends since we were children; unfortunately, his parents died in a plane crash when he was two years old, and his parents were friends with mine, so we've been like siblings ever since; he takes work seriously, as he forgets our friendship when working; he calls me "ma'am," and I call him "Alexander" instead of Alex; he also lives with us, but is usually out with his other friends.

"we can end them whenever, but what's the point if they don't live the pain emotionally and physically" I smirk.

"um, earlier you got a call from your father, I answered but he told me to tell you so you can call him when you're done" one of the guards explains as we get out of the basement, known as the torture room.

"I'll call him now, Alex you've been dismissed , just tell the ICT to check every members recent calls, to make sure they aren't a mole"

"okay, bye bel"


Although the strongest in our family, but I cannot be the heir after my father since I'm not the oldest.

My father doesn't abuse me, but he mistreats me, and if my mother never stopped him, he would've been abusive towards me, since he hates me for being more powerful than him.

I walk out of the building and go to my car, which is a flat, black, Lamborghini, although my family is wealthy, which means we have tons of cars, but this my favorite, despite my motorcycle.

My father, Stefano, never calls me, and when he does, it must be something very important, or he's drunk, which rarely happens, and is unaware of who he's calling.

Since my phone automatically connects to the car, when I call him his voice will be on speaker from the car.

"hello, you called?"

"yes, I need you to get here right now, I need to make an announcement"

"okay, I'll be there in while" I hang up.

Him and I barely talk, unless its related to work, which is because I'm either at work, eating, or in my room and our relationship as a father/daughter has always been shit, but we sometimes get along at work.

I'm known as being cold hearted ever since I went through a high school break up, but that wasn't the only reason.

I used to harm myself daily because of how mistreated I used to be, and because of my bullies at school.

Despite being in the mafia, that didn't scare them off since I didn't know how to defend myself, until my oldest brother, Leonardo, taught me self defense.

My dad taught Leo, and my twin brother, Andrea, since its a must in the mafia that the boys should learn defense before being ten years old.

Since my dad wasn't willing to teach me self defense, Leo did, Leo has always been a father figure towards me, since my father couldn't do so, Leo taught me boxing and shooting, and now I'm known for being one of the best assassins, boxers, and knife throwers known.

After i learned boxing and shooting, i taught myself knife throwing since i've always had good aiming, then learned hacking, which I know have mastered, and I'm better than all the ict crews that we have, and our rivals have.

The drive went by fast, so i reached home in about ten minutes as i'm going in the house right now.

"hey, everyone is waiting for you on the table" Grace, our maid tells me.

"okay i'll change then i'll be there" i smile.

Grace has been with us as long as i remember, she has always been my second mother.

I go up and change into grey sweat pants and a yellow tank top.

As i go down i see everyone sitting on the table, with my dad on one of the heads and my mom on the other, Leo sitting in between my mother and father on the left side, and has an empty seat on the right, and Andrea sitting on the other side with an empty on his left, which is my seat.

"took you long enough" my dad rolls his eyes.

"well i was busy torturing people so our rank stays first" i reply bluntly.

"so what's the announcement you have to make?" Leo asks.

"Marco and I have come to an agreement, which is Bella and his son, Ace, are going to get married"

"WHAT" Leo, Andrea, and I shout.

"no one can change my mind, you guys are going to get married, just like your mother and I's arranged marriage"

"first of all, you and mom fell in love, and i will never fall in love, it's something i'm incapable of, and second of all, mom wasn't NINETEEN when she got married so don't you dare use that as an excuse, and if you want to get rid of me that badly just tell me, i'd gladly leave and start a new life, i do not agree to this marriage" i snap.

"don't you dare speak to your father that way" he says.

"what father exactly? the father that left me alone at home once when you guys traveled? or the father that didn't teach me self defense? or the father that tried to kill me? or the father that's jealous of his own daughter for being more talented than you? TELL ME WHAT FATHER ARE YOU TAKING ABOUT?" i shouts, leaving them all shocked.

"i do this to protect you"

"father there is NO WAY i'm allowing you to get her married, your such a shitty father, and if this is how protection towards your daughter works, then kindly don't protect her, she doesn't need your protection if she has us" Leo says.

"she's nineteen, it's time for her to get married" he replies.

"if you want to arrange a marriage for her, arrange a marriage for me too, after all we are the same age aren't we?" Andrea snaps.

"she's a girl and we arranged everything, no one can change my mind" he shrugs.

"gender doesn't matter Stefano, so what she's a girl? that doesn't mean you have to arrange a marriage" my mother snaps.

"shame on you for being such a father" i say as he rolls his eyes and goes upstairs.

"i'm so sorry bel" Leo hugs me.

"i hate him so much for this bel i'm sorry" Andrea joins our hug.

Despite the fact i hate hugs and they know that i do, i needed this hug.

It was a must - which is a rare occasion -.

"i'm sorry sweetie i promise i would've tried more to change his mind but i know there is no way i could change his mind on this one" my mother says.

"who knows maybe it will be a good thing?" i say, as we all know that there is no way this arranged marriage could lead to something good.

"goodnight guys" i say as they all answer me with a 'good night'

I guess it's a new story for me, 'marrying the devil'.
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