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Many people who live life well wouldn't wish to be maids, cleaners and many other jobs which are low class Jennifer's mind is different, she wishes to see how it feels like to be a maid and she goes for it

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

"I know moooom but I'm really bored and I wanna try somthin new"

"There's so many nice jobs out there Jenny ..can't you choose one of them?" She asked sounding worried

I was on a holiday for three months from school and I got bored after a month

My friends were busy with either work or school and I hadn't gotten any job because I just finished my internship a month ago

I got bored with my neighborhood tour taking pictures of what interested me with my Polaroid

"Nooo I want this one....I wanna know how it feels to be maid's going to be fun....I think"

She sighed

"It'll be an amazing adventure though"

"Look honey I can get you a job here if you like just not ...that"

Mom worked as a nurse at one of the government hospitals in Willan Africa and it really paid well

"No no no I wanna try this and besides it's a billionaire family house I'll be paid well"

She sighed

"You won't change your mind will ya?"

"Nope" I said popping the p

"Alright then just remember to call your mom and dad okay"

I smiled "you know I can't forget my awesome parents"

She chuckled and cut the call

I saw a vacancy in the news papers of a need for a maid for one of the richest families in the country

I hope they're nice but any way I'm hoping it'll be fun

I wanted to do something for a change and I felt that this was it, I wanted to see what it is to have this job

To be a maid

I lied down on my bed waiting for sleep to take me whole and soon enough it happened


"Trrrrrr trrrrrr trrrrr"

My alarm clock made noise

"Ugh" I was still sleepy so I lazily dismissed it and went back to sleep

"Just few more minutes"

"Trrrrrr trrrrrr trrrrrr"

I sighed and lifted my head up to shut it down again and check the time


"Mmmm no too early" I put my phone down and went back to sleep

"Trrrrrr trrrrrr trrrrrr"

I sighed and got up sleep completely gone and checked the time "5:30"

I got out of bed and went to my bathroom to take a shower

After I got ready and ate my breakfast I locked my apartment and started my journey to the knight mansion

I'm planning on being there for a month and then get ready for school the other month

When I reached my destination I told the guard why I was there for interviews and he let me in and guided me to where women were being interviewed

I sat down and waited for my turn

Isn't it weird maids are being interviewed?

Maids normally just start working after a word or two with us since we take them from the labour office

I sighed

Rich people pshh

Everyone went there one by one and the person would either leave with a happy face or a straight face

It got me thinking if I'd survive in there because I was definitely highly and suspiciously qualified

"Jennifer Tony" a lady from the inside called

I got up immediately I heard my name and went in the room to only find a woman in her forties if not fifties and a little boy around eight if not nine ..maybe seven I'm not sure

I smiled at the little boy when we made eye contact and he grinned at me

"Hello" the lady said


"I'm Mrs Knight-"

"Patrick" the little boy cut her all too happily

Mrs Knight looked at him then smiled at me apologetically

"Well let's get started....I'd like to know all my maids that's why I held up this interview... I already know your name but that's not enough"

I nodded signaling her to continue

"How did you get the news of us wanting a maid?"

"Um from the newspaper?"

"Okay" She nodded

I don't know but I was getting a vibe that she was nice meaning I'd have a great time here

It got me wondering what happened to the women that left with negative vibes

"So where do you stay?"

"Merlin street"

"What?" She frowned "Why would you want to be a maid if you stay that side ...people that side do not really go for these kind of.... jobs"


I should've lied

"Ummm ...well I umm I'm on holiday from school sooo I wanted to try this out"

"Hmmm are-"

"Do you play with children?" The boy cut Mrs Knight

I smiled "yes I do"

The boy was cute with a cute voice with his face resembling a little of his mother, black hair and cute brown eyes

"Can you play tag and hide and seek? And color coloring books and" he touched his little chin and looked up showing that he was thinking "aaaand watch cartoons? The babyish one, ou and puzzles too?"

"Yes I do" I chuckled "I can do that and more

The kid's eyes widen and danced with excitement

I love children and a child being in the house definitely a bonus for me, if I get the job I won't be that bored

He grinned and looked at Mrs Knight

"Mom can she stay please" he asked with pleading eyes

Mom? okay?

"Not yet honey......are you married?"

I don't think I'd be here if I was

"Umm no I'm not"

"In a relationship?"


"Are you a fan of handsome men?" The little boy asked


"Patrick!!" His mom scolded him

I chuckled a little before answering

"Not really"

What a question for a little kid

I am obviously hehehehehe but I can't let him know that

Such a tricky question

Mrs Knight looked surprised, probably because I answered her little boy's question

"Do you play ball?"

"I try"

He was grinning now, I gave him all the attention he could get probably and gave him the answers he needed

He looked at his mom with pleading eyes, this kid was fighting for me and I felt like hugging him

"Umm looks like Patrick likes you so when do you think you can start?"


"Any day is okay with me but it okay if I only work for a month? I umm actually you know I will start school in two months"

"That's okay.. Your academical life is important I can not create a barrier for your future...if you do well you'll be allowed to work in holidays too for Patrick's sake" she smiled a little "you can start tomorrow if that's okay with you"

"Yeeeeeeeyyy" Patrick jumped of his seat and made a victory dance

I laughed decently

He's cute

"You can go now ..I'm sure you have to pack and all"

She said while standing and I did the same

"Yea I'm looking forward to working for you Mrs Knight" I said

" only got this job because of Patrick keep that in mind, any mistakes won't be tolerated"

I smiled and nodded

I looked at Patrick and gave him my fist for him to bump and he did immediately after I put my fist in front of him

"See you later kiddo"

He gave me a big smile showing me his beautiful pearly white teeth

"See you Jen-Jen"

I smiled admiring the adorable child in front of me, he had already given me a nickname

This will be fun


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