I Love You, Kyle

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" Loving me will be your downfall, Tomato" - Kyle Lewis Alyssa Rose After Alyssa's mom died, Alyssa and her dad moved out to Canada. Hoping that they can both start a new chapter of their lives. Alyssa wasn't expecting anything different in this new life of hers.  Not until she accidentally met him.  Kyle Lewis. A cage fighter at night and a working student in the morning. Kyle has a dark past that keeps hunting him down. Kyle wanted to surrender to Death but looks like fate has more plans for him.  Kyle met her and everything around him changed.  Would Alyssa stay after finding out his past? How can Kyle protect Alyssa from his past? Will they get their happy ending? Or is it just another tragic story?

Romance / Action
Serenity Lopez
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I was running like my life depended on it. I don't care about the rain. All I care about is Kyle. He thought I was with Dylan.

I was in the library looking for Kyle. Today is Kyle's birthday. We both settled to meet in the library.

I was waiting for almost 10 minutes but there's no sign of Kyle yet.

So, I decided to look for some books to read while waiting for Kyle to arrive when Dylan approached me. " Hi Alyssa," he greeted with a small smile.

I was startled at first but I smiled at him. " Jeez! You scared me," I said while calming myself down.

" Oh! Sorry" he said. I was about to ask him a question when I saw his expression. He seemed nervous and uneasy.

"Alyssa. I have to tell you something." I nodded and smiled at him. " What is it about?" I asked while fetching a book.

" I. I like you," he said which made me stop from reaching out for my second book when I heard it.

I turned around and looked at him with shock, written all over my face. "W-what? What did you say?" I asked.

Dylan sighed and looked me in the eyes then said " I like you, Alyssa" said firmly. Shaking my head and chuckling nervously.

" But… I thought. " I mumbled to myself. " I like you, Alyssa. I know you like me too and I was wondering if you-"

He didn't get to finish his sentence when I turned around. "I'm sorry, Dylan," I said while walking towards my seat.

" Wait, Alyssa!" he exclaimed which made me stop in my tracks. " Who is he? Is it Chief? or Vince?" he asked. I looked at him and shook my head.

"No. It's Kyle," I said, which made Dylan look at me with disbelief. " Dylan, I'm so sorry but can we still be friends?" I asked.

Dylan sighed in defeat and chuckled then looked at me. " Hey, it's alright. I knew you liked him but at least I tried," he said while smiling a little.

" Can we still be friends, Dylan?" I asked again while hugging my book closer to me.

Dylan smiles and winks " Yes, Alyssa, and besides, you're still friends with a handsome guy like me," he said playfully which made me laugh.

" Yeah, I'm happy to have a cocky friend like you, Dylan," I said while chuckling that made him pout.

" Why are you so mean to me? But I gotta go now. I still have the practice to do" He said.

I nodded in response then smiled at him. "Uhm… can I get a hug please?" he asked while opening his arms.

I chuckled in amusement as I closed the distance between us and hugged him.

"Thank you for understanding, Dylan," I said and he nodded then slowly let me go.

When Dylan left, at the same time I saw Kyle walking away towards the exit.

" Hey, Kyle!" I was calling out to him. But he ignored me, so here I am running under the rain.

Maybe this time, I can tell him the truth.
About what I felt about him.

I run inside his small apartment and open the door but only to see Kyle cutting himself with a blade.

I immediately ran to his side then held his hand with the blade. "Stop! What are you doing, Kyle?!" I exclaimed as I'm trying to get the blade from Kyle's grip.

" Go! Leave me the fuck alone, Alyssa!" he shouted with rage.

"NO! I will not stop until you listen to me! Hurting yourself won't change anything!" I exclaimed while stared into his emerald eyes as my tears ran down my cheeks.

Kyle stopped and wiped my tears away.
" Please leave me be. You deserve better. I can't give you what he has. Dylan is perfect for you. Be with him, Alyssa," he pleads while moving away from me.

" I love you, Kyle," I whispered. Kyle stopped in his tracks and turned around to look at me with shock on his face.

"What did you say?" Kyle asked. I raised my head and stared into his emerald eyes with sincerity and..... Love.

" I love you, Kyle......not Dylan.." Kyle is still looking at me like I have two heads.

But after a few minutes, he turned around and walked towards the door not before he stopped once again and said.

"I don't love you, tomato. I never did. Go to Dylan, give him a chance." Kyle said. "No. Please, Kyle. I choose you." I muttered between my sobs.

Kyle stared at my teary eyes with his lifeless ones. " Loving me will be your downfall, tomato" He whispered then close the door behind him as he left.

My knees got weak as I slowly fall on the floor still looking at the door.

Hoping that he'll come back. I can't stop the tears. It hurt so much. I wanna tell him.

That I've been in love with him for so long. And I kept choosing him over and over again.

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