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Today's the first day..... The first day of college.... The first day of a new experience.... The first day of a new life.... The first day of a new chapter.... Life for Grace is changing. College brings about many unknown challenges that seem to overwhelm her. That is until she meets Kayla, Jack, and Zachary. They are the missing piece of her life... All four of them click and instantly become the best of buds. But Grace and Zachary click in a completely different yet scary way. The struggles they go through to find out what they mean for each other leaves them in utter shock...

Romance / Erotica
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1. First Day

-First Day-

(Grace’s POV)

My life has been easy as some might say. I’m smart, have a loving family, amazing house, and a supporting community. But it’s actually not like that. Even though I have all these things, I’ve never really had good friends. Most people would say “Eh, they aren’t needed for you to be successful,” or “Nah, you don’t need friends! You’re good by yourself”. For me, my whole life has been difficult without people to talk to or lean on during the confusing times. What do I do when it’s my first day of college? It’s going to be the hardest four years of my life...

Should I get some friends? How though? Let’s just go with the flow.

“Beep, Beep, Beep!”

“’s already 6. I gotta get ready,” I say as I hop out of bed. It’s my first day of college, at Berkeley. I wonder how today will go. I run to the bathroom, brush my teeth, take a quick shower, and come out of the bathroom to look for my special outfit.

“Aha! Here it is!” I pull out a dark blue floral dress with spaghetti straps. It shows some cleavage and stops just above my knees. I get dressed and put on a pair of white platform sandals. I add a couple cute bracelets to create more interest. While brushing my dirty-blonde hair, I check the time and see that it’s 6:30. After I finish getting ready, I look for my phone and books, place them into a grey tote bag, and grab my keys. I head out to find my car outside and get in.

“Ugh...if everyday is gonna be this hectic, I’m gonna tired of college before it even starts,” I think.

"You know I’ll go get you, yeah...Whatever it takes to get you there..." my phone rings.

“Good morning baby!”

“Hey love! How are you? Are you ready for college?”

“Yeah, it’s just been really hectic this morning Jamie...I don’t know if I can do this.”

“Grace. Listen to’re okay. It’ll be’s just your first day. Don’t give up yet. Okay?”

“Okay baby, well how are you?”

“I’m okay. Just worried about my sweetheart. Haha”

“Mmm...I know..don’t worry..I won’t give up...I miss you...”

“I miss you too Gracie.”

“I have to go get breakfast Jamie...I’ll call you when my classes are over...”

“Ok. Have fun! Love you”

“Love you too! Bye.”

“Bye Gracie!”

“Ok class. Settle down, please. I’m Professor Linda Arthur and I will be your teacher for Comparative Literature. If you are in the wrong class, please leave. Good, today will be simple. We will be discussing the syllabus and going over any questions you might have.”

The class goes by and finishes in 30 minutes. Since I have a free period next, I decide to find a table and look through stuff for my upcoming classes. As I’m looking at my syllabus for my next class, I bump into something. Instead, I see that it was someone, wait, 3 someones. All four of us look at each other and start laughing. What a coincidence for 4 people to bump into each other at the same time! After the laughter dies down we help each other pick up the stuff we dropped.

“Hi. I’m Grace,” I introduce myself.

“Hey Grace, I’m Kayla” the girl responds. She looks stunning in her white and black jumpsuit. She has dark brown hair pulled up into a ponytail. Before I can say anything someone else speaks.

“I’m Jack!” the guy next to Kayla says. He has blonde hair with white highlights and has tanned skin. He’s tall, but pretty lean with not much muscles.

“And I’m Zachary, Zach for short.” the person replies. He’s the most handsome guy I’ve ever seen (next to my Jamie, of course). He has brown hair with gray-blue eyes and is pretty tall with muscles. He's so drool-worthy.

"So I was thinking maybe we can all take a seat at a nearby table and chat, well only if you're free," Kayla says.

"Uh ya. Sure thing. I have a free period next. What about you both?" I say turning to Jack and Zachary.

"I'm free." Zachary says.

"Count me in!" Jack replies with excitement.

We head over to a table and immediately hit it off. It's as if we've known each other since forever! We chat for a long time, talking about the most random things, but I can't seem to take my eyes off of Zachary. What is up with that dude? Why is he so fucking sexy? Wait...I shouldn't be thinking of him like that. If I do, it's like I'm cheating...Nope, Zachary is just a dirty thoughts...

"Grace? Hello? What's on your mind?" Jack asks.

"Oh, nothing. I'm just thinking about my...uh..boyfriend!" I reply.

"Boyfriend?" Kayla asks.

"Yeah. His name is Jamie."

"Ooooh! How's he look like?"

"Sexy as hell, handsome, muscular, tal-"

"-Like me?" Zachary cuts in.

"Um...ya..kinda." I reply hesitantly.

"Fucking hell!! We gotta make a move...our next class starts soon!" Jack reminds us. We quickly exchange phone numbers, say our goodbyes, and leave for our classes.

Hope you all like this first chapter! Let me know if there are any mistakes! What do you think happens next???

Have a great day readers! Make sure to leave a comment and ask questions if you have them! :)
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