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Lucan anderson a 27 year old man who just turned into a blood sucking vampire. What will happen when he cant control his emotions? Read to find out ♡´・ᴗ・`♡

Romance / Horror
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I didn't mean to kill her. It was all just a blur. The air soon turned black around me. All I could think about was her. That woman. Her dark blue eyes , reminded me off the ocean. Her hair as dark as night. How could I kill such a beautiful woman? I hated myself. Ever since I turned into this...creature I have been experiencing unexplainable emotions. I've been wanting to Kill , feed on human blood. I've never been able to stop since that day I had killed that woman. I became a monster..and the worse part about it , is that I enjoyed it. I enjoyed seeing there faces in horror. I enjoyed hearing there screams. As vile as it sounds it was the truth. I couldn't hide who I was anymore.I was a monster and everyone knew except for some people..

"Mr Anderson"? A feminine voice is heard from outside the door. He snaps out off his thoughts and sorts out his papers on his desk. He adjusts his tie , with a pencil located in his palm. "You may enter". He says with a low raspy voice sending a chill down the woman's spine who was currently located outside his office door. The woman enters the room dressed in a buttoned up fancy striped ruby dress , with blood red heels to match with her outfit. The man eyes her suspiciously. "May I ask who you are?". He says with a curious tone. "My name is Laurence Harlow , I'm sure you've heard off me.?"

"I'm afraid not." He replies. The woman frowns. "I'm one off your fathers college's..I've been working with him for quite some time now-"
"Not interested." He cuts her off. "If you would just lis-" . "I'm not interested..this is your final warning to leave my office." He says with a spiteful tone. The woman frowns again and exits the room with a pouty look. He

He sighs. He takes a sip off the coffee inside his mug. He exhales pleased. He places the mug back down onto his desk and opens a drawer. He then stops in his tracks. He looks at the door and then glares. He gets up from his chair walking towards the door with a murderous look on his face with hands in pocket. He swings the door open. "I TOLD YOU TO-"

His eyes widen taking in the woman's appearance.

"Sir..we need to talk."

It was her. That woman I had left on the street to bleed out to death. He looked flabbergasted. "Y-your not real.." he stuttered shocked at the action. I must gain my composure. "Oh but I am." She sighs. "Look I don't want any trouble-". He grabs her waist and pulls her in making there chests collide with one another. He shuts the door with his free hand. He clears his throat and separates there bodies gaining there distance. He scoffs. I've been to nice. He slams her against the wall and pins her wrists to each side off the wall. "How the hell are you still alive..?" He says with blood red eyes. His veins underneath his eyes are now visible. The woman shakes in his grasp. "I have no idea..I just woke up in the hospital and the last thing I seen was your face. She mutters. "I am terribly sorry..I just assumed you were the one responsible." A tear roles down her cheek. His curls now fall onto his nose. His face has no expression. He releases the woman's wrists. "What's your Name dear..?" "I-it's Kaylee...Addison." He sighs deeply. "I apologise..there seems to be a misunderstanding here." The girls eyes lit up with curiosity. "So you Weren't the one responsible after all..?" She says confused. "N-No..I was just a stranger who happened to be walking by at the time..I seen you laying on the ground injured so I immediately called the ambulance." Guilt covers the girls features. "I-I'm so s-sorry sir...." she begins to tear up.

Don't cry Kaylee..after all it was just a hallucination.

IM SO SORRY THIS CHAPTER WAS SHORT ITS LATE AND IM TIRED- I promise the future chapters will be MUCHH LONGER. Sleep well ( ˘ ³˘)♥︎
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