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Little Carnival

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A Little lost in a Carnival who just so happens to run into a CG. Completely SFW Agere Go away NSFW seekers 🔪

Romance / Other
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One ~ Little Expectancy

A breath left his lips from the air around him. It felt freeing, tiring but freeing. Outside always felt safer then inside, even with the dangers that humans cause. Its still a rather bright day, a day he’s excited for. Alpha's phone buzzed softly in his hand, grabbing his attention quicker than he’d care to admit. His eyes fell to the phone screen. The text was simple, mostly just saying his excited the person on the other side of the screen was to finally meet him. He couldn’t describe how excited he was to meet her either. From what he’s talked to her about and seen from her, she’s beautiful inside and out. Another messaged popped up, saying where she arrived and where she’d be at. Unfortunately for him, thats all the way outside of town. She lived somewhere barely inside the city limits. But lucky for them both, the carnival is in town. Alpha's excited to meet her, and see the carnival, he's never been. He typed a quick and simple message before slipping the object into his pocket and scrambling off to his car in the drive way. He wasn’t a fan of driving, but today wasn’t really a day he could be all that picky.

The nervous teen stepped out of his car. His shoes sliding against the rocks that made up the parking lot. He gripped the door and tried not to fall. The slight slide made his heart pound harshly within is chest. It pounded loud enough that he really could hear it. He took deep breaths, trying no to let the anxiety of everything overwhelmed him. The carnival is so loud, and filled with so many screaming children. Alpha really didn’t like it at all. That, and he’s really bad with people. What if his date hates him? Or what if he gets too overwhelmed and has to leave? He whined softly to himself, closing the car door with a soft thud finally. Apart of him wanted to leave, go home and curl up with his stuffies, or more like two. Alpha wasn't allowed to have things like that. His mother dubbed them too girlly and childish for him to have. He knew he couldn’t put this off any longer. He’s been talking to this girl for months now, it was about time that they finally met and that he could give her a real date that wasn’t just a face time. He had been looking forward to this day for weeks. Its time to stop being such a coward.

He took his first few steps reluctantly. Was it obvious that he’s a city kid? He grew up in Tokyo Japan, and he’s only really lived in cities since then. Alpha's not used to pathways and rodes made up of loose rock like this. It took him some time, but the 16-year-old made his way into the carnival. He bought his ticket, got given a wrist band, then made his way in. There were so many games and activities. He knew he needed to find the women first, but at the same time he really wanted to play a game or two. He bit into his lip as he passed a ring toss. It had this massive fluffy pastel pink teddy bear. Alpha really, really, wanted that teddy bear now. He stepped up to the both, where a nice kid a few years younger then him stood. The kid had messy blonde hair and gorgeous green eyes. He found him attractive, but he stood against the booth counter with his eyes glued to his phone.

He didn’t really know why he was surprised. All teens these days were glued to their phones, and he didn’t blame them in the slightest. Alpha's the same way, so he didn’t have a reason to, otherwise he’d be a hypocrite. He cleared his throat for the kids attention, blushing softly as his eyes shot up and focused onto him. Now that he could see the boys eyes, he seemed older than he actually appeared. It made him curious, but he really didn’t want to be rude and ask how old he was. Instead, he kept quiet. He felt it was the better choice.

“ Oh- sorry,” the boy apologized and stuffed his phone into the pockets of the shorts he wore.

He felt weird, mostly because everyone was wearing summer clothes, while he wore a hoodie, tennis shoes, and black jeans. Maybe he’d boil by the time the sun goes down, but he doubted it. It actually felt like a chilly day to him. Maybe he’s just crazy.

“ Here, five rings five dollars,” the boy simply stated as he tossed the five rings onto the counter.

He nodded quickly and dug for his wallet. Alpha put the money on the counter. The two of them exchanged their items. He never was good at throwing things, or really sports at all, so he really hoped he have a chance. The boy watched with a bored look to him. It made him wonder if no one was able to actually get a ring to stick yet that day. He blindly tossed his first ring. It bounced off the bottle and hit the next, knocking over three bottles in the process. He heard the boy sigh with pure irritation. It made him wince. He did not mean to upset the other. Once the boy had, once more, set up the bottles, he tossed his second ring. This one bounced from bottle to bottle before settling onto a white bottle that sat on the second row on the edge. Alpha didn’t know if that was good or bad, but he’s happy he managed to get one to stick without knocking more over. He tossed his third, but it bounces off and almost hit the boys leg. The boy didn’t really seem to care anymore. Hell, when he had looked over he was already looking at his phone again.

He sighed softly and tossed his last two at the same time, not not caring much about it. The fourth landed on a worn green bottle, and the fifth landed on a red one. He cleared his throat when the last one stopped spinning. Alpha felt really awkward. Maybe he should’ve waited. Playing games like these alone… is clearly just making him feel more lonely. The boy looked up in surprise.

“ Shit- congrats you get the big one,” the boy told him as he stuffed his phone back away and picked up the rings.

He stood there in disbelief. Alpha couldn’t believe he had won the one he wanted. From what he heard, this never happened at carnivals. Everyone always says that the games are purposely rigged and all that jazz. He smiled brightly once the boy had climbed up the counter and plucked the large stuffed bear from its hanging spot. He plopped it into the counter then went back to being bored on his phone. He didn’t mind, because now he had a new friend to help him on his search for the girl he was looking for. He hoped he would find her. Alpha made his way from the booth, walking down the pathway that others walked. The stuffed bear reamined in his arms. Despite his large height, 6’3, the teddy bear made him look small. It made him feel small too, which he came to adore rather quickly. Not many things could win over his heart, but when it came to things like these, they always seemed to do the trick. He hadn’t really gotten the hang of the whole regression thing, but he hoped he would soon. He didn’t know how this girl would react to it either.

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