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Little Carnival

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Two ~ Little Hurt

He made his way down the pathway. Alpha's eyes looking at all the cool booths around and the families or couples that played at them. He still didn’t see her, nor had he gotten a message from her. He just took that as a hurry up and began to walk faster. He hoped, really hoped deep down, that she wouldn’t ask if the teddy bear was hers. Its his, and he already named her mrs. fluffles. He may have slipped a little okay, but it was no big deal. He had it under wraps. He made a pit stop once he had reached an area where everyone was eating and where most people were. Alpha found an empty picnic table under the tent they had put up to shade the area and sat down there. The teddy bear resting in his lap. He took his phone out and checked his messages. Still he had received nothing. He really didn’t like this. What if she already had changed her mind? He sent her a quick message, just asking for a clarification of where she was at.

He had to wait several minutes before she finally responded back. During the time he had been waiting, he played games on his phone. It made him start to slip a bit. Though, it wasn’t really his fault. He’s just bored. She said she was near a food stand next to some rides. He groaned and buried his face into the large teddy bear. He did not want to travel that far on foot. He wanted to be carried, though he didn’t think anyone was capable of carrying a 6’3 rather muscular guy. Its one of the many things he’d never have as a little. Alpha's never really met any little like him, or seen any. All the ideal littles are cute small, sometimes bratty, girls or even femboys. He’s not like that. He dislikes feminine things, and he’s literally a baseball player at his highschool. He slipped up from his spot finally and sighed. He might as well make his way to the spot now.

It took ages, but he finally had arrived at the stand. He saw many people, got many stares. He really hated it. He checked his phone one last time before looking around. He didn’t really see her around, not yet anyways. Alpha walked around inside and out of the tent, but still nothing. A soft sigh left him. Maybe she got inpatient and left. It was his fault. He’s tall, but he walks slow. That, and he’s getting hot and felt like he was starting to slip. He slipped up from his spot, still carrying around the massive ass teddy bear. He made his way to a booth and bought a bottle of water. Alpha's clothing was starting to stick to him. It was making him feel miserable. He pulled at it, waiting for his drink patiently. Once he had it, and paid for it he drank the majority of it. He didn’t realize he was that in need of water. Whoops.

“ Alpha!” someone shouted, grabbing his attention.

Alpha is his name after all. It is a really odd name to have, but its what his mother had named him. His older sister is named Beta, which he finds funny. He looked around, spotting a face that made his smile fall in an instant. He didn’t see the girl that he was so excited to see. Instead, he saw a girl who hurt him more than he’d ever care to admit. He frowned deeply at her face. She’s really pretty, don’t get him wrong, but he didn’t see any beauty in her after everything that she’s done to him. Attached to her hand was the girl Alpha was looking for. It took him a moment for the pieces to click. Once they had he looked down to his feet and pressed the teddy bear tightly against his chest. Tears fell from his eyes while his heart raced.

He had been played.

Alpha didn’t really know how to react. He hoped that the girl he was meeting up with would be someone different. A girl who was nice and would understand him, even treat him well. He was wrong from the looks of it. He couldn't even believe that he had fallen for this, another trick done by someone who's considered his abuser. He let his snow white hair fall over his face.

“ Come on Alpha, did you really think anyone would want you?” the female spit harshly at him.

More tears fell. He’s not all that emotional, but Alpha was slightly in little space. If he wasn’t, he’d probably just hit her or walk off without saying anything. He wasn’t a huge talkative person, and when he was, he wasn’t the nicest. He didn’t like to talk at all though when in little space. He found it too hard, no matter the age. He turned and ran off deep into the carnival. Its a massive area so it’s really easy to get lost. He could hear the girls cackling in the background as he ran. He always felt like everyone who’s really hurt him was always in his head, like they could never leave. Alpha really hated the feeling, but it felt as if that feeling never would leave. Maybe he deserved it, sorta like a punishment for being bad or mean to people all the time in big space. He let himself fully fall into little space. Sobs left him as he ran and ran. He wanted to get away, as far away as possible. He didn't ever want to see ever face again. The women who caused so much to seem to Snowball, Mary. Mary is her name. The girl who yet again took everything from him. He hates himself for how much he trusted her.

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