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Little Carnival

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Three ~ Little Lost

Alpha's lungs burned from running and the heat. His legs began to burn after some time too. He never realized his massive the carnival was until now. Tears still fell from his eyes, along with the sobs that fell from his mouth. He still had the large stuffie he had won in his hands. He barely hung onto the large object. He felt as if the world was coming down on him, for the second time too. He was really tired of feeling this way. He wished he had a daddy, or even a mommy, just someone who loved him and cared for him. Especially someone who wouldn't sexualize his little space or force him to do stuff.

Alpha sat down in the grass near a booth. He didn’t really know where he was anymore. He felt lost, overwhelmed, and beyond hurt. He sat there, nothing but a sniffling crying mess. He’s deep into little space, to the point he couldn’t stand being anywhere around anyone anymore. It made him overwhelmed to be around people when he is in little space. He’s scared, and wished someone would come get him and take him home. He’s always dreamed of having a caregiver, a daddy specifically, but he knows no one would really want him. Mary was right, no one wants him after everything thats happened.

He looked up, only far enough to see peoples feet. He heard a lot of people talking and laughing, it bothered him only because of the volume. He found himself covering his ears to try and block out the noise. It only really muffled it, thats about all. He buried his face into the teddy bear that he had. Alpha really liked it already. Its his new friend at this point, not like he really has any friends anyways. Maybe this large stuffie will stay, unlike the people he let into his life.

" Is oki, we safes. Bad women gones, " He whispered quietly to the stuffie as he curled up more to it.

The heat was making him feel sick. Alpha wasn't used to the heat. He felt sick, hot, irritated, upset, and so much more. He couldn't keep track of it anymore. His frame trembled as he kept close to the teddy bear. It made him feel safe. At least he wasn't being stared at anymore. The gaze from other people scared him really badly. He slipped his thumb into his mouth once he calmed from the sounds of all the people. He moved his other hand from his ear to hold onto the stuffie. He quite literally was laying in the dry dirt and grass between two game booths that people don't seem to walk between that much. The little heard some laughter behind him. He didn't move though, he didn't really think much of it.

" You okay dude?" a voice spoke to him, taking him a bit off guard.

Alpha moved a bit to look at the small group. His thumb slipping from his lips. His stomach turned, not because of the people, but because that's how much the heat was making him feel sick. He was met with a beautiful man. He has beautiful dark skin and deep dark blue hair. It reminded him of the bottom of the ocean almost. He didn't really know, he's sleepy now. His eyes are a pretty golden brown, they stood out the most. He didn't look much shorter than himself. Maybe an inch or two shorter than him. They held a worried look, it almost made him worried. Alpha didn't really understand why he's worried about him. There's three others with the man, teen, thing. He didn't know who they were. One is a blonde with a little lighter competition than the man in front of him, another had rest hair and a pale completion then the last was a female, shorter than them all but held an aggressive vibe about her. It scared him honestly.

" You okay? You look really pale kiddo, " he asked as he kneeled by his side.

" Just leave the kid alone Mason, it's clear he just wants to be alone from him literally being smashed between the stands, " the blonde huffed with playful smile at his friend.

" But he looks sick, we can't just leave him here-" the man, Alpha guessed who's name is Mason, had spoken up.

" I've gotta get back to my stand, mom's pissed off, " the one with fluffy red hair spoke up before waving and darting off back the way the group had come.

Mason, the one who is kneeled in front of Alpha, held his hand out to him. The little had lost look on his face. Well, he is lost in more ways than one. He hesitantly took his hand. He helped him sit up. Alpha tugged the stuffed bear with him as he had. Mason's so nice to him, why though? He's been bad... He didn't deserve nice people or things. He deserved a time out.

" Have you had any water to drink? " Mason asked as he sat on the other side of him.

His new stuffie friend sat on his right, so Mason had to sit on his left. The kind man rubbed his back gently. It caused him to relax. His eyes filling with tears. He was bad, this isn't fair. He sniffles and ehined softly. He couldn't remember. Alpha didn't bother looking up from his lap. He probably smelled yucky, he felt just as yucky.

" It's okay if you don't remember. Liz could you go grab bottle of water? " He had asked.

Alpha just noticed that the blonde male had gone somewhere else. Maybe he had to go work one of the cool stands too! He wanted to play more games... He felt too yucky though. He whined more, trying to wipe away his tears as they fell from his icy blue eyes.

" Yeah, anything for you May. Just pay me back, " the female, Liz, spoke up before leaving.

That left just Mason and Alpha alone. Mason gently took Alpha's hands into his. He stared in amazement. His hands are so big! How do they get so big? He let out a small gasp, earning a chuckle from the smaller beside him.

" Can you look at me please? " Mason requested nicely.

He moved his eyes to meet Mason's pretty golden ones. He tried to hold his gaze, but Alpha felt awkward and scared. He looked away not long after, a small whimper escaping him by mistake.

" It's okay, I won't hurt you. I pinky promise, " he chuckled out softly.

" Can you tell me something? It's okay if you rather not answer, but... Are you a little? "
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