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Flourish in time

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Flourish in time

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Flourish In Time 我和我的时光少年 Episode 5 Recap

Jiang Haoyue won the first place in chemistry. As soon as the news came out, I wanted to see everyone in the school who had lost the championship in the past was beaten in the face. Jiang Haoyue won more fans, Shi Che also admired him very much, believing that this person would be an excellent assist to bring him closer to Lu Miao. However, his friend reminded him that learning Ba Jiang Haoyue should not be as easy to deal with on the surface, but Shi Che was very confident in himself and did not take this reminder to heart.

Qu Wei came to congratulate Jiang Haoyue. The two schoolmasters are very competitive. Although they are competitors academically, they have a feeling of sympathy between the masters.

Lu Miao and Jiang Haoyue took the bus to and from school together. On the crowded bus, looking at Jiang Haoyue’s prosthetic leg, there was no feeling or reaction when someone stepped on the foot. Lu Miao felt that he was like Jiang Haoyue. It was not very convenient, so I went home and secretly took away my mom’s baby bicycle, thinking about practicing first, and then driving my brother to and from school.

Last time Lu Miao and Shi Che bet on winning or losing the chemistry competition. As a reward for the winner, Lu Miao asked Shi Che to accompany him to practice cycling. Shi Che was very happy and readily agreed with the opportunity to contact the girl he liked. Lu Miao bike didn’t learn easily, but in order to learn, he squatted and exercised his leg muscles and rode Shi Che crookedly.

The brothers and sisters are in the same mind. While Lu Miao tried hard to learn to bike, Jiang Haoyue also had the idea of ​​learning to bike, so she asked Qu Wei for advice. The two science geniuses first calculated their focus, and then contacted again and again on the riverside. Jiang Haoyue had difficulty practicing because of her leg problems. Working hard and cautiously, little by little practice, little by little progress, and finally practiced from a crooked ride to a level that can be carried smoothly. Two academic competitors have become good partners in life.

Shi Che sent Lu Miao home, and she happened to be met by Mother Lu, who warmly invited him to come home for dinner. Shi Che’s ghosts and ghosts, he also gave water to the two elders and praised the delicious food, which is very good. After the meal, Jiang Haoyue went out to send him off and asked him about the skills of riding a bicycle. Shi Che said that he had missed his mouth and told Lu Miao that he wanted to drive him to and from school. Jiang Haoyue was pleasantly surprised.

During the Mid-Autumn Festival, Jiang’s father was very angry because he bought multiple lottery tickets and failed to win. He lost his temper at his son. Jiang Haoyue went out alone to relax. WeChat contacted her mother who had divorced her father. However, her mother was busy taking care of her half-brother and did not say a few words to him. Holding the watch that my mother left before she left, it was very lonely. Lu Miao came to comfort him, saying that he believed that as a mother, he must love children very much. Feeling the comfort of his sister, Jiang Haoyue’s mood improved.

When I came to Lu’s house for dinner, Mother Lu’s own dark dish of fried tomato mooncakes was very unpalatable. At the same time, everyone endured the strange smell and praised her to prevent her from being sad. Looking at the happy and happy appearance of this family, Jiang Haoyue sent a message. I feel envious from the bottom of my heart.

Both Jiang Haoyue and Lu Miao’s riding skills improved significantly. That night, Lu Miao brought the bike to her brother’s house and invited “Jiang Meiren” to ride a bike to admire the moon. The two brothers and sisters were very happy. The next day, when Lu Miao brought the car to Jiang Haoyue and was about to take someone to school, he saw that his brother had also pushed a bicycle, which was officially given to him by Jiang Haoyue. The two of them rode to school happily.
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