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Verena's kingdom is under a curse. Every month, one of her people will die, until no one is left. Unless she kills the one she's in love with. But with a heart of stone, the task is easier said than done. And just when she feels as if all hope is lost, she's nearly assassinated by a man with a heart of gold.

Romance / Fantasy
L.J. Feron
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I STORMED THROUGH the halls, everything I touched lighting up in flames. Behind me, I heard the sound of men screaming and swords clashing together.

I’ve come to take back my stolen throne.

Barging into the grand throne room, I shot my hand out, a spiral of flames engulfing the guard on duty, burning him alive. My husband shot up, eyes wide with panic and fury.

“Verena!” His voice bellowed. For a split second, I hesitated, before pushing through the memories of my true love and marching up to the throne, standing a few feet away.

“You thought you’d gotten rid of me, haven’t you?” A grin spread across my lips. I unsheathed the sword that had been strapped to my left hip. I was going to finish him without using my fire.

“If you’re throwing another one of your temper tantrums, I suggest you stop.” He spoke, grabbing his own sword. “People are going to die.”

“It’s too late for that.” I hummed, and without saying anything else, I lunged for him. He was agile, and I ignored the memories of us sparring together. Our swords clashed, and when I thought I’d pinned him, he managed to escape.

Finally, I managed to knock his sword out of his grasp, and I pointed the tip of mine against his neck.

“So, after all this time, you finally beat me,” we were both panting, and my arms were sore, but I straightened my spine and stood tall. “The whole time you were gone, you were forming a rebellion. A coup.”

“So, you’re not as stupid as I thought.” I scowled, digging my blade a little deeper into his skin, watching as beads of blood began to gather.

“Ver…” his tone softened. I pursed my lips at the nickname. “I’m sorry.”

“It’s too late for apologies,” my voice was soft. “I loved you.”

“And at one point, I loved you, too. But power is far greater than love.”

My heart hardened at his comment. Even to the end, he’d be hungry for power. I raised my sword above my head. I was about to cut him down, but he began to talk.

“I place a curse upon you, and this kingdom,” he started. “Each month, when the moon is full, one person will die. It will continue until everyone dies, including you. You will lose everyone you love. Your spouse, children, family. No one will be left.”

He was bluffing. I was sure of it. Curses were told to scare children. Myths.

“And the only way to stop it,” he continued. “Is to kill the one you truly love. Strike him down as you will do to me, and the curse will be broken, yet you will still be alone.”

His lips parted, as if to say something else, but rage fired up within me. I heard the sound of my heart beating in my ears. I could feel the blood rushing to my head. I was angry.

So I drove my sword straight through him, blood splattering across my face. His body went limp, and I sighed in relief.

It was done.

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