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Running Into You

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Veronica Newberry, a shy girl, bumps into Simon Abbott, an up-and-coming real estate agent on her way to work. Feeling as if something was different with Simon, Veronica agreed to a friendship that blossomed shortly after she finished redesigning his business logo. Little did she know the relationship that would bloom.

Romance / Drama
Anne Perry
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Chapter 1: The Morning Before Him

Waking up groggily as I heard the alarm next to my bed blare in my ear, I was pulled from my slumber. Looking at the ceiling for a moment, I processed the noise being the alarm before I reached over and pushed the button to silence the horrendous sound.

Hearing the gentle click I sighed before I let my arm fall back onto me. Feeling my eyes adjust while I woke up a little more, I reached for my phone. Unlocking it while I squinted at the bright screen, I scrolled through my notifications.

Some friends I was in a group chat with were wanting to hang out for the weekend. Though I wasn't sure I would be able to make it since I had a work project that was due on Monday.

Are you sure it's for work, Veronica? We know you're pretty shy and don't really like being around a lot of people.

Seeing the text that was from Jamie I sighed a bit. Jamie and I had known each other for a few years now, we were close but I was a lot closer with my long-time friend, Regan. We've known each other since we were in middle school, it's always been a pretty strong friendship.

Jamie has never been able to get over the fact that I'm pretty introverted and don't like to go to clubs and parties like she does. Something that she's always made clear with how cold she can be about me not going somewhere.

Regan has tried to explain to her that making me feel bad about it won't help the matter, but Jamie just scoffs or rolls her eyes before walking off. Regan on the other hand has always been supportive in me coming out of my shell at my own speed. Something I've always appreciated her for.

Turning my phone off I shook my head I got out of my bed after dropping my phone on the blanket. Stepping towards my closet I opened the doors and moved my bed head riddled hair from my face and gazing at the fabrics that hung in front of me.

Picking out something simple, yet that would pass the dress code for my job and keep me comfortable, holding it before I made my way to the bathroom that was joined to my room. Placing the clothes on the counter before I turned to the shower and let it run for a bit letting it warm up, I turned to look in the mirror and sighed at my appearance.

This was a normal occurrence. I had never been very keen on seeing myself in the mirror, and that wasn't going to change today by any means. Feeling the steam start to swell up in the bathroom after a few minutes, I stripped my pajamas from my body and threw them into the hamper that was close by.

Stepping into the hot water and closing the curtains, starting to get my hair wet before I felt the hot water start to do its magic. Waking me up the rest of the way by washing and conditioning my hair, before moving on to my body. Scrubbing it to rid the sweat or dead skin cells that could have accumulated from the night's sleep, breathing in the steam of the shower.

Humming a little before I rinsed off, and started to shave anything that needed to be rid of the hair before I stood in the water and enjoyed the heat. It was always an issue of getting into the shower and then never wanting back out again.

Eventually stepping out of the shower and being met with the cold air on the other side of the curtain, turning the water off and grabbing my towel. Drying my hair off a little to prevent a redundant cycle of drying off different body parts over and over as it dripped water from the deep brown strands.

Once I was fully dried I wiped the build-up of steam from the mirror for a moment before I got dressed. Wrapping my hair in the towel and opening the door to my room, I felt the cold air hit my face as I walked towards the vanity.

Sitting down on the small cushioned stool, drying my hair some more before looking at the mirror to start getting my makeup put on for the day. Doing my routine of concealer, eye primer, then a bit of eye shadow, and mascara I was done. Deciding that a lip balm that gave a bit of a tint to my lips would be good. Finding my shoes for the day, slipping them on as well before I made my way towards my kitchen, grabbing my phone and anything else in the process.

Letting my hair air dry a bit longer before I did anything with it, going for the liquid gold in the coffee pot as I could smell that it finished brewing. Grabbing my favorite mug from the cabinet, grasping the handle for the carafe, and pouring it into my mug.

Putting it back down and hearing it sizzle a bit from some coffee that got onto the hot plate, opening the fridge for my creamer. Adding the flavored cream to my coffee, and stirring it before leaning on the counter and taking a sip. Glancing around the dimly lit and silent home that I shared with a hidden dust bunny or two.

Shifting my eyes at the clock that wasn't far from where I stood I noted that I had to leave soon. Figuring out a small breakfast for the morning, and eating it before I went to the bathroom to deal with my unruly hair. Stepping in the spot of the mirror that I had wiped earlier as the majority of it was still steamed over. Combing through the tangled mess for a bit before I grabbed my butterfly clip and put it into my hair once I got the strands together. Adding a few hidden Bobbi pins I adjusted a few things before leaving the bathroom.

Checking my phone one last time and grabbing coffee to go, turning off the hot plate on the coffee pot, I grabbed my purse and keys. Unlocking the door to my apartment before I stepped out of it and locking it behind me, my keys and phone went into my purse and I started the trek to work.

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