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A God, a powerful being with power over life, but what happens when one is foolish enough to fall in love?

Romance / Drama
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The Foolish God

Our story starts in the dawn of time, where everything and nothing coexist as one in this vast but empty plane. Like a blank canvas, its existence attracts the artists of life, the so famous "Gods".

This "Gods" are tasked with a certain area of the universe, and are bounded to that specific area for their lifetime, and are free to rule over that land, or "space", whoever they want, this has led to a variety of lifeforms, from pacifists, to bloodthirsty animals which seek nothing more than the thrill of murder. Whatever the lifeform is, it represents its creator, but one thing most Gods followed, was to not get attached to your inventions.
Gods being attached to their creations was seen as something greatly foolish and destructive, it could lead to unnecesary problems, because for Gods, destroying one of its creations to create a new one is as common as us buying new socks. And getting attached to a lifeform may prevent them to keep them on check, and even leading to a rogue society, where there are no gods to contain them.
A certain god, name "Lure" was born and bound to the galaxy D-592, or as his creations would eventually name it as, the "Milky Way Galaxy". It may have not been a particulary big or incredible galaxy, but it had the potential to be a properous one.
While Gods are moslty born with knowledge, each one has its own personality and defects, since not even Gods cannot escape the mysterious balancing of the universe.
Recently born and with not much experience in God buisness, he started working with a cozy little planet with perfect conditions for his first invention.
Lure started small, with little organisms that could sustain themselves for the time being until conditions were stable enough to adopt more complex lifeforms.
Eventually, these small organisms started growing into fish, then into reptiles, oxygen was being introduced into the planet, more and more lifeforms started evolving. One particular life form Lure became attached to was those big reptiles with great size and variety, which ruled the land for thousands of years, until a little mistake from our clumsy God, changing the path of an asteroid took them to extinction.
Scarred but not discouraged, he continued with his inventions, until some apes began to shed their fur, threw away their tail, and began thinking by themselves, sometimes even ugnoring the instinct he had given them. His first mayor succes: Humans.
The human's intelligence was advancing in a slow but steady pace, the first societies were being erected, but Lure was careful to not get attached to them, so he kept giving them challenges to surpass, giving them the oportunity to prove him that they were able to survive no matter the adversities.
Humanity started growing, and so the fascination Lure had for them, while the start was slow, progress was advancing in a staggering pace, one millenia they were with stone tools, the other they were making a society of hundreds of thousands of people.
His creation were making astounding progress, but he started to focus in a specific human: Anne. A beautiful, long dark haired, caucassian woman from the country of england, she was born in the middle of the first industrial revolution. Born in Wales, and moving close to her birth to england, she was an astoundingly beautiful human, that even a God himself took notice of her.
She was living in poverty, even though she was born in a wealthy family, a string of events, including her parents deaths, led her to living with her extremly sick grandmother in england, and on the peak of the industrial revolution, needed to take any job she could as a woman in that time.
Lure became aware of her, and he got hooked in her life. As a God, helping her was really out of the question, he didn´t have the power to interfere in any way that could be done discretely. So he just watched her misery like the audience in a dramatic play, where one can't do anything to help the main character. While he watched her life unfold, he was making a big mistake, and even bigger than the las one, he was not only getting attached to a creation of his, he was getting attached to a particular individual of it.
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