The Great Big Book of Proposals

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The great big book of wedding proposal short stories.

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Theme Park Love

It was the perfect end to a perfect day. Our favorite place in the entire world is this theme park. Our first date was here, and now we have been dating for over a year.

The fireworks just finished and with an hour left before the park closes we were taking an evening stroll watching all of the tourists. We were lucky to be locals and having the opportunity to visit whenever we had the opportunity to do so. Something that both of us enjoy doing is watching the tourists scatter after the fireworks, as most of the tourists assumed that the park would be closing right afterward.

"Did you have a nice day?" He asked breaking me out of my thoughts.

Nodding my head, "Yes, I did. I had a perfect day because I spent my day with you." I pecked him on the cheek with a quick kiss on his smooth skin.

I smiled at him and he smiled at me, causing me to have that feeling again in the pit of my stomach...the feeling of love. He took my hand in his and we continued our evening stroll.

"Shall we head towards the back of the park to sit for a few minutes as the park clears?" He suggested.

"Good idea, let's go!" I practically dragged him, causing both of us to laugh at my sudden gesture.

The rest of the walk was quiet, walking hand-in-hand, with the occasional stroke of the thumb on the other one's hand. Neither one of us felt the need to fill the air with words when we already knew how much we adore each other. The silence was not awkward at all, in fact, it was welcomed with open arms. As a couple, we were not loud nor overly chatty. We enjoyed being in the company of one another.

Towards the back of the park, it was peaceful. Not a single soul in sight. No families arguing, no couples having lovers quarrels, it was simply just us, the pathway lights, and the warm Summer breeze kissing our cheeks, reminding us how lucky we are to be here today. To be here with each other.

At the back of the park, there was a bench with a small velvet box sitting on it.

Noticing the small box, I let go of the hand of my love and grabbed the box, "We have to go get one of the workers. Someone must have dropped this and it looks like a rather important box!" I gasped to my love.

"It does look like an important box," He replied, looking at the box in my hands, "I think you should open it."

"But it is not my box to open. This belongs to someone and I am sure that they are worried about where it is."

Taking both of my hands in his larger hands, he spoke softly, "I am not at all worried about where the box is."

Looking at him strangely, "But I am sure the owner is," I paused suddenly realizing, "Is this your box?"

Once again my love said, "I think you should open the box."

I opened the box slowly, holding my breath. There was a beautiful ring that was fit for a princess. It was a dainty ring for a dainty person, like myself. It sparkled in the evening light gracefully.

My love then got down on one knee, once again, taking my now shaking hands in his, "My love, would you please do me the honor of becoming my wife? Will you marry me?"

Feeling a few tears rolling down my cheeks, I nodded my head, "I would love to marry you."

He gently took the box from my hands, and took the ring out of the box, sliding the ring on my finger. I was overwhelmed. I was overwhelmed with the feeling of love.

"I love your compassion for others and how selfless you are," He grinned, "I love how you assumed that the ring belonged to someone else."

Giggling, "Well, I love you mister."

He replied, "And I love you, my love," Then he kissed me softly on the lips.

It was indeed the perfect end to the most perfect day.

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