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Choosing one profession for the rest of our lives is not an easy thing to do. Much less at the age that we have to choose. However, some people are born with an intuit, with a passion. Some love math, others enjoy the skies and the stars, and others the human life. This story that you are about to read, is different from many other. In the beginning, you might think that you’ve already read this before, but I guarantee you that you didn’t.

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Chapter 1

Diana was running late for her job interview. She spent years of her life training and studying children’s behaviors. Her purpose was to be a nanny, but not those teen nannies who can’t even afford popcorn at the movie theatres. Diana wanted to be very professional about her work, and of course, her point was to be a nanny of children with rich parents. A high paycheck required a great professional profile. Diana ran towards the train, entering before the door closed. She lifted her eyebrows, in a resting expression, grabbing the pole securing her body.

Arriving close to Burton’s Enterprise, Diana left the train, running towards the tall buildings. She was aware that these types of people, millionaires, rule and have their own rules. However, Diana swore she would never let anyone step on her toes.

“Good morning.” She smiled at the man behind the desk. “My name is Diana Adams, and I have an appointment with Mr. Burton.”

“Yes. You are on time.” He smiled back at her. “It’s on the seventh floor, the door 727.”

“Thank you.” Diana accepted the card who described her as a visitor and put it around her neck, running towards the elevator. Diana pressed the number 7 and waited, watching the doors closing. She looked around inside the elevator, it was big and golden, with background music. Before arriving on the seventh floor, Diana watched herself in the reflection. She adjusted her classy baggy pants, the bow on her waist. They were pale pink and her button-up was white with a flower pattern and some ruffles.

Finding the door, Diana knocked on the wood three times, hearing a soft voice giving her permission to enter. She turned the nob and opened the door, facing a beautiful environment. Diana had never seen such modern and fancy furniture. Sitting on a chair, behind his desk, was Thomas Burton. He got up and stretched his arm.

“Good morning, Diana. Please, take a sit.” She shook his hand, feeling his soft skin. Diana blushed and looked down at the chair. After sitting, she was able to see his face up close. He was pale but had dark blond longer hair, a trimmed beard, and the most beautiful blue eyes. “How are you?” Thomas asked.

“I’m fine, thank you. And you?” Thomas frowned, surprised for her questioning back.

“It’s all right.” He smiled, pushing his back towards his chair. “So, let’s start!” Thomas smiled. “I’m looking for a full-time nanny who can take care of my daughter.” Diana nodded her head. “The person needs to be fully capable of taking care of a newborn child…hum…” He swallowed his saliva, looking into her eyes. “… There are rules in the house: no parting, no drinking, not possible to have guests… it’s very restricted. Also, it’s a living in the situation.

“It seems fine to me. No rent.”

“Tell me…why do you think you have the capacities to take care of my daughter?”

“Well, Mr. Burton…I’ve studied psychology, children’s behavior, and…” She was interrupted by him.

“You are just describing your curriculum… For that, I would just read it…wich I did a few moments before your arrival.” He seemed a bit rude in his tone.

“So why do you ask? If you read my profile, you know that I am qualified to do the job.” Diana responded, closing her expression. Tom smiled lightly, putting his finger on his chin.

“There are other women older than you who possibly will take the job.”

“I’m sorry, but if you want an older lady taking care of a newborn baby, that’s not very smart of you.”

“Are you trying to offend me?” He found it quite intriguing.

“No! I’m responding to you. I’ve looked down at your desk and I saw the pictures of other women. They are old and they won’t have the patience to take care of a baby.”

“Do you understand that taking care of a baby means no parting, no going out until morning, not getting drunk…”

“Who do you think I am? Do you believe that I’ve struggled through the years to complete my degree in psychology to get waisted?” Diana frowned at him. “You know what? I get it! You are a millionaire who thinks that young people are lazy and poor and we deserve only scraps. That’s fine! But I’m not that young either. Have a good day, Sir.” She got up from the chair, storming.

“You’ll start tomorrow. I want you at this address tomorrow at 7 a.m. before I leave. Take anything you want with you, your stuff. You will have access to your bedroom and private room.” Diana was astonished, looking at him who was giving her a card.

“Okay.” She straightened her back. “Thank you. You will not regret it! By the way, what is the name of your daughter?”

“Beatrice…but we call her Bee.”

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