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Urban Intelligence

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After spending the first ten minutes of fifth period crying in the bathroom due to how humiliated I felt by Ms. Alexus, I finally pulled it together and walked into math. I saw Bri give me a look of concern but I shook my head, shooting her a half smile, sitting in the desk she reserved for me.

“What did she have to say?” Bri whispered. I looked over at her with glossy eyes and her face dropped, before turning angry,

“I’ll stab her, Lei. I’ll do it, I swear.” Bri growled. I giggled quietly and pushed her shoulder.

“Relax. I’m okay. Let’s just get through the day.” I breathed. She shot me another look of concern, before mumbling an ‘alright’ and continuing her note-taking.

I spent the rest of the day in a trance, wondering what I’m going to do about Ms. Alexus and her triggering hatred toward me. I already have one important woman who hates my guts. I don’t think I could handle another one.

The last bell finally rang and I stood, walking quietly to the gym while Bri chatted with her friends. I went into the locker room and locked myself in a bathroom stall, quickly changing my clothes. I couldn’t risk anyone seeing my back right now.

This school and their fake ass values don’t allow tattoos, so I cover mine the best that I can. I wrapped my binder around my bare chest and slapped a sports bra and t-shirt over it, before pulling on my basketball shorts and sneakers. I packed my stuff up and walked out the stall, just for me to be pushed back in and the stall locking shut.

“We have five minutes.” Kayla whispered, looking up at me through her long, faux lashes.

“Baby, I’m not really in the mood.” I sighed. Her face dropped and she pouted.

“Well maybe after practice I’ll put you in a better mood.” She smirked, biting her bottom lip.

“Is that so?” I asked flirtatiously as I touched her chin.

“Come find out. You owe me a talk, anyway.” She winked, walking out of the stall.

Well, that’s something to look forward to.

“Yo Pierce! Stop fingering your girl and get into the gym!” I heard Coach yell while blowing her whistle. I huffed and ran to the gym.

“Okay, boys listen up!” Coach yelled, her saying ‘boys’ as in us girls on the basketball team. Coach Kelly was something else, I’ll tell you that. But she’s a good coach, overall. My team has never lost a championship yet.

“Mrs. McGuire had her son so she’s on maternity leave. Therefore, we will have a temporary co-coach until she returns in a few months. Introduce yourself.” Coach Kelly stated, loudly. I heard footsteps come from the back of the gym and I looked over, immediately regretting it.

You’ve got to be kidding me.

“This is Ms. Alexus. She’s new in town. You will listen to her. If not I give her permission to punish you in any way she wants.” I watched a sadistic smirk form on Ms. Alexus face as she glared at me.

I felt like I couldn’t breathe. One, because her biker shorts were extremely short and showed her soft legs and her really nice ass, and two because I know she’s going to torture me every chance she gets.

“Good luck.” Bri mouthed from across the gym with a sympathetic look on her face.

I sighed.

Let’s get this over with.

“Don’t stop, please..” Kayla moaned, holding my head to the place she wanted me the most. I continued to suck on her clít, moaning around it as I flattened my tongue and flicked it, causing her legs to shake.

“I’m cumming baby!” She exclaimed, her back arching as her legs trapped my head in between her legs. I continued to taste her, lapping up all of her juices. Once her body relaxed, I kissed from her hips, up her stomach and to her neck, sucking on her skin softly so it doesn’t leave a hickie.

“Mmm.. I needed that.” Kayla breathed. I hummed into her neck, my eyes drifting closed.

“I love you.” I froze completely, my body visibly tensing up. I stayed quiet, hoping she thought I was asleep.

But I was wrong.

“I knew it. I knew you were just using me!” She cried suddenly, pushing me off of her and pulling the covers up to her chest. I looked up at her with a pleading look, praying she doesn’t make a scene.

“Baby, please rel-”

“NO! I WANT YOU OUT!” She screamed. I groaned in frustration, pulling at my dreads.

“Kayla, I can’t sit here and lie and say I love you back because I don’t. But that doesn’t mean I won’t grow to.” I breathed. She looked up at me with tears in her eyes.

“You’re just like any boy I’ve been with. How the hell do you not love me and we’ve been together for a year?! You’re incapable of loving anyone other than yourself!” She argued.

“It’s not even like that..” I started but she cut me off, throwing my bag at my face, making me groan.

“Get the hell out!” She hissed. I felt the tears bubble in my eyes and I angrily grabbed my things, running down the stairs and slamming the door shut.

I’m not wanted anywhere today, am I?

I huffed and looked at the time, feeling droplets hit my scalp.

“Oh no..” I groaned as a loud clap of thunder rocked the New York city sky. The rain poured down and so did my tears as I felt the burden of this day hit me like a truck. I have no money for a cab, and my phone is dead so I couldn’t call Bri.

I sobbed as I walked through the rain, my teeth chattering as the cold hit my bones. I was a good thirty minutes away from home so I covered myself in my school hoodie and walked.

About fifteen minutes in, I heard a car speeding down the road, passing me by. I glanced over, seeing the familiar brunette hair flash beside me, before a large amount of water splashed me, causing me to gasp loudly.

“Wow, you fucking bitch!” I screamed at the top of my lungs, watching as the car came to a halt.

“What did you just call me?” I heard the voice exclaim as a door slammed and angry footsteps came my way.

“I called you a bitch, you bitch!” I screamed. I saw those green eyes burn with a fire I’ve never seen in my life.

“You-” I saw her hand come up and I flinched away, gasping as I tripped over a large brick and fell onto the pavement, scratching up my arm. I hissed, watching the blood pour from a deep gash in my forearm.


“I wasn’t going to hit you.” I heard her say. I didn’t look up or respond, watching as my blood mixed with the rain on the ground.

A small sob came from my mouth and I heard a slight gasp and warmth next to me.

“Hey, hey don’t cry. I’m sorry.” Her voice sounded so soft that it made me look up at her through teary eyes. Her eyes held a deep concern and I swallowed hard, moving away from her as I stood up.

“I’m fine.” I stated, harshly. I glared over at her and she flinched back.

“I guess the hostility is well deserved.” Ms. Alexus sighed, running her hands through her now curly, wet hair.

“You don’t say.” I snapped. Her face went back to the hard, mean shell and she glared at me.

“You’re such a rude little girl. I hope your mother doesn’t get the same attitude you give everyone else.” The mentioning of my mother made me even more angry.

“How about this; you’re the only person I treat this way and it’s because you started it first! I don’t know who fücked you up so bad in life for you to want to be rude to your students, but understand that I’m not the one. I don’t know you and you don’t know me so let’s fücking keep it that way. I’ll do what you said and stay out your way but stay the fuck out of mine!” I yelled, the anger evident in my voice. She stared at me with a blank expression, before it turned into a sadistic smirk.

“You want to play that game? Fine Ms. Pierce, we will. See you in class.” With that, she turned on her heels and stormed back to her car, slamming the door shut and speeding off, the loud rock music blaring from the inside, leaving me bleeding in the rain.

What a fucking psycho.

I unlocked my house door and slowly shut it, letting out a breath.

The light flicked on and I sighed. Hard.

Here we go.

“So you think you can just stay out any time of the night?” My mom asked, her hands crossed over her chest. I could smell the booze from here.

“I got caught in the rain and had to walk from practice.” I stated.

“Mhmm and what happened to your arm? You’re not starting that dumb shit again, are you?” (TRIGGER WARNING.)

I felt myself grow numb as she mentioned my old habit of self-harm. When I was fifteen, she caught me hurting myself in the bathroom and beat me so bad you couldn’t even see my scars. Just bruises.

I had to skip practice.

“And even if I was, why would you care? You’d just hit me, anyway.” I hissed, immediately regretting it.

“Excuse me?!” She asked, storming up to me and striking me right across my face with her fist. She had a ring on her finger and it cut into my upper lip. I whimpered, holding my mouth while the blood poured out.

“Now look. A nice cut for you from me instead of doing it yourself. Go up to your room. Get out of my sight.”

I walked up the stairs slowly, feeling defeated beyond belief. I shut the door to my room and put my bag down, walking straight to the mirror.

“Damn it!” I hissed, the tears streaming down my freshly bruised face. I won’t be able to hide this. I can’t go to school, tomorrow.

I refuse to. Especially for her to see me this way.

I went to sleep with a growling stomach and an aching heart with tears streaming down my face praying for a saving grace.

The next morning I woke up to an empty house. I sighed in relief and locked my door, looking over at my phone.

Four missed calls.

Two from Bri and a ton of text messages, and two from Kayla.

I turned it off and laid back down, falling back into a dreamless sleep.

I woke up to the sound of banging on the door. I groaned and looked at the time.

1:30 pm

I walked downstairs and opened the door, seeing two uniformed women staring down at me.


“We are the truancy police. We were called by one of your teachers saying you were skipping class. We’re here to escort you to school to meet with the counselor.”

I stared at them in shock.

“Which teacher?”

“A Ms. Alexus.” That fucking cunt.

“Okay, just give me a minute.” I shut the door and groaned quietly in anger, punching the air.

Ms Alexus- 1 Leiya-0

I slapped on black sweats and a matching hoodie and threw on some shades, before walking downstairs. I got into the cop car and glared at the seat until we reached school.

I walked in and everyone stared while truancy escorted me to the principals office.

I stared down until I heard a beautiful laugh come from the office. I looked up and saw the familiar brunette and my face turned sour.

“Good to see you too, Ms. Pierce.” She winked, brushing passed me as the principal called me into his office.

"We received a concerning note from one of your teachers saying you skipped class today.” Principal Callahan spoke.

“Nah, I didn’t skip. I woke up with a stomach bug.”

“You know you need an excuse note tomorrow when you come back.” He stated. I nodded, smirking because I knew he was going to let me off the hook.

“If you ever need anyone to talk to, you know you have the counselors here. Okay?” He stated, referring back to my catatonic state last year. I nodded.

“Good. Go ahead, I’ll call school safety to bring you back home. Feel better, Leiya.”

“Thank you, Mr. Callahan. Be sure to tell Ms. Alexus about this conversation, yeah?” I asked, politely. He nodded and I walked off. I walked down the hallway, bumping into someone and my shades falling off.

"Shit!” I panicked, bending down to pick them up.

“This is the second time, clumsy. Watch it!” Ms. Alexus hissed.

I glared up at her and her faced dropped.

Shit! The shades!

I quickly slapped them back on my face and closed up my hoodie.

“Leiya w-”

“Don’t! You have no right to ask me anything! Especially after that stunt you pulled!” I hissed lowly, before storming into the parking lot.

“Leiya!” I heard Kayla yell. I huffed and looked up at the grey sky.

Just one day of peace. That’s all I ask for.

“Kayla.” I said, sternly.

“I called you this morning but you didn’t respond. Look..I’m sorry about yesterday. I was just hurt. You’re right, I need to give you time to grow. I know you’ve been through a lot the past year so I shouldn’t force you into something you’re not ready for. I’m sorry.” She pouted. Kayla was a sight. She was one of the most popular girls in school. She was petite, brown-skinned and her weave was always on point.

What else could a girl ask for?

“Okay, baby.” I smiled down at her. Her eyes shined and she giggled, wrapping her arms around me and pressing her lips to mine. I kissed her back, feeling her moan into my mouth while I bit down on her lip, sucking it softly, making a “pop” sound when I pulled back while my fingers wrapped around her throat, choking her lightly.

“Don’t throw shit at me, anymore.” I growled.

“Mmm yes, daddy.” I leaned down and kissed her again and pulled away to see the green eyed devil snarling at us from her car.

Ms Alexus-1 Leiya- 1

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