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My Forever Valentine (gxg)

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Spin-off of She Left Me Broken. Emma Wilson is 26 years old, she is about to graduate from law school and is settling into her life with her fiancé. What could possibly go wrong?

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1: Squad

Emma's (POV)

I've been with Riley's kids Emma and Ella all day. It's auntie time and I just love them so much. They are now 4 1/2 and since their parents are at work and I have a free day today so, I offered to watch them. I was supposed to take them to pre-school but I would be bored so, I let them skip today. Mariah is going to kill me but they are so fun. We're about to mess with Valentine. She's just about to get off work and we're going full war on her. I grab the nerf guns from my closet and hand the girls the mini ones and I get my big one out. "Okay squad, do you know the mission?" I look at them and they cock their guns back and nod their heads. We are all wearing army shirts with bandannas over our heads and black pants. I smear some black eye liner under their eyes and do the same for me.

"Auntie we not gonna hurt auntie Val right?" Ella is soft for Val. I shake my head.

"No, we're just playing a game" she smiles and nods.

"Emma number two I need you to distract auntie Val by acting like your leg hurts and cry. That way me and Ella can shoot her with the guns" Emma frowns and shakes her head.

"I don't want to. I want to shoot her" I laugh and look at Ella.

"Ella can you do it?"

"Yes" she nods.

"Okay squad, t-minus 5 minutes until operation bloody Valentine. Go to your places" Ella hides her gun in her pants and goes to the door and sits down. Emma number two goes to the kitchen and squats down holding her gun. Damn, I wish I had kids. I go to the living room and press my back to the wall and grip my gun. Five minute passes and she still isn't here. I look at my phone and she texted me saying she'll be here soon there is traffic. I sent her a text to hurry because Ella's leg hurts. Hopefully that will make her come faster. 10 minutes later we hear keys in the door, I motion for Ella to cry and she starts crying loud. I hide again and Valentine comes in and puts her stuff down by the door and goes over to Ella.

"What happened baby girl?" Ella wipes her eyes and holds her leg.

"I don't know it just hurts" Valentine grabs her leg and Ella looks at me as Valentine is examining her leg. I jump out and start to shoot at Valentine and Emma comes out hitting her in the head. Valentine tries to cover up but falls back on her ass.

"I'm going to kill you guys" she gets up and covers her face running upstairs. Emma comes over to me and Ella gets up.

"Good job squad, now, let's move out. Watch each other's back. Auntie Val is a pro at this game so focus" I high five them and we slowly make our way upstairs. I look around and it's eerily quiet up here. I tell Emma to go to the right and Ella to the left then I go straight towards my room. I move slowly and walk into my room I open my closet door. nothing. I turn around and Valentine is holding her gun to me.

"Lower your gun Wilson, and no one gets hurt" I laugh and hold my hands up.

"You wouldn't hurt the love of your life would you?" She nods and points her gun at my head.

"Oh you mean like you did me? Classic manipulation tactic. Not going to work my love" she smirks at me and cocks her gun. I see Emma number two behind Valentine and smirk back at her.

"Well, it looks like you are out numbered baby, so put your hands up" she looks behind her and the twins are pointing their guns at her. She laughs and holds her hands up.

"Drop your gun auntie Val " Emma number two says but Ella starts shooting me.

"Traitor!" I say and start shooting her back. Emma number two shoots Val and runs out the room leaving me behind with them. I run behind her and get shot everywhere. "Ella you are a traitor!" I yell running away from them. Val and Ella laugh and chase us. I'm out of bullets so I drop my gun and hide in the pantry of the kitchen. I hear foot steps walk by the door. They stop and open the door and begin shooting me until their bullets run out. I lay on the ground and play dead. I feel a little body on me and grab my cheeks.

"Auntie wake up" it's Emma number two. She starts crying and hugging me tight. I open my eyes and hold her close.

"Don't cry I was only playing princess" I wipe her tears and kiss her cheek. She smiles and sniffles.

"Did they hurt you?" I nod. She gets up and looks angry. "Willow you hurt auntie, say sorry now!" Ella looks down and mumbles a sorry auntie. I hug both of them then get up.

"Good game squad" I high five them and walk over to Valentine. "You cheated and made Ella a traitor" she laughs and kisses my cheek.

"You started it. She just likes me better so don't come at me with that crap" my front door flies open and in walks a very mad Mariah followed by Riley. Oh shit she looks pissed. I hide behind Val.

"Emma you really took my kids out of school today just so you can play with them?" I nod and shrug.

"They wanted auntie time, I'm sorry but I would have been bored all by myself today. We had fun" she looks at the twins and shakes her head seeing the black smears on their face. Riley laughs.

"You are such a child Emma. Twins get your stuff we're going home" Riley says and the twins go get their backpacks and hug me and Val then go to their moms.

"Bye aunties. Love you. We had fun. Thank you." I smile.

"Anytime my squad. See you tomorrow" Mariah comes up to me an punches my arm then they all leave. I rub my arm and pout. "Damn, she hits hard" I look at Valentine and smile "I missed you, how was work?" She comes over to me and kisses my arm then wraps her arms around my neck.

"Eh, the usual. Just glad to be home, I missed you too" I hold her hips and kiss her lips. She kisses me back then rests her forehead against mine. "Let's go to bed, I'm tired" I nod and grab her hand and we walk upstairs. I've been meaning to ask her something but I don't know if she's ready for that yet. We get to our room and we change into pjs and lay in bed.

"Baby?" I pulls her on top of me and she puts her head in the crook of my neck and hums.

"I was thinking." She looks up

"About what?"

"Um, well, I think we should have a baby" she looks at me shocked. "Or not, whatever you want. It's just, when I'm playing with the twins, it makes me think I'm ready for one" she smiles and rubs my cheek.

"I've been waiting for you to ask me. I'm older and I've been ready but I didn't want to pressure you if you weren't ready"

"Well, I'm ready" she pecks my lips and nods

"Okay, we can try after we get married. Right now let's focus on you graduating tomorrow"

"Sounds good but since you are old, you are carrying it first because I know if I do, we will end up with twins and I just want one for now" she looks at me confused

"What do you mean? And shut up I'm not that old" I laugh and kiss her cheek.

"Well, twins run in my family. My mother had a twin and my brothers are twins remember?" She laughs.

"Oh right, I forgot. Yeah I'm definitely carrying first"

"Okay let's sleep, it's going to be a long day tomorrow" she puts her head back in the crook of my neck and we fall asleep.

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