Life isn’t fair

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Why would a father do this to his own child?

Romance / Drama
Emily ann
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Hi my name is Lilly and for some reason I thought all parents were supposed to love their children with all their heart.
I was never so wrong in my life.
Five years ago when I was twelve my mom and I were in a car crash and my mom didn’t make it but I lived and my dad was furious. That was when I got my first beating.
My dad ordered me to get out of the car with a slightly insane look in his eyes. When I walked inside I heard my dad slam the door shut with BANG. I nervously turned around and he slapped me so hard I fell on my knees.
“ YOU BITCH IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN YOU WHO DIED,” he said shaking with fury. With that he turned around and slammed his bedroom door shut. I ran up to my room with tears in my eyes and flopped down on my bed sobbing my heart out. After that my life was never the same.
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