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Sexy smutty hot one shots Be Aware that only 18 and older persons are allowed to read , but go ahead you have been warned. This is my very first book , so please have patience with me, With no further a do , let’s get sexy 😉

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_1. Officer

He stood in front of me , build like a god : sexy and huge … in all areas and honey I was turned on in a corner cafe of all fucking places.

I stood on my tippy toes pressing my front into his behind , my floral dress lifting up a bit and situated right beneath my butt cheeks. I whispered into his ear ,“ Officer Hernandez ?” He turned his head a little “hmm ?” He replied looking at me ,“ I’m gonna head to the bathroom real quick.” I said and basically slid down on his behind. I enter the bathroom to see that it’s empty and hurry over to one of the stalls. Once I closed the door behind me, my right hand shot up directly into my white thong rubbing my clit. Thoughts about Officer Hernandez teasing me had me a whimpering mess. God that man could fuck me like he owned me. Teasing my wet slit I run my middle finger up and down in my wetness, then slowly entered my dripping wet cunt making me moan. My left hand left the toilet I was sitting on and gripped my breast , pinching my already hard nipple and a squeal left my mouth. That was all it took for me to fuck the process. I jerked my finger into my cunt hard and fast , taking it out and thrusting it back into myself hard. My nail grazed my G spot my pussy throbbing , I could feel myself edging closer and closer to my orgasm when a knock resided on the stall door, Officer Hernandez clears his throat,“ Isabella - come on your times up.” Shit was he here the entire time? I got up and fixed myself , flushing the toilet to cover up my sins then opened the stall door and headed straight to the sinks to wash my hands. Doing all that without even looking at him.

I wash my hands under the cold water but it doesn’t even lightly ease the throbbing down there. I look up at the mirror and make hard eye contact ,“ can I please just have a few more minute say like 10 at most ?” He shakes his head, “ not happening.” He says sweetly. I really need to release ,“ please I really just need a few more minutes, please I promise this will be the last time.” He walks closer to me , closer and closer until he’s pressed against me and I could feel every inch of him. I can’t take it.“ please ?” I beg. He whispers in my left ear,“ tell me why should I give you five more minutes to fuck your self to thoughts of me ? Huh Isabella.” My eyes grow wide with horror but nonetheless I play open cards with him,“ because your mere presence turns me on you asshole !” I let out a giggle at that sentence but he doesn’t find me funny at all.

His hand wraps around my throat from behind. He gives it a light squeeze then with that he bends my neck so that I look up at him,“ why should I give you five minutes when I can Fuck you longer ?” He says out loud to me causing me to bite my lip. He releases me and I turn around to hop onto the marble counter , spreading my legs for him.“ fuck he groans as his hands wander around my thighs. He looks me up and down then steps even closer pressing his cloth covered bulge into my bulge,“ tell me how you want it , Bella” I don’t even think my answer through when my own voice speaks up ,“ I want -” he looks me in the eyes ,“ I want you hard , deep and slow ” I huff out.

Then he takes a step back and removes his belt filled with guns , his Walky talky and weapons and places it in the corner against the mirror. He takes my right hand and places it over his raging boner looking at me expectedly. I squeeze him through his uniform and plays with his zipper then I lazily pull it down. I look up at him as I take out his monstrous cock , pumping it a few times. He pushes me back against the faucet and spreads my legs eagle style, the he grips me and pulls me closer to him making me almost fall of the counter. As he moves my thong to the side I take in the sight of his cock which is thick and long , huge. He lines himself up against my entrance and plows into me causing me to gasp in pain. He looks at my face void of emotion when he pulls out and slams into my tight cunt again making me hunch over and cling to his shoulders. He removes his one hand from my ass and wraps it around my back pressing me impossible close to him. He slams all the way into me hitting my womb,“ ah ” I moan out in ecstasy and pain, as he plows into me over and over and over again . He kisses my neck as he destroys my pussy pounding into it over and over. As I near my climax I hold onto his back , my nails digging into him,“ I - I’m near !” His thrusts turns harder making me clench,“ I know baby , just a few more” he groans out.

He picks up his pace hitting it from all angles and suddenly a warm , high feeling washes over me and as I reach my climax I bit down into his shoulder , crying in relieve when he spurts a long rope of hot cum inside my pussy.

. . . . . . .

As the two leaves the bathroom Officer Hernandez ‘s phone dings and he takes it out

Video attachment.

He looks at the video watching himself fuck his case victim in horror , only to announce, “ Everyone I want Isabella on LOCKDOWN ! No one goes near her except me.!”
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