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I lay there on my brown couch , watching some shitty telenovela in my silk nighty and cherry print thong , the cool air hardening my nipples.

Man I need to get laid I think to myself . I stand up and switch off my television heading to my bedroom my feet pattering on the marble floor, when I heard a crash coming from my room. I sped up and nothing, my room is perfect with nothing out of place but that’s when I see it. My cat standing along side my broken Vibrator. “ ARE YOU KIDDING ME ?” I shout in frustration. What am I gonna do now to relieve all this tension? I shoo away the cat and throw the broken sex toy in a drawer.

My doorbell dings and I storm off to the front door , swinging it open“ what ? - ” oh my dear lord. “ pardon me for disturbing miss Willow but you left your notebook in my class and since I live next door and heard a profound yell , I thought you were looking for it …” Professor Marcus tells me but I am not understanding a word because suddenly my panties dampened.

I stare at him and the book - my book against his chest,“ right yes, uh because I was uhm searching for my uh , book ? ” I tell him with a small laugh. He extends his hand towards me handing me the book. “ thank you sir , for your troubles . Would you uh like to come in for some coffee, and I could get more appropriately dressed ?” He chuckles “ that would be kind thank you.” I close the door behind him and grab my robe in the coat closet , yes something like this happened before with my mother.

“ so professor , why not give the book to me in class tommorow?” I ask while pouring the hot coffee. He crosses his arms over his chest making his arms strain against the fabric. “ I was going to but I - ” We lock eyes as he start thumping towards me ,“ I can’t pretend anymore ms Willow. I saw the broken vibrator and I know you touch yourself upon the thought of myself so I came here , to help satisfy your need. If you’ll let me ?”

Oh dear god -“ one night just you and me , no strings attached. One good fuck and it’s done ?”
I stare at him waiting to see the joke , some sort of laughter but non. “ you had me at no strings , professor.” He wasted no time crossing the little space between us , hosting me up on my kitchen counter . Our lips met in a feverish makeout kissing biting and swirling of tongs , when his right hand caressed my thigh moving up to the place I needed him most. My pus$y ached for him if need be his fingers. He slowly slid his middle finger into me , causing me to moan. “ you like that ? How about one more ?” He groaned against my lips as he pulled out just to insert two digits inside my wet cunt, the intrusion made me clench his fingers but he gave me a stern look so I slowly released his fingers. “ fuck , I can’t take it . Hurry please.” I whimpered. He pulled his fingers out covered in my wetness. He bring them to my lips,“suck.” I obeyed without a thought. “ dear heavens I need that mouth wrapped around my c0ck.”

I slipped down from the counter going on my knees . I reach for his zipper and pulled down his pants along with his boxers. A gasp escaped my lips when I saw what he was packing . A huge thick monster . I take his blessed cock into my hands and I pump it a few times I kitty lick the tip before I start sucking on the head looking my professor straight in the eye . He takes his hands and wraps them in my hair , fisting them hard before he starts fucking my throat hard and fast. I start to choke on his dick when he loosens one hand and wipe away my tears. “ such a good girl , keep sucking for me.” He groans out his pace becoming sloppy .

He spurts his cum down my throat and I swallow it , smiling up at him. He pulls his dick out of my mouth helping me up, just to pin me to my
counter again and without warning he rips of my underwear and puts it to use as a gag. He gagged me with my own panties. “ you ready babygirl?” All I can do is nod my head.
He starts sucking on my neck , a moan escaping into the cloth when he pushes deep inside me . “ god you’re so tight baby.” I grip the counter as he relentlessly thrust into me balls deep , hitting my g spot over and over again. I moan into the cloth my hands digging into the counter , as my legs give out but that doesn’t stop him . He flips me over and wraps my legs around his waist allowing him deeper access into my pussy . He pounds me deep , deeper than the scratches I left in his shoulder . I moan uncontrollably as he thrusts into me and busting his load of stringy cum within my uterus.

I cling to him for dear life as he pulls out , leaving me panting. “ you may remove your undies from your mouth , for the next part I want to hear you scream my name.”
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