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It was my turn to throw , the new discus throw coach looked at me expectantly. I took my stance in the ring. Taking a deep breath I moved quick and swiftly releasing the disc and letting out a grunt. I watch as the disc lands over the 40 meters mark. That is by most the best throw I got this week . I step out of the ring only for him to say ,“ you can do better .” Excuse meeeee ?! I get all up in his face , on my tip toes,“ I’d like to see you do better.” I growl out. Oh shit I quickly add sir after the sentence. But the damage has been done. He gives me a deadly glare.

The bell rings signaling the end of this torture. “ everyone back to class!” He shouts. Thank the lord I thought as I picked up my bag. “ Not you miss Valentine. Walk to my office.” Fuck.

We walk to his office in an eery silence. When I stepped in his office, he closes the door behind me , locking it. He walks up to me backing me against his table. “ you know , you are a good student until you open that sinful mouth of yours.” I gasp in return to his words.“ maybe we should get a better use for it , mmm ?” His hand strokes my chin our eyes never leaving one another. I decide to act out , “ or maybe you should fuck me over this table again.” I tell him recalling the last time he had his big cock stuffed in my kitty.

He pulls me closer , tightly against him. I can feel every inch of him as he sits me on his desk, his bulge pressing against my already wet core. He leans down and kisses me hard, passionately. His tongue dances with mine while his hands roam my body like an unknown fabric. His hand stops just above my skipants hovering with hesitation. I take his hand as I pull back for air , guiding his hand to go further. He looks me in the eyes again as he sides my thong and his finger attacks my clit.I moan escapes my lips ,“ ohh ” he looks at me sinisterly “ you like that princess?” I nod using my legs to bring him closer. His fingers moves faster bringing me closer to my orgasm every second. I close my eyes just as I am on the verge of my orgasm, but he stops suddenly. My eyes open and I stare at him.“ only good girls get to cum , princess.”

“ well you’re not that good either sir.” He looks at me like I just chopped his ego off and within seconds he has me pinned on my back ,“ I’ll show you just how bad I can be ” he chuckles in my ear . With his one hand keeping both my wrist on the table he pulls off his clothing with the other. I try to loosen my wrist but he tightens his grip ,“ don’t worry princess I’ll take care of the rest.” He winks and true to his words he pulls of my skipants and thong with just one hand. Both bare he strokes his huge cock before he spreads my legs wide for him . He slides a finger in and spreads my wetness all over my pussy . He leans down and spits on my open hole for ekstra lubrication and nibbles on my clit making me squirm in anticipation. He stand up and nears me his tip crazing me ,“ if I let go your hands, promise you won’t do anything crazy?” He says in an authoritative voice . I nod my head an he lets go slowly placing both his hands around my thighs. He slowly pushes his cock into me, leaving me gasping. I place my arms around him like a hug one hand holding his head in the crook of my neck.

He pushes all the way in , balls deep the pulls out to just the tip then he pushes back in grazing my G spot ever so slightly making me shiver his pace is slow and steady torturing almost when I moan out to go faster. He stops breathing into my neck he says no but complies anyway. His thrusts gets faster but not that fast , he keeps hitting my spot so I tightened my hold on him ,“ I think I’m gonna - gonna cum.”
“ I know princess, but not until I say so .” He threatens in my ear. He keeps his pace hitting my womb over and over , my orgasm near. I tightened my legs around him but it was no use , my orgasm kept threatening to rip lose .“ baby , please I can’t hold it any longer.” He speeds up the last few strokes and just as I let go he groans to cum. I cling to his sweaty back as if my life depended on it. Heaving heavy as we both stay like that .
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