Beautiful Beast

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What happens when the beauty is the beast? Alejandro Forest doesn't need a mate. He has the second strongest pack in the world, and has a woman he loves, Elena Matthews. So, when the moon goddess decides to give him a mate, why give him, the epitome of coldness, a human mate, Jessica Law? Moreover, What is she hiding? *Please note, most of this story will be in Alejandro's, A.K.A, the male Main character's POV.

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Third person’s POV


Young Alejandro panted as he ran away from his pack.

The ten year old became more angry as he watched the burnt pack house become smaller and smaller in his peripheral vision.

His mother had betrayed the pack and fallen in love with the enemy pack’s alpha. So she killed her mate, Alejandro’s father and the Blood Rose pack’s Alpha, and her lover attacked the pack.

Without the alpha, the pack was weak, and it took a maximum of fifteen minutes to kill the whole pack, with the exception of Alejandro, who had hidden in a safe house.

From that day on, little Jandro vowed he would never take a mate.


Alejandro’s POV

I sipped on my mug of coffee as I watched the sun rise. The day was starting and hustle-bustle had started in his village below.

He watched with pride as women came out to pick flowers, and men to help their mates, love surrounding the air. The smell of Jasmines and burning eggs, a-

Wait, What?


“Ellie! Are you cooking again?“I yell.

“Sorry!” Small whimpers come from the kitchen.

I sigh.

One thing Ellie can’t do is cooking, it was why she wasn’t allowed in the kitchen. She had the wonderful talent to even burn water. I move into the kitchen and wrap my arms around her, holding her as sobs wracked her body.

“I-I-ju-just-want-wanted-t-to-co-cook-you-some-some-fo-food!“She wails.

“You know I like you even without your non-existent cooking skills,Ellie.” I coo.

She stiffens up, causing me to sigh. This was another frequent fight between us.

Ellie was a beautiful woman, standing at 5"8, with greenish yellow eyes and natural blonde hair, which she had dyed red.

She was also a beta-female, a bonus, a strong wolf.

The only people she obeyed were beta males, albeit strong ones, Alphas and Lunas, and Alpha-Females.

Contrary to what the humans believe, Lunas and Alpha-Females weren’t the same. Lunas needed an Alpha to rule a pack, but Alpha-Females could rule a pack by themselves.

There weren’t any openly-known Alpha-Females in the world, but there were rumours about an Alpha-Female few years ago. What made the Alpha-Females more special were their abilities to change their scent to any ranking wolf, from Alphas to Omegas, and some extremely powerful ones could even change their scent into a Human one.

Going back, it was my vow that I didn’t take a mate, or use the word love, due to my ‘mother’.

I opened my mouth to speak, but my beta, Ellie’s brother Xavier, mind-linked me.

“Alpha, a human saw one of the warrior wolves shift into a human, and fainted. We have got her here. What should we do?”

A Human? Well, Shit.

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