Beautiful Beast

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Chapter 1, Part 1

Jandro’s POV

I ran out into the woods, where they had kept the human. It was an old man.

“This old man was picking some wild blue roses from our territory, Alpha.” Xavier Stated, “He saw a teen going through his shifting process.”

I took a good look at the man. He was around 80, wrinkly and old. He wouldn’t be of any use to us.

Suddenly, my wolf grew restless.

A divine smell invaded my nose, a unique mix of Maple Syrup and Roses.

“MATE!” My wolf, Nixon, howled.

A mate? No way.

There was some shuffling to my right, and a woman emerged.

She was enticingly beautiful.

Raven black, shoulder length hair, which had burgundy highlights. Her skin was the colour of a peach, and looked so juicy, Nixon wanted a bite (I’m Nixon, so...). She was wearing glasses, a black off-shoulder crop top and denim shorts, along with hiking boots.

And most of all, she was my Mate, and a human.

Goddamn, What on earth was wrong with the moon goddess?


This is just Part 1 of Chapter 1, the remaining will be uploaded on Thursday, as per the schedule.

This is kind of a small thank you, for giving my book a chance. This book has been ranked 18 on #Were on Wattpad, and only the prologue had been uploaded. Being a teen, these were just drafts I was writing, and I never thought this would be ranked anywhere. I’m over the moon (werewolf pun intended.)

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