Beautiful Beast

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Chapter 1, Part 2

“Kai?” Her angelic voice asks in confusion, her eyes raking over all my men, finally landing on me, her breath hitching and eyes widening when it does.

So his name is Kai.

Jess.” Kai sighs.

“What happened? What’s going on?” ‘Jess’ asks, then her eyes light up. “Are those my favourite- Blue Roses?” She squeals, and I suppress a growl at the thought of anyone except me making her happy.

Before Kai can reply, I intervene. “Sweetheart,” I cannot resist the urge to use the term, “Your friend Kai here, saw something about us he wasn’t suppose to see. We were just going to discuss how to dispose him.”

She turns towards Kai and raises an eye at him. “Something he shouldn’t have seen?” She turns her luscious body towards me. “Were you drug-dealing or shit?”

Ah. She’s a sassy, feisty one with a sailor’s mouth.

"Or Shit.” I reply. “We are wer-”

“Al-Boss?” Xavier cuts in.

I turn to him. “She might as well know. She is going to be a prisoner along with Kia.” I say.

“Kai.” Kai cuts in. “Whatever.” I roll my eyes and turn towards my mate.

“We’re werewolves, darling. He saw us shifting.”

Her eyes widen for a fraction-minute, before she doubles down laughing.

“Werewolves? Is that the name of your gang? And is ‘Shifting’ a code word for dealing of drugs?” She goes on laughing.

I motion to another wolf standing next to me.


I watch as her face pales as she watches him change into a wolf.

Jess’ POV

Ho-Holy SHIT!!


Happy Birthday to me.

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Thoughts on Kai’s intro?

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