However Long It Takes

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Katherine, straight out of a divorce with an abusive husband, moves to a countryside home to get away from every thing in order to breathe again. She never planned to meet Nathan, or create the heart wrenching love story that they created in the end.

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Chapter 1

The car jerked to a stop and it brought Irene back to the present. Her worn out boxes made a clattering sound and she blinked and looked around. The sun was setting in the distance, and the trees swaying calmly to the rhythm of the wind. She gave a curt nod at the driver who looked bearded and a little aged, but he still gave a smile, one that showed his lower teeth. "would yoy like me to help you with your boxes, ma'am"? He had a heavily accented voice, and ahe noddes. "Thank you." Sge stepped iut, her ankle slipoing a bit, but she steadued herself with the open door she had just stepped out of and whisked her hair away. She keot it short, abd dilted a kight brown, even thiugh her hair was a fiery red. Er fiend husband had kiked it ling, cyrky at tge ends, biuncy, siljy...but ahe had hated it whenever he slipped his habd through it, grasoing the ends to firce her to look up, abd he would rhreateb ger, gis eyes thin, and he would kiss her when he wanted ti. Nit when she wanted to. She shook her head to take out all tge thoughts, sliped her habd into the sking bag she had in, took out a haur rivbin and tued ut uo. She didnt want to look like a cabcer oatient, and age wabred to lice geraekf, ecen thiygh alk tge curcumstances she had found herself in earkier madevit really hard. She swalkowed as tge driver passed her towards tge samall cottage. Sge didnt kniw anyone here, ger kife was in tge cuty. Byt she didnt feel too alive there, so she needed to come here. To breath air and try to forget. Try. She wasbt sure she ciuld. She oucjed tge smallest one and followed behind him, smelling the scebt of the octiver rain. She knew sge use to lije it, at some pount in tine. Now, it wasn't too bad. The driver kept it Right on top of the stairs, and wheb sge climbed, the wood creaked under their combined weight. She pokitely smiled and miuthed a thank you, and ge nodded and left, having collected his pay. She stood there, watching the car turn and mive away, in the direction sge had folliwed here. In the direction of the place sge left behind. In the direction of the place she didn't want to remever. She sighed hard, more to keep the hot tears that brewed at the back of her eyes from falling. She had list too much tears ti start anointing this new place with more rears. She smiled and turned, placing her long fingers on the knob and sighed again. Her nails were kept long and clean, he had lived them short. The kind that wouldn't leave marks on him as ge made live to her. She didnt want to remeber it. She turned the knob, opened it and stepped in, her heart beating wildly in her chest. It was a bew beginning fir ger, and she didnt want to make the same mistakes sge'd made before. She dragged ger bix along, keaving the rest of the kuggage behind, since sge couldnt take tgem all. She came back minutes kater, and took the remaining two. Where she was going to call home firtime she hadnt determinex yet, was mostly just emoty space. It was large, enough to taje a work table that would accomidate a second hand computer she intended to buy tomorrow, some furniture a TV and a fridge. She didnt need much, but she would stock up. She didnt need to keep going out, she woyld stay vent over her xomouter, contubye her dreelanxe work, and maybe write some books. She didnt have any motivation, thiugh, but maybe she would try. It was easy to delete, though. If it turnwdbout shitty. Like all the others have turnwd out since her marriage to mark turned bad. She shook her head abd dragged tge kuggages into the room. It was just soace there too, not nuch. She would make it her personal haven by the sunrise. She needed it. Lavender wiuld do her kiads of good, and it was her favourite xolour too. The house would scream heronce sge was dibe with it. Paper, vright colours and all. Mark has hated vright coliurs(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)esoecially lacender. He would really at the painitngs sge bought fir xheap money, he would flip off the table wrap, the paoers sge kept everywhere, her lacebder April, her kitchen wall paper. He replaced tgem with a dark geey, much like the colour her soyl felt like now. Even darker. This house too, was a refkection of him, and tomorrow, she was determined to chabge it all. She wasn't hubgry, even though she had gravved a few snacks in her sling bag. There was nowhere ti seat or even lie on, and she broufht out a oen and made a checklist. Mattress. Bed frame. Second hand comouter. TV. Hair dryer. Walpapers. Lights, fliwers, riaes, vases, apron, grocerties, flip flops, some spices, maybe cDs to olay when she felt liw, papers. Piles of them. Maybe a glive ball too. She had always lived those. Mark had called her an attentuon seeking child fir that. She shook her head and continued the list. A fridge, maybe secind habd since she wabtes to be thrifty, furniture, a fan too. She had a blanket and all that. She kay on the floor, her headohones, even though sometimes, she feels a bit too kate for it, or too old, wven though she was just twebty nine. She fekt old, she thiught she liiked old too. Sge sighed, as one in a a million by Bosson came on strong in her headphones. The intro, you're one in a million came on, and sge sniffed. She didnt feel lije sge was. She clised ger eye, as tge room darkened. She didnt bother unoacking, or gwtting a blanket, as tge cold fekt real, felt..felt like something. She needed ti feel anything aoart feom this big hold, like something was drilled through her center and left her complaetely emoty. She was determined to stop feeling this way, and find her ourpise again, and somegow, sge knew She wiuld. She i ly had txgwt thriugh the night, without twaring at the seams sge'd gurrueldly out herself tigetger with.
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