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Nighttime Desires

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One-Shots and Short Stories

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1 : Baby


"come here," his masculine and authoritative voice reached out to me.

And I have no other choice but to obey.

Living together for three months, Raj and I were able to connect more as a couple.

Connect in ways we are both able to explore each others body and compromise for our own quirks and kinks.

I crawl from the end of the sofa towards our bed. He was sitting on the center edge, moving his fingers in a come hither way, inviting me towards him.

Once I was kneeling in front of him. He uttered for me to face my back on him.

"On your knees and arms,"

Obliging his command, I spontaneously faced the other side, confusion etching my face.

"Umphff~" Having no knowledge of his plans. I turned my head in shock.


"Shut up, bitch" He muttered

I was suspended through air after he grab a hold of each of my calves. Pulling my legs toward his center. Directing my mons on top of his groin.

My both arms are continuously contracted to support my body.

"But, ---"

"Bend your arm. Lie your head on it." His voice so domineering.

Having no choice, but to obey. I extend my arms on the floor. Placing my head on one arm.

My body was so stretched with my bottom placed on top of his thighs. He then, folded each of my knees to his waist, making me more open and vulnerable to his sight.

Releasing an appreciative groan, he traced the hem of my white thong around my inner thighs.

"All bets are off. You. Are. Fucking. Wet."

I can't help but moan and whimper. I felt his two digits grinding my slit. My thong creating a delicious friction in between.


"You like that, huh"

"Yes, Master" my voice so needy, my hips moving around his fingers

"AHHH" Raj unexpectedly pulled my thong upwards. Making it tight around my center. Then, unexpectedly pushing off his black silk boxers. His length carving along my constricted slit.

"AHHH!" A slap was produced between the area of my butt and pussy. Another loud crack echoed continuing his assault.

"What have you done earlier for you to receive this punishment, huh" His rough actions and interrogation made my wetness sipped through my thong

Moaning and unable to answer, I was only able to release a shaky breath.

"Answer me!" He voiced out after a burst of two more slaps.
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