The Badboy girl

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Ashley Walker is sarcastic, sassy girl who is best friend of Liam Knight a player. She is in love with him for five years but he doesn't know. But it changes after Noah king, Liam enemy comes to Ashley life. Do you think Ashley is really in love with Liam or is it just crush... ★★★★★★☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★★ Ok what do you want" "you" "But I am not object" "Ok then I will say what happened at that night" ★★★★★★☆☆☆☆☆★★★★★★ Ok what do you want" "you" "But I am not object" "Ok then I will say what happened at that night"

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Chapter 1

Ashley pov

Hey, I am Ashley Hazel Walker, I am the only daughter of my parents Adriana Winston and Lucas Walker who is a billionaire and I have a big brother who is in California. He has his own company. Levi Harry Walker.

I have two best friends, Liam Knight and Jessica Harrison.

Liam is my childhood best friend from when we were in a diaper. But I like him for five years, but he never saw that, but he is a player in our high school.

Jessica Harrison is my best friend from my kindergarten. She knows that I like him. She is only giving hope to me that he also likes me.

I sometimes think that do I like him or something other…. but there is no other boy than him in my life so…
Oh! I forgot I have a party at Liam's house, I must get ready now or Liam will kill me.

Jessica came running and Hey jess". "You are looking for a gorgeous girl ". I blushed and said thanks. "You are looking hot Jess".
She was wearing a black spaghetti mesh knee-length dress it hugged her curves.

I took a glass of beer and went to meet Liam. I asked his friends where he is they told me he is upstairs.

I heard Liam's voice in one of the rooms I lightly opened the room to see he was talking to a girl.

I taught she was just like other girls to him, so I went to close the door. But when I heard his word, my whole universe crumbled.

" I love you, Amber Rose, you are the love of my life, your eyes are so beautiful I always lost in it, every time I see your lips, I just want to kiss it...”.

I didn't want to hear anything, due to pressure that I unknowingly applied to the bear glass it crushed in my palm and blood started to pour from my hand.

"What sound is that?" Liam was asking Amber.

I ran from there and pushed bodies which were in my way I crashed into someone's chest, but I did not see who it was I just said sorry went outside and collapsed in the parking lot.
hugged me when I was crying mess.

"Why are you crying? has anything happened? Or someone harassed you? I saw you running from the stairs, so I came to check you." She started to ask questions, but I just sobbed.

"Ok I will just call Liam" she started to dial his number. I took her phone and started to explain between my sobs.

She hugged me and started to say, “she is also like other girls just he will use and her breakup with her after one or two weeks".

"No, he told her that with so much love in his eyes and he was treating her like a goddess who came from heaven or something, but he never saw me in that way. And she is a girl that everyone worships her and wants to be her, every boy in our school has a crush on her. So, he is also in love with her".

She did not say anything, but she looked at my hand started to search for the key for her car, but she gave it to her friend. So, she left me here to wait.

I started to watch stars in the sky, but someone called my name "Ashley”.

I turned to see who it was, but I did not think I will see him here.
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