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The Badboy girl

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Chapter 2

β€œAshley” turned to see who it was, but I did not think I will see him here.

Noah King is a bad boy of the school and an enemy of Liam. They were friends before but after the summer break where I had gone to my brother's place so I can learn about his company, and I had also enjoyed my time there with him.

But when I came to school after breaking popular group divided into two groups popular group and bad boy group. But I did not know the reason two their fight. And I also did not call Liam during a break, so he did not say anything to me.

I am a friend of Liam, so Noah hates me too.

β€œWhat are you doing here?”

β€œWhy? can't I come to a party?”

β€œYa party is inside. What are you doing in the parking lot?”.

β€œOh! Someone crashed me in a party and spilled my drink and didn't say sorry, so I followed her”.

β€œOh! Sorry for ruining your shirt”.

β€œFirst, I wanted sorry, but I don't need it because I got a new weapon to make Liam's life living hell”.


β€œYou know I heard your conservation with Jessica, and I also recorded it, so you are going to be my girlfriend now”.

β€œWHAT? Are you blackmailing me, but I am not going to be your girlfriend”?

β€œYou can say that what you want. But if you do not become my girlfriend. I can share it on social media and what your friend will think about you?”

I was feeling dizzy I had a pool of my blood beside me.

β€œYou should bandage it. Come with me I will take you to the hospital.”

β€œI am not coming with you”.

β€œYou are losing your blood come with me”.

He carried me to his car, but I blacked out on the way to his car.

When I woke up, I was in my room.

I freshened myself my right hand was bandaged.

After some time, mom knocked on my bedroom door. She brought tea and cookies. She placed it on my lap and sat beside me.

β€œSo, what happened last night, you were unconscious, and your right palm was bandaged, and some boy took you to hospital and helped me to tuck you to bed I was so scared, and your dad was also not there....” she started to sob.

I hugged her I know she loves me so much. I was guilty of worrying her.

β€œI am sorry ma it doesn't happen again”.

β€œSo, if you want to talk about anything I will be there for you”. I just nodded. She is my best friend before Liam and Jess.

β€œSo, who is that boy who came here...” she was started to ask. But my bedroom door burst open. Jessica entered.

β€œYou know I was so scared, and Noah didn't do anything right or I will chop his balls...” she started yell I just hugged her tightly seeing my friend's protectiveness.

β€œHe did Nothing ok I am safe”.

Jessica hugged mom and she started to eat cookies. mom left asking about Noah. We did not say anything we just told her that he was Liam's ex-best friend.

We watched a movie but, in my mind, I know this year will hell because bad-boy Noah King entered my life.
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