A moment of love

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A sudden one sided encounter become a memorable memory.

Ela Roy
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Chapter 1

I had seen her in a busy day. The month of July,the monsoon season. Entire station was drenched by heavy raining and people were also drenched. Everyone is busy for their destination,they are running from here and there and trains become slow in their rhythm. Then I see her , sitting on a brench at platform no 17. Time stop there. She is busy writing something in her notebook. Her eyes are kept downwards covered with round glasses and hair is loosely tie up in a messy bun. She is wearing a blue jeans and black t shirt with a jeans coat. Looking like a average girl but something is also there. No one is writing in Howrah station and there she is ,oddly clam. She put on her headphones and her left foot star tapping in a rhythm. She is smiling and slightly bit on her lower lip. The brizzy wind is messing with her hair. Sometime she relax , sometime get nervous. I can see through her body language. She is so easy to read and mysterious also . She has no hurry to go somewhere. She is like a bird who don't know her aim. A guest of wind come and make her hair fall completely. Noe she seem to kind of irritated and hurriedly trying to tie up them up but they are stubborn. Unknowingly smile curl into my lips. She is looking around searching for something and her fall into me. Her eyes are clear black showing a mix emotion of wonder , curiosity and stunngness. The eyes are like a pool of emotion slowl drowning me. We stay there for three or four seconds and she remove her eyes from me . A akward smile come to me . " Ohh she catch me staring at her , how emmbrassing". She lower her eyes shyly and her eyelids is blinking akwardly. She close her notebook and go to a tea stall and get a tea glass. Looking towards the sky she felt something and start nodding her head. Her lips are touching the glass and become slightly pink dur to temperature of glass and I felt a sparkle in me. I then come down from the spell to realise the whole thing. After sometime I look at same direction ." Oh no she is not there" she is nowhere near by. I should go to her and talk to her . It frustrating. I lost her. It's been two year but don't give up the hope for seeing her here again . I know it's nor normal I just see her for some moments. But I can't stop thinking about her . I miss her.
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