Highlander's Conquest

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Eva, 23, is traveling to Scotland to do research for a book she is trying to publish. She always felt close to Scotland, even though she's never been there. Once there, she goes to a museum and learns about the ruthless highlander Callum who lived in the 13th century. In the museum, she finds a statue and is all of a sudden warped to another era. Eva realizes that she's no longer in the era she knew, but in the era of bloody battles and highlanders. She is found by none other than Callum Strongnight. Callum is known to be ruthless and a womanizer and sees Eva as another conquest, but will soon realize that she is not a woman in his era and will not easily be tamed. Image by Enrique Meseguer from Pixabay

Romance / Fantasy
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I looked through the window and watched the beautiful clouds passing through. It was dawn, and I had woken up. Still, I could hear snoring.

I was on an airplane and had been on it for hours, but I enjoyed the view. I recently graduated from the university with a degree in English literature. I’ve been writing since I was a kid, and it is something I have truly loved. My peers and teachers have always told me I am a good writer.

However, I don’t have a family. My parents abandoned me because of how I looked.

I’m an albino, but I lived long and had no health difficulties. I have long, straight white hair, blue eyes, and pale white skin. I also have a skinny body that made me look as if I was sickly, but I do eat well. I was a bit tall; I’m 5′6 tall. I never thought of myself as indifferent. I also never let others get to me. Of course, I was bullied in foster care, but I had strong resilience. I also had been into many foster homes; some were abusive, while others cared for me for the money.

I was in the foster care system until I turned eighteen, but I earned good grades and scholarships before graduating high school. I got lucky and went to UCLA. I could stay in the dorms, where I had my first sense of peace and safety.

Writing has always been my true love, allowing me to imagine things that don’t exist. It was a way for me to express myself. I have won many contests and awards. Now, I was writing a book in hopes of getting it published, a historical romance novel, to be exact.

At the moment, I am going to land in Scotland, a country that I have always been fascinated with. I studied the country and have been in love. I love the music, the culture, and the people. I worked many jobs; the hard work paid off.

Excitement overwhelmed me as I knew I was getting closer to my destination.

Forty minutes later...

“Welcome to Scotland, please get your luggage!” said the announcer.

I got my things and got outside the airport. I did have a bit of jetlag, and my entire body was aching, but all that didn’t matter. I was finally in Scotland. I called for a driver, and luckily one got to me. I told the driver the name of my hotel. We drove off to my destination and passed through many cities and parts of nature. I felt so happy that I finally made it. It almost feels like a dream. I never thought the country was so beautiful. I’ve researched the country and its attractions, but seeing it in person brought a different experience.

About thirty minutes later, we arrived at the hotel by grassy hills. Expensive, but worth it! I got my luggage, got inside the hotel, and was taken to my room.

It was small but was so beautiful. There was a medium-sized bed, a bathroom, closet, mirror, cabinets, and a balcony. I got to the bed and lay on it.

I made it to Scotland, and I can’t wait to see what adventures await me.

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