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Highlander's Conquest

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The Next Day...

Eva woke up as the sunlight hit her. It felt warm to her, bringing a small smile to her face. She stretched and sat up from her bed. It was quiet in her room, and after what seemed like forever, she got off her bed, showered, and dressed. Eva chose to wear a long strapless white summer dress; flowers were decorated on the lower part of the dress. The young woman wore light brown flats and a thin light brown belt. She also braided her long white hair.

She was ready. Eva got her backpack and map and went off. She wanted to go many places but decided to get breakfast in a nearby café. Eva got out of her hotel and walked to the nearby café. As she ate her food, the young woman noticed the many stares from the onlookers. Many people whispered and would point at her.

She was used to it; people were filled with curiosity. She would ignore them and kept on minding her own business. When finished, she began to walk around and explore. Still, many would look at her, women would eye her with envy or disgust, and men would look with curiosity or interest.

However, Eva kept enjoying herself in many places and stores.

She then looked at her map and saw a vast circle; the National Museum of Scotland. History was her favorite, and it had been a while since she had visited a museum. She called for a taxi and went on her way.

Twenty minutes later, she arrived at the museum, there were few people, but it was OK with her. She walked in and paid but was struck with awe once inside. The museum was huge, and it looked like a mansion to her. Food courts and different rooms led to many historic belongings; she did not know where to start. She walked to many parts of the museum and saw many Scottish people’s clothing, weaponry, technology, animals, plants, etc.

Eva felt as if she was in paradise. Then, she noticed that there was one last room. The room seemed to look hidden. The young woman couldn’t help herself as she went in. There were old books, papers, carvings, and statues of men. Suddenly, she heard footsteps afar; Eva closed the door behind her, so there wouldn’t be suspicions. Eva waited until the footsteps from the other side were gone. Once it was silent, the young woman explored the mysterious room.

She looked around; everything intrigued her, but then stopped in front of a statue of a man. It looked worn out. The figure was about six feet tall, but a plaque beneath it.

“This statue is of the ruthless highlander, Callum. Interesting, I wonder how ruthless he was,” Eva said. She decided that she had enough. As Eva was about to leave, the door suddenly closed and locked itself. Eva became afraid as she tried to open the door, but it was no use. “Help! Anyone! Can anybody hear me! Hello!” As Eva was busy trying to get out, she didn’t realize that a figure was looking and smiling at her the entire time.

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