cant stop wont stop [overstimulation] [pegging] [aftercare]

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this includes overstimulation, pegging, degradation and aftercare.

Romance / Erotica
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Marcus trudged in, tired and overworked. It was cold outside and rain filled the air. Marcus left damp footprints as he walked in, water dripping off his coat onto his boots and the floor.

He took off his coat, placing it on a hook by his front door. He pulled apart the knot on his boots, slipping his woolen socks out. He felt his jeans, they were soaked through. With a sigh he dragged himself into his living room, their his loving girlfriend, Natalie, sat, she was reading a book. It didn’t have an obvious title on it, both covers were soft brown leather.

She looked up at him as he walked in, leaving a small trail of water behind him. “Hello puppy, oh, your r… your wet.” Natalie signed, placing a bookmark in her book and placing it on the arm of the chair she sat in.

Marcus rubbed the back of his head; despite his wet fringe, the rest of his hair had managed to stay dry: “Sorry”.

“Oh, I’m sure you’ll make up for it, pup.” Natalie spoke with a dominant tone as she stood, she was taller than usual. Marcus hadn’t noticed until now but she was wearing her platform boots. She walked over to him, embracing him in her chest, smothering his face in her tits. While her hands kept him in place.

“I’m going to go get ready, i want those trousers in the washing basket, and the rest of your clothes folded, ready for tomorrow, okay baby.” Natalie, spoke into Marcus’s each in a raspy, but still domineering voice. Her tone was already turning him on as she released him from his prison within her bosom.

She lightly stroked his hair before walking past him into the twos bedroom.

With a skip in his step, Marcus started walking to the laundry room, as he pulled his black shirt off and slid his jeans off his legs. Throwing them both in the washing basket, he pulled his pants off throwing them in the basket along with his clothes.

He turned around to see his mistress, wrapped in a latex catsuit, boots making her taller than her boyfriend, she had a dildo and a strange cylinder in her hand.

“Come, puppy.” Natalie commanded, her town sensual and dominating. Marcus practically skipped over to her.

“Oh, excited. Good boy, now, on… your… knees.” Natalie commanded, Marcus fell to his knees, now seeing the strap on harness placed around her waist.

“Good boy, I’m going to pound you until you’re begging to cum, but you won’t until I say you can, understand.” Natalie explained, slotting the dildo into her harness. The dildo lightly smacks Marcus’s cheak.

“Yes.” Marcus spoke before his chin was grabbed by his mistress.

“what, slut you are… my slut.” Natalie demanded, gripping his chin holding his stair.

“Ye, yes mis -” Marcus began to stutter quietly before a swift smack hit his cheek, his cock twitched as the pain tingled.

“Louder, slut. I, can’t, hear you.” Her hand lowered from his cheek, as she held his head closer to hers.

“Yes, mistress.” Marcus barked, Natalie giggled some before speaking: “Good boy.” She spoke in a softer tone now, kissing him lightly on the forehead.

“Now, lube up my strap slut, I want it nice and wet so I can reshape that asshole of yours.” Natalie demanded, quickly Marcus accepted her strap on into her mouth. His mouth barely covered an inch before Natalie grabbed the back of his hair, pushing his head down her strap. His arms flew up in an attempt to support himself but quickly he accepted his place.

A cock sleeve, not even good enough for a real cock.

He slobbered all over her dildo, leaving it shinier each time his, slut lips passed over it.

Natalie moaned softly, she stroked his hair now, before speaking again.

“Good boy, i want you to turn around and present that fat ass of yours to me, put your face in the tiles baby.” Natalie commanded, Marcus looked up at her, his eyes looking completely submissive as he slid the dildo from his mouth. As his soft, cock sucker lips slid off it, a long string of spit strung from it, binding him to his mistress’s cock.

Natalie lightly stroked his cheek, a soft, but still malicious smile on her face.

He turned on his hands and knees, he presented her with his ass, a purple gem, rimed with a soft silver was placed between his two ass cheeks.

“Ar, you are such a good boy. Keeping the plug in all day.” Natalie stroked it’s edges before lightly jabbing at it, pushing it further in before it returned to its original place. Marcus moaned softly, pre cum was already leaking on the floor.

With a giggle, Natalie ripped the plug out, Marcus moaned again, loudly this time.

“Does my little slut like that, your mistress pulling your plug out. Or can you just not wait for my strap on.” Natalie giggled before she grunted, her strap sliding into her puppy’s ass.

Marcus moaned again, even more pre cum leaking out, forming a small puddle below him.

“Now, don’t you dare cum. puppy?” Natalie inquired about her sluts state.

“Ye, ahs, yes… mistress.“Marcus moaned between breaths, her cock still filling his arse.

Again she thrusted in, he moaned, louder now.

“Yes, moan for me, my little puppy slut.” Natalie commanded, grabbing Marcus’s hips.

Again she forced her black strap on deep in him, and again he moaned, louder this time.

Natalie pulled out further this time before forcing her cock deep within her pet, forcing his face into the tiled floor of their kitchen.

Again and again she pounded his tight arsehole before Marcus moans started to become his attempting to form a sentence.

“C, c cum. I’m going… t, t ugh, to cum.” Marcus stumbled between moans and breaths.

Natalie quickly pulled out, denying her puppy the chance.

“We don’t want you cumming yet puppy, not until you’re ready.” Natalie laughed as her puppy slut desperately tried to push his as into her didlo. A swift smack connected with his arse, leaving a deep red mark behind.

“You do not, touch my strap unless I’ve said so, fucking whore.” Natalie shouted, disdain covering her face.

“Please mistress, let me cum.” Marcus begged, shaking his fat arse at his mistress.

“Oh baby, I’ll make you cum.” Natalie laughed, she began to walk away from her cock sleeve.

“Come on puppy, you want to cum, come sit on the armchair for me baby.” Marcus began to stand before Natalie quickly grabbed his neck forcing him back to his knees.

“Puppy’s don’t stand, you walk on all fours like a real puppy, understand, slut." Natalie grouled in Marcus’s ear. He knocked softly as he followed Natalie into their living room before he pulled himself up onto the couch, making sure to sit like a dog on the armchair, his face still desperate for release, as his built up orgasm faded. Natalie brought over a dildo, with a t shaped top piece. Bend over puppy, show me that lovely little arsehole of yours. Marcus presented himself to his mistress, he braced himself for the dildo… he flinched as Natalie’s hand lightly stroked his back, suddenly he felt the cock force itself into his arse, the t shape on the top placing itself just below his balls.

“Good boy, now roll on, show my that sexy cock of yours, baby.” Marcus rolled over, pressing his erect cock, leaking pre cum still. Natalie leant down, kissing it on the head. She stroked her finger along the head, causing it to twitch and Marcus to fidget, she pulled out a strange cylinder, she placed it onto his cock with a strip of tape, just below his tip, touching the head’s base.

“Almost done sweety.” Natalie pulled out the dildo from her harness, she giggled some before slamming it onto the arm of the chair. She finally pulled out a pair of handcuffs, she pulled Marcus’s hands together, locking them together behind his back.

“I’m going to turn your slutty mind into mush, ready.” Natalie laughed, as she pressed a button on a remote. The small cylinder began to vibrate, along with the tip of the dildo in his ass and the tip of its t shaped top, stimulating his balls.

He went to mown but as he began, Natalie forced her dildo down his throat, muting him. Natalie kissed him on the forehead as his eyes rolled back into his head as his first orgasm hit, streams of hot cum shooting out, covering his stomach as he lay on his back.

Natalie pulled out one of the dining chairs before sitting in it, she pulled out her soaked pussy. She began to lightly rub, watching her puppys vibrators force a second orgasm out of him, more cum shot out, covering his chest in a second layer of cum.

Natalie began to masturbate, rubbing her pussy, giggling at her puppy’s attempts at moaning past the dildo held deep in his mouth.

Natalie stood again, her fingers still rubbing her pussy, she pulled her chair next to Marcus. Using her free hand, she placed her hand on Marcus’s cock, her middle and index finger finding themselves on the cylindrical vibratory taped to his cock. She used them to press it into his cock, it twitched as she did and he fidgeted as she could see his breathing quickening for another orgasm.

Natalie cackled as she pressed the button on the remote to turn the vibratory up, she could hear them, and see her puppy’s breathing quickening.

A third orgams occurred, cum covering her puppy’s stomach completely now.

She stood up now, walking to her puppy’s head, pulling the dildo out of Marcus’s mouth, she pushed it into her pussy, her juice rolled down the silicone balls, dripping onto her puppy’s face, she forced it in and out of her until finally she released it, covered in a thick layer of her juices before pushing back, deep inside Marcus’s mouth.

She pulled her chair away from him now, she sat and continued her masterbation.

After a few minutes of rubbing she could feel the climax building, and could see a fourth, or maybe fifth orgasm building in her puppy. She’d failed to watch him closely as she’d pleasured herself.

“Cum with me, come on Marc, be a good boy, a good slut for mistress.” Natalie moaned louder, she could see Marcus’s breathing quickening again, about to cum again.

Natalie moaned, loudly as she climaxed, her puppy’s cock dribbling out another load.

She took a second, her breathing calming as her juices dripped off her chair.

She stood up, pulling the dildo from Marcus’s mouth.

“How are you, puppy?” Natalie giggled.

“Please, s, s, augh-” Marcus began to speak but was cut off by another orgasm as Natalie turned up his vibratory with the remote. A tiny load dribbled down his cock now, Natalie, scooped it up with one finger placing it into her mouth.

“Hmmm, puppy, you’ve been following the diet, your cum tastes simply wonderful.”

“Please… mercy” Marcus wined.

“Oh puppy, we both know if you really wanted this to stop you would’ve done your safe symbol. You’re enjoying this just as much as I am.” Natalie giggled as she scooped a handful of cum of off Marcus’s chest, dropping it into his mouth before quickly shoving the dildo back in. His eyes rolled back once more.

“And anyway, you haven’t cum nearly enough, you can still form sentences. That brain of yours is still working… I wonder how long I’ll have to leave you here, cuming. Over and over again. An hour, 5, hours… a day even. I don’t think you’d ever recover.” Natalie fantasised, stroking her puppy’s head as he began to shake from another encroaching orgasm.

“Come on baby, cum for mistress.” Natalie commanded, placing her hand on her puppy’s cock, a single spurt of cum dribbled out, as he was already building up to another orgasm.

“Oh baby, is that all you can manage? I wonder what it’ll be like in an hour, just dust.” Natalie laughed.

The doorbell rang, Natalie with a smile kissed Marcus on the forehead. Before walking to the front door, she grabbed a robe off the coat hooks, wrapping it around herself. She opened the door to a delivery man, a brown box in hand. She took it, before walking back inside.

She began to open the box as her puppy approached another orgasm.

She pulled out a mini skirt, placing it to her hips and she smiled at it. She walked away from her pup, putting the dress away.

Quickly she stormed back in, “pup, I told you to fold your other clothes, not dump your clean clothes in the washing basket.” Natalie picked up the control to his vibrators, turning them up to max. Immediately he cummed, not even a dribble of cum left him as he did.

“Oh baby, you’re not even shooting anything any more” Natalie half chuckled, rubbing his tip with her finger.

She lowered her head down to his cock before kissing the head of his cock. Marcus’s cock twitched, Natalie giggling in response.

Again, his breathing quickened as he orgasmed again.

Marcus couldn’t think straight, he didn’t even know his own name at this point.

“I’m going to go to the shop, we need a few things.” Natalie walked away again, returning a few minutes later dressed casually.

“I’ll see you soon puppy.” Natalie stroked his forehead, kissing it shortly after.

She left, got in her car and drove away. Marcus cummed again and again even in her absence.

After an hour, Natalie returned, carrying bags of shopping from her car. She placed them in her kitchen before returning to Marcus. She pulled the dildo from his mouth again: “puppy? Are you there?” Natalie asked, stroking Marcus’s sweat ridden hair.

Marcus moaned softly again, his cock twitched and breathing quickened, he moaned again, louder this time. He orgasmed again, he barely knew what was going on, all he knew was he was completely obedient.

“Good boy, Marc.” Natalie lightly rubbed her puppy’s cock, allowing the tape holding the vibratory to slowly peel of, again Marcus’s cock twitched, Cummings again.

“Oh, my little puppy slut, such a good boy.” Natalie kissed Marcus’s forehead again.

She pulled out the vibratory controller, turning them down. She left it on a low setting as she stood up again, walking into the kitchen to put away her shopping, Marcus moaned softly I’m the next room, as he continued to cum, repeatedly.

Soon enough she was done, and she returned to Marcus. Pulling the dildo out of Marcus’s arse, turning the vibratory off she picked up Marcus. Cradling him I’m her arms, she carried him into their bedroom. She placed him down onto their bed, she pulled out a soft furry blanket from below the bed, laying it delicately over him.

“Wait here a second pup, I’m going to get you a chocolate bar, get your blood sugar up, and a glass of water. Ok baby.” Natalie stood up, walking into the kitchen retrieving a nut and chocolate bar, and filling a glass with water.

She walked back into the bedroom, her bare feet lightly tapping on the floor as she went. Marcus lay, half curled up on the bed, he was conscious but his mind was mush. Natalie went to her bedside table, she pulled out a lighter and a red candle. She lit it, its soft cent of flowers filling the room.

Natalie lay down next to Marcus, instinctually he curled up into her, his head resting on her chest. She stroked his torso, feeling the sweat and cum covering him.

“You did such a good job, baby, I wonder if you can even speak… or is that lovely little mind of yours still mush.” Natalie purred, Marcus fidgeted some. He looked up at Natalie, his eyes like a puppies, deep in subspace. Natalie felt herself getting wet at the mere sight of her puppy, so deep in submission, his mind putty in her hands.

“Just relax pup, mistress isn’t going anywhere. Lets watch some tv ok.” Natalie cuddled Marcus, her hand now resting on his arse.

“She pressed the tv remote on her bedside table, igniting the tv on the wall of the two’s bedroom. Marcus, had barely moved, the only hint to his life was the soft, weak breaths occasionally tickling Natalies breasts.

The tv mumbled on ass Marcus’s mind slowly returned to him. He looked up to his mistress, and he said: “I… I love... you… miss… mistress.” Marcus could barely string his sentence together, even when he spoke it was weak.

“I love you too, puppy. Do you want your chocolate bar now.” Natalie spoke, softly stroking his torso again. Marcus nodded, he was weak from the tens of orgasms he’d had. Natalie picked up the chocolate and nut bar of her bedside table and opened the rapper. She held it to Marcus who attempted to move his arm but failed, he was still handcuffed, Marcus was too out of it to notice and Natalie had quite frankly forgotten she’d put them on.

“Don’t worry baby, I’ll feed you.” Natalie giggled, Marcus opened his mouth with a smirk. Natalie put the chocolate bar in his mouth before pushing his jaw shut, snapping off a small chunk, dropping it into his mouth. Marcus chewed weakly, he moved slowly as his jaw crushed the chunk of chocolate bar into mush, much like his brain as he struggled to think.

Natalie watched him closely, waiting for her puppy to swallow. She saw his neck bulge slightly as he swallowed.

“Ok, now water.” Natalie placed down the remaining chocolate bar and held the glass of water, the straw swinging wildly. Marcus opened his mouth again, his head still laying on her chest.

“Now now, pup. You’ll have to sit up, just a little. We don’t want you choking, at least not on water anyway.” Natalie purred. She pulled Marcus up, he still mostly lay on the bed but he now sat up, Natalie placed the straw in Marc’s mouth. Lightly he sucked the water through, taking a breath after a few seconds of sucking on the straw, but he quickly went back to sucking again after catching his breath.

“Good boy.” Natalie stroked Marcus’s hair, ruffling it up.

“Move over a little pup, let me take those handcuffs off.” Natalie pulled Marcus over somewhat exposing the handcuffs, they weren’t designed to have a key but rather a small switch, for ease of taking off. She flicked it and pulled the unlocked handcuffs off him before rolling him back. She placed them on her bedside table, before turning back to her pet:“Do you want some more of the chocolate bar baby.” Natalie asked and Marcus weakly nodded in response. She picked up the chocolate bar, playing it in his mouth, this time he bit down himself, breaking off a half of the remaining bar. He chewed it, just as weekly as before, his mistress watching for him to swallow.

His neck swelled as he swallowed again, Natalie stroked his hair, it was soaked from sweat.

“You’re such a good boy, you did a great job, baby. Do you wanna watch some netflix, we could watch some demon slayer?” Natalie asked, as Marcus weakly looked up and nodded.

“Ok, now rest baby.” Natalie commanded him, she kissed Marcus on the forehead before resuming stroking his hair.

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