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Picture Perfect Night Sky

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Two people struggling with life as they do their best to find who they really are. One who's struggling with feeling a family love, while the other one confuse about their life goals, especially when their last relationship has blurred their vision. Would the two help each other on finding what's their true purpose in life? Would they even have the courage to face the truth, especially when they realized that they're slowly falling in love to one another? With one annual event in the nightly heavens above, all of their doubts and worries will fade once they both accept the fact that both of them has one goal in life. Love.

Romance / Humor
Noah Tupaz
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Margaret “Maggie” Fellice

What’s it like to love someone? A romantic love, not platonic love. All my life I’ve been feeling that same platonic love to the same set of people every day. It’s not that I’m tired to feel it, but I just need something new. Something that’s unexpected. Besides, platonic love is the only thing I felt throughout my life. Familial love is out of the picture, just like my father who tore me off from his mind. But that won’t stop me from doing what I want to do, and I don’t care what society will think of me.

I’m fine for being a misfit in the society and lived my whole life not caring to those judgmental words they throw at me. It’s my choice to become asexual, not them. And every so often, an asexual craves for some romance. Well, perhaps that’s the demiromantic part inside me, but still. I want to feel that love, not love in romance novels, but love in real life. Just please, surprise me with someone who’ll help me feel that romance I crave for. My whole life has been filled with unexpected things, and this is my first time begging for something good to happen to me.

Then there he is... The person who stepped foot on the same University as I do. But, surely, that arrogant gamer boy is not the one, right? There’s no way that the stars guide me to him. There must been a mistake.

Jacob “Jake” Pierce

What’s it like to be free in a relationship? A relationship where I can breathe normally without worrying about losing oxygen from how clingy and intoxicating my partner’s presence. I’ve regretted dating someone from that day onward, and decided to devote my whole life to play games as much as my heart lives on. Then, probably soon, I’ll create my own game.

I’m fine with my decision, and since that’s the scissors that cut my string on my relationship, I’m finally free. Free as a lone wolf. Who needs love when you have games to play? Apparently, I do. Ever since my break-up, I’ve realized that I don’t have any idea what’s my ideal relationship is. I’ve been so busy trying to focus to breathe in a clingy relationship that I haven’t thought of my ideal love. Is that even possible? Surely, if I just ask that attractive girl who’s a dance major, my mind will soon be at ease. The problem is, I don’t think I’m her type. She seems like to be attracted to responsible guys than an impulsive bastard like me.

Either way, my mind seems to want her, but my heart tells me otherwise. Since that day in photography class, my heart seems to get more and more intrigued to my project partner. Something about her makes me doubt my choices. Something about her that makes me want to know and to be part of her intriguing life. Should I follow my mind, or my heart?

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