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Love in Death: Disreputable

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This is a story about a man who loved a woman so much, he fought to keep her. This is a story about a woman who would fight for her survival at any cost. This is a story about a man who wouldn't let her survive on her own. They have both seen visions of their future and only one would have a future that prevails. This is a story about a man and a woman. A woman who loved a man so much, she let him go. A man who loved her so much, he shackled her to him forever.

Romance / Fantasy
Thana Ortu
Age Rating:

Chapter 1 - Disreputable




not trusted or respected; thought to have a bad character; lacking in respectability in character, behaviour or appearance.

Morning came with fear and a sore feeling in her nether regions. Her thighs were sore as a motherfucker. Prue wasn’t opposed to calling it what it was but she felt like she had been scrubbed raw mentally and physically. She had been fucked… Literally and would soon be fucked figuratively if she was caught anywhere near this man.

Prue hadn’t felt like this the night before when she tried and failed to seduced him. She didn’t know then that she would actually end up falling into his bed by the end of the night. She hadn’t felt apprehensive at all but when all that was said and done, she had a nightmare that seemed to depict a future she did not wish to be hers. A future more painful than anything she could have ever imagined. A premonition sort of.

Prue was sure had had a wonderful night with the handsome, sexy man lying on that plush bed. He was lying on his front hugging a pillow close to his chest. All she could see of him was broad shoulders and wide sensual back, the man was sex on legs. She bit her lip and sighed longingly. Filled with passion, longing and desire, and she had welcomed it all because it was everything she could have ever dreamt of. She clenched her thighs as desire pooled in her core.

Now, this nightmare had messed it all up for her. She couldn’t get it out of her head no matter how hard she tried. Weren’t dreams supposed to be temporary and rather flitting? Why did this one stay and loom over her head like a portent. Prue couldn’t ignore it and felt that what she had seen had to hold some truth, it felt to real to ignore and she wouldn’t. especially not it her life depended on it. But first, she had to leave.

She couldn’t help but sorrowfully look at him before she hurriedly picked up her stuff and left the room like a phantom was chasing her, tears threatening to stream down her face. Her pussy ached but her heart ached more. What a shitty situation to find herself in on her 23rd birthday! Prue was startled to notice as she lifted the bedding fluid seeping out of her pussy and caked on semen in between her thighs. Her hand flew to her mouth as she noted that she didn’t remember using condoms any of the three times he took her and he hadn’t asked if she was on birth control, which she wasn’t. Her body starting trembling and shaking though this time not in the throes of passion but terror. She couldn’t afford to get pregnant by him.

The situation was anything but ideal. Roman wasn’t just any man, he was her adoptive brother or rather the son of the couple that had adopted her when she was 10. The coming to light of this budding relationship was scandalous to say the least and from what her nightmare predicted destructive to all parties involved. Especially her. To be fair, he never considered her his sister and was outright cruel at some points but that didn’t stop her from falling in love with him from the moment she laid eyes on him and maintaining that love well into her twenties.

In hindsight, she couldn’t imagine what had possessed her to actually sleep with him. No, she didn’t sleep with him. She had been thoroughly fucked by him and if she didn’t get herself acquainted with preventative contraception she would be screwed, just as predicted by her nightmare.

Although it seemed too superstitious and weird to follow the warnings of a nightmare as she was, she couldn’t help the nagging felling that if she ignored it she would die and Prue was a self-preservationist by nature. Anything to save her life, she would do.

The first thing she had to do after leaving hotel was run to a pharmacy to get herself Plan-B and then she had to disappear or at least she try to while she could everything would be sorted out later. Picking up her crumpled dress and her heels, rueing the fact that she hadn’t had the hindsight to get herself a room in the same hotel so it would be easier to get a change of clothes. Never mind that, her leaving the hotel in the clothes she wore last night as well as the jacket of the man she slept with would likely reach the ears of her family members and some other prominent members of their circles. Prue could just see the headlines. Scandalous. Nevertheless, it would be better if she left whilst the sun wasn’t completely up yet. Dammit, what a disaster!


Roman shifted around in the bed felling more satisfied and satiated than he had ever felt in his entire life and he knew that all had to do with Prue. Or rather, what had happened between himself and Prue. Last night felt like a dream but from what he remembered it is was anything but. Limbs, heat and Prue. The memory of the night brought a smile to his face. A smile that had charmed many a woman but was reserved for the one who shared his bed last night. Roman was excited to rehash the events and maybe go for a round… What was it? Four. He winced as he searched the bed, closed-eyed for his lover as he remembered how tight she was. A Virgin. Untouched before him by no one else. Roman was sure that after last night’s performance, he had ruined her for other men and no other would be able to satisfy her like he did. That also meant she was likely sore and would be up for any fooling around now but he could still hold he close like he wanted to. Maybe make-out for a bit. Jesus, he realised that he was beginning to sound like a sexed up teenager but knew nothing would change his dick’s mind despite what he knew was a fact. Sexed up he was but a teenager he was not. He was obsessed with her. Obsessed with his adopted sister and he wanted her like he had never wanted anything else in his life.

Many would view the culminating of a sexual relationship between an adoptive brother and sister as disgusting a rather disastrous but Roman didn’t care. He had waited year after year for her and he wasn’t going to let her go. He wasn’t about to let her slip out of his hands ever again. Understanding and trying to fix the mistakes he had made in his past life was nothing short of a chore but he had to do it or else he would lose everything that was worth anything in his life.

“What the fuck?” After several seconds of searching the bed by touch and not finding his query he opened his eyes to an empty, cold left side of the bed and an equally empty room. Where was she? Roman instantly lost his erection as he sat upright and surveyed the room.

Brushing his hair out of his face, he grew angrier by the second as he realised that she had left him. An incredulous laugh left his mouth that grew more twisted with each second of the truth of his situation sinking in.

Two lifetimes he had lived without holding her in his arms the way he wanted to. Two more lifetimes than he could stomach and he would be damned if he ever let her go again without a fight.

Roman couldn’t for the life of him, figure out why she had left him like she did as if he was a dirty secret that she had to hide, like he was something she was ashamed of. Prue basically ran out of the hotel room like her tail was on fire. What the fuck was that about? She was the one who seduced him. She was the one who made it clear how much she wanted him and she obliged her. Sure it must have been a shock to her system but he could help but find that her reaction was uncalled for.

He didn’t like it and felt that something was off about the entire situation because none of it was going down as it had before but he wasn’t going to sit still and take it.

Prue was his. She will always be his and last night was just further proof of that fact. Roman lay back on the light plush pillows, contemplating… planning. Perturbed and annoyed he sneered at the curtains that allowed streams of light into the room. Roman was going to get his girl and this time nothing would stop him.

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