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Love in Death: Disreputable

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Chapter 2 - Past Life

“What the hell have you done?” Prue was startled awake by the bellow of a deep voice to her side. Opening her eyes was enough torture but what that scream did to her head was the work of the devil.

“Wake the hell up Prudence. What the fuck did you do?” She cracked an eyelid open to the viciously furious face of Roman, her adoptive brother. She was confused at first, what had she done exactly to elicit such a reaction from him. She wasn’t a stranger to his disdain but she didn’t remember doing anything to rub him the wrong way recently. Thinking was too much of a chore for her with her sore body and aching head.


She stiffed quickly as intrusive entered her head. You slept with Roman last night.

The thought sent her stomach roiling. What the actual fuck?

She remembered everything that happened last night up until she down a whole bottle of champagne after Roman rejected her advances. After biding her time for years, she was done waiting only to be thoroughly humiliated and pushed away, that’s exactly why it didn’t make sense for them to have ever ended up in bed together. Maybe Roman got drunk as well but Prue had read somewhere that men couldn’t get it up if they were drunk-drunk. What did they call it? “Whiskey dick”, she thought.

She gripped her head in her hands, shutting her eyes tight and for the first time in her life, she raised her voice at someone. At him.

‘Shut up and let me fucking think!’ And she thought and thought and thought. Nothing came up except a blankness in her memory of the night that she couldn’t explain. Yes, she had drunk a whole bottle of champagne but that bottle was not enough to cause her to blackout. As she shifted on the bed she felt pain in between her thighs only confirming the worst. No, not really. This was a good thing for her. She got what she wanted. She had him.

In an odd amalgamation of nausea and shock she covered her mouth with her hands, swallowing over and over again to push down bile. She started to laugh hysterically, more out of shock than anything else. Meanwhile, Roman is slowly losing his mind. Pissed and disgusted, Roman couldn’t stop pacing up and down the room only to stop and glare at Prue. He stopped panicking all at once to put on all his clothes in silence. He turned to Prue raging out of his mind.

‘You disgust me. Whatever happened here,’ gesturing around the room. ‘I never consented to. Whatever you thought was going to come out of this, I will make damn sure you never get it. I’m going to destroy you.’

The pure hatred and disgust on his face stunned Prue to silence.

She opened her mouth to try to tell him that she had no idea what happened and that she had not orchestrated the situation. She couldn’t have. She wouldn't have even known where to beginning plotting such an elaborate scheme.

‘Your life is fucking over.’ And he just walked out of the room to which Prue burst into tears. But the trouble was only just beginning, as Roman opened the door, their parents stood over the threshold.

‘Roman? Wha-?’

It should have been a cathartic exprerience, and yet all it was was a disaster.

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